Bharti AXA Mutual Fund

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A Joint Venture between Bharti Enterprises and AXA investment managers, Bharti AXA is one of the most well-known and trusted investment firms in India. With its superlative financial security and investment management services, Bharti AXA offers a range of life insurance and wealth management products to ensure complete financial protection and peace of mind for all its customers and patrons.

Bharti AXA Mutual Fund – Overview

Bharti AXA Mutual Fund ranks alongside some of the most trusted Indian asset management companies. The company is well known to offer a wide range of mutual fund options to ensure maximum savings and minimum risk for customers. Some of the most popular and bestselling schemes offered by the company include equity funds, open-ended funds, and tax saving funds. But what makes Bharti AXA so popular amongst investors is the fact that the company ensures rigid risk control measures to reduce the risk factor for its customers and patrons.

Mutual Funds from Bharti AXA

Like all the major players plying in the Indian mutual fund market, Bharti AXA also offers a gamut of different mutual fund options to ensure maximum savings and minimum risks for its investors. Let’s check out just three of the most popular mutual fund schemes offered by Bharti AXA:

1.  Equity Funds - Bharti AXA Equity Fund is one of the most popular mutual open-ended fund scheme offered by Bharti AXA. This option allows investors to investor ensure maximum returns by investing their money in stocks and equity bonds. This mutual fund scheme provides investors with the provision of profit bookings at regular interval of time. Best fit for investors planning to invest their hard earned money in equity related securities with fairly higher risks. This option also comes packed with SIP option for investors. 

2.  Hybrid Funds - Bharti AXA Hybrid Funds is yet another popular mutual fund scheme available for those looking to invest in debt as well as equity funds. Offering best of both worlds, this mutual fund option offers open-ended income scheme and open-ended dynamic scheme. It has been carefully conceptualized and thoughtfully designed to ensure long-term capital appreciation for those looking to equity and debt-based schemes in a proportion that seems fit to them. This option is the best fit for investors looking to invest in medium risk mutual fund options. 

3.  Debt Funds - Bharti AXA Debt Funds is a revolutionary mutual fund option that aims at offering market-linked returns to the investors. It has been carefully designed to ensure a steady flow of income for the investors. This option involves investment in fixed income securities, including but not limited to short-term plans, treasury bills, monthly income plans, government securities, corporate debentures, and fixed maturity plans. Debt funds are the best option for those looking for risk-free investments.

Bharti AXA Mutual Fund Special Features

Bharti AXA Mutual Funds are known to offer a wide range of special features and benefits to the investors. Let’s check out just some of the many special features of Bharti AXA mutual funds:

  • Liquidity – This special feature helps investors transfer daily dividend. It is usually under BALF/ BATrAF, which an investor can transfer to BAEF/BAFIF. However, the initial investment does remain invested in BALF/BATrAF. Investors also have the option to opt for Growth options, where they are allowed to transfer the everyday appreciation in NAV to BAEF/BAFIF from BALF/BATrAF.
  • SIP Shield – SIP Shield feature is yet another special feature that helps investors ensure minimum risk for their investments. This add-on feature ensures comprehensive financial protection and a complete peace of mind for the investors.

Why Should You Invest in Bharti AXA Mutual Funds?

We’re sure now you already know how Bharti AXA Mutual Funds proposes an array of diverse fund types in order to meet the financial requirement and requisites of the investors. Let’s check some more benefits of investing in Bharti AXA mutual funds. 

  1. Bharti AXA Mutual Fund is well-known for its amazing investment guidance teams that house some of the best investment managers who are always ready to help customers and point them in the right direction.
  2. The company is known for its rigid risk control method that helps customers decrease the risk of the investors.
  3. The company offers a range of special features to ensure comprehensive financial protection and complete peace of mind for its investors.
  4. Bharti AXA has mutual fund schemes to meet the expectations for every kind of risk appetite.