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Investing in mutual funds is quite a lucrative thing to do for salaried and business persons alike. Mutual funds present investors with the opportunity to earn huge returns from the amount of money that they invest in while being able to save a substantial amount of money on the payment of income tax at the same time.

The process of making a mutual fund investment is never a complicated one and it can be carried out by any individual who is above eighteen years of age. Using the best mutual fund calculator is always desirable as doing so can enable a person to understand the exact amount of profit that is likely to be made from investing in such funds in the first place.

We make it a point to give our customers access to a top notch mutual funds calculator that can be accessed online from the comfort of the home or office. Our mutual funds calculator is very easy to use and even a person making any mutual fund’s investment for the very first time in his life will be able to use the mutual funds calculator that we make available online, in a smooth and hassle free manner.

Why Invest in Mutual Funds?

Huge Earnings from Growth in Equity

There are many ways by which salaried professionals and business people can save on the payment of income tax at the end of any financial year. There are national security schemes that may be invested in as well as the public provident fund which has a huge number of takers.

Yet, investing in equity remains the most popular way to save on tax, for the simple reason that investors can benefit from the growth associated with equity while saving on tax payments at the same time. Equities are always likely to be subjected to market risks, but the earnings associated with equities are far more than the interest on investments made available by PPF and NSC schemes.

Easy Investment Procedures to Follow

  • The process of investing in mutual funds is not characterised by complications of any kind.
  • The investment can be made online with an amount as meagre as 500 INR.
  • Thereafter investors can opt for an SIP or Systematic Investment Plan whereby investments have to be made every month in denominations of 500 INR or 1000 INR.

3 Year Lock in Period

Any and every mutual fund comes with a lock in period that lasts only for three years. It is therefore not a life-long investment that a person must make when he decides to invest in mutual funds, and the minimum withdrawal limit that investors can enjoy is about 1000 INR a month.

No Maximum Investment Limit to Adhere to

Investors can go ahead and invest as much money as they wish to in mutual funds as there are no maximum limits that investors need to be aware of when it comes to mutual funds. In fact the more money invested the more will be the returns that an investor is likely to make.

Suitable for Investors of All Ages

  • A well known reason for the popularity of mutual funds is the fact that it is suitable for people belonging to any age group.
  • These are funds that one can invest in at the start of one’s career as well as by people on the verge of retirement.
  • In fact senior citizens are likely to be entirely exempted from taxation if they decide to invest in mutual funds.
  • The returns awarded to senior citizens are often higher than the returns incurred by younger investors.

No Penalties for Discontinuing SIP

The Systematic Investment Plan or SIP, which is an integral feature of mutual funds investments online can be stopped or started at any point of time. The SIP’s can be started by paying 500 INR per month on a regular basis and investors may stop this payment whenever it becomes inconvenient for them to carry out with such an investment plan.

Investors are not likely to incur any penalties at all when they decide to stop an SIP very suddenly.

Mutual Fund Investments are Liquid

Mutual funds are liquid investments, and therefore much in demand on the part of people looking to make quick money online. There is really no point in getting high returns from online investments if the money cannot be used when it is needed.

With open ended funds like mutual funds buying and selling transactions can be carried out any given day and one can start expecting returns within 3 days or so. If investors do not get their money within 10 working days a penalty of usually 15% is imposed on the Asset Management Companies, thereby securing the interests of investors.

Mutual Funds are safe and transparent

There is a good deal of transparency associated with mutual funds investments making these safe investment options for one and all. Fact sheets are published by Mutual Funds every month which lists every important fact that needs to be known for making these investments.

The facts include performance ratios, dividends and past returns, portfolio of holdings showing company details as well as the amount that has been invested in every company and the NAV’s published on the website of the fund company every single day ensuring that investors are never in the dark concerning their mutual funds investments.

Various Benefits of Using an Online Mutual Funds Calculator

  • Since the mutual fund calculator that we make available to our customers is one that operates on high quality software, it is necessary for customers to use high speed internet connectivity when using this calculator.
  • If the internet speed is slow then the process of using the calculator will also automatically slow down and it will take a good ten to fifteen minutes at least if not more for the person using the calculator to understand the returns that he will be likely to incur depending on the amount of money he is willing to invest as mutual fund.
  • There are no charges that are associated with the use of our mutual funds calculator.
  • It is something that can be used entirely for free on our website at any given point of time.
  • We make it a point to ensure that our mutual funds calculator is accessible at all hours of the day and on all days of the year.
  • The mutual fund calculator that we make accessible to interested mutual funds investors online is completely free from virus attacks.
  • Those who use this calculator never have to be worried about their devices being affected by malware.
  • One of the best known features associated with our online mutual funds calculator is the very accuracy of its results.
  • The amount reported as earnings that an investor is likely to make by this calculator is almost the same if not the same as the earnings that investors will indeed end up incurring upon their mutual fund investments online.
  • Our mutual funds calculator online always operates in a smooth and efficient manner even when our website traffic is very high.
  • The calculator remains unavailable for customer access only when our website remains closed for the purpose of annual maintenance.

What are some of the Best Mutual Funds Schemes Accessible to Potential Investors?

A few of the well known mutual funds schemes to opt for are:

  • Franklin India Tax Shield Fund
  • Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver Fund
  • ICICI Prudential Tax Plan
  • Religare Invesco Tax Plan
  • Axis Long Term Equity Fund

Recent NAV’s for the Axis Long Term Equity Fund (as on 28.12.2016)




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Care to Take when Using Mutual Funds Calculator Online

Making use of the mutual funds calculator is definitely the right thing to do in order to understand exactly what returns investors may expect when investing in mutual funds online. However, the use of such a calculator has to be carried out with care.

Giving Personal Details should be avoided

Investors need to take care not to reveal too many personal financial details when using the mutual funds calculator. Just details like the potential investor’s bank name and bank address should be submitted.

Mutual Fund Calculator should be used at Odd Hours

Mutual funds online calculator that we provide our customers with should be used in the late hours of the night or in the early hours of the morning. This is when our website traffic is very minimal and chances of using our mutual funds calculator with ease are very likely.

Thus, mutual funds can always be wonderful investment options to settle for, by those looking to make as much money as possible in a short span of time. By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, investors should not find it difficult at all to sign up for mutual funds schemes online.