Want to Invest in Equity Mutual Funds? Here are the Best Performing Ones

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Mutual fund investment through SIP is one of the most disciplined ways of investing money to achieve your ultimate financial goal. According to the financial advisors, mutual fund investments is beneficial, in case, you are not adept at investing or lack the time to do a proper research on changing market trends.

However, while you pull your socks up to invest in mutual funds, it is important to be aware of the risks that are involved in various degrees like risk of liquidity, capital concentration in a particular fund, inflation, longevity, etc. It is very crucial to analyze these factors prior to picking any particular investment instrument.

Depending upon the risk profile and the tenure of holding period the investors can choose to invest between equity, debt and other funds. In order to maximize the benefit, investors should be in line with the investment objectives. 

Further we have listed some of the best mutual fund schemes that have performed well in the past few years and are great investment instruments.



Annual Return

Mutual Fund Scheme





SBI Blue-chip Fund

moderately high risk




Reliance top 200- retail plan

Moderately high risk




DSP black rock focus 25 fund

High risk




Birla sun life frontline equity fund

Moderately high risk




Franklin India blue-chip fund

Moderately high risk





Monthly Income Plan

  1. Birla Sun Life MIP II-Wealth 25-Reg-Growth- This is the most suitable investment plan for those investors whose major objective is to meet their monthly expenses and who want to have a continuous flow of income with a moderate risk. In terms of return, Birla Sun Life MIP II Wealth 25-Reg Growth plan is the best as compared to other debt category mutual funds. This mutual fund scheme has performed extremely well in the last 3 years and has given more than 56% return, as well as a 20% return in the last one year. This fund option is an impeccable blend of debt and equity. A major portion of investment is made in equities and equity related instrument to generate monthly return for its unit holder.

Short Term

  1. Franklin India STIF DP-Growth- This fund option is an open ended income scheme that aims to provide a stable return for short term along with a regular flow of income by making the investment in the fixed income securities. This scheme is most beneficial for those investors who focus on debt fund and prefer a higher accrual. The major investment is made on short term corporate bonds which also includes PTCs. The fund has provided a return of 11.48% in the previous year.

Long Term

  1. IDFC Super Saver Income Fund-Invt Plan - Reg – Growth- IDFC Super Saver Income Fund is a long term open ended scheme beneficial for those investors who have a high risk appetite and want returns with moderate risk. This fund has consistently performed well in the last 17 years in comparison to other mutual fund. Thus, as compared to FD and bonds this is a good investment option for investors.

Small cap

  1. L&T Emerging BusinDP(G)- The main objective of this scheme is to potentially grow profits and revenues by investing in small cap stocks in comparison with the broader market. Under this fund, investments are made in foreign securities. As compared to the mid cap fund this open ended scheme has always offered better returns than the average category. Under small cap funds L&T Emerging Busin DP ranks best and has provided 55% return in the past 1 year. 

Equity: Mid Cap

  1. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund- This fund majorly invests in Indian equities and securities related to equity. This fund invests in companies which have at least Rs100 crore market capitalization at times of investment and are not a part of top 100 stocks. This fund has always outperformed and has provided double return of 133.60% in the last 3 years. Since inception the fund has set its benchmark index so one can expect a profitable return in the future too.


  1. TATA Retirement Saving Fund Direct Plan- This is perfect for investors who have high risk appetite and looking for regular savings avenue for retirement or who generally don’t receive any post retirement profits accruing to them. A unique auto switch option is offered which saves you from getting into the hassle of adjusting equity- debt percentage with increasing age. So, if you start SIP in progressive fund choosing an auto switch option from ‘progressive’ to ‘moderate’ to ‘conservative’ automatically the scheme provides maximum return on investment as the consumer crosses various age brackets. In the past 3 years the scheme has offered 86.66% return and is rated among top 3 funds in the hybrid category. 


With these options of the best performing mutual fund investments, you can rest assured that it’s the secure way of investing money and maintaining the right balance between risk and returns. While mutual funds are, certainly, subjective to market risks, they can help you achieve major financial goals of life, with relative safety, if you do your research right.