DSP Black Rock Mutual Funds

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One of the most lucrative and rewarding mutual fund options available to Indian investors is DSP Black Rock Mutual Funds. For a very long time, DSP Black Rock has been topping all popularity charts in terms of mutual fund options. It is a joint venture between DSP Group and Black Rock. Backed by one of the most trusted and well-known names in the business domain, DSP Group, DSP Black Rock ranks alongside some of the world’s largest listed asset management companies. Serving a long list of customers, fans, and patrons of 26 countries worldwide, DSP Black Rock makes it easy to understand what it takes to become a leader in the asset and investment management domain.

DSP Black Rock Mutual Funds – Overview

Operating since 2008, DSP Black Rock mutual fund was the result of the renaming of the much popular DSP Merrill Lynch mutual fund. With its wide smorgasbord of lucrative and rewarding mutual fund schemes to choose from, DSP Black Rock leaves its investors sheer spoilt for choices. But what really sets DSP Black Rock miles ahead of most of its competitors is the fact that the company ensures offering customized mutual fund schemes in order to suit every need, requisite, and budget.

DSP Black Rock Mutual Funds – Types & Options

As mentioned already, DSP Black Rock offers a wide range of mutual fund schemes to suit every budget and need. Listed below are just some of the many popular mutual fund options offered by DSP Black Rock:

Equity Schemes – One of the most lucrative mutual fund options, Equity Schemes are the option where investors can invest their money in equity and stocks. Usually, in Equity Schemes, the money is invested in value stocks with high-growth potential. There are a lot of variants of Equity Schemes available to the investors and Equity Scheme variants are largely dependent on the types of stocks they are investing in or the lock-in period offered by such schemes. 

Hybrid Schemes - Hybrid schemes are yet another rewarding mutual fund schemes offered by DSP Black Rock. This scheme allows investors to invest in both debt and equity stocks. This is a brilliant scheme that allows investors to minimize the risk and maximize the returns. 

Fixed Income Schemes - As the name suggests, Fixed Income Schemes invest investors’ money in instruments that yield enough power and potential to earn a fixed income. These financial instruments are usually corporate bonds and government securities. This is perhaps the best investment option for those with low risk appetite. 

Fund of Fund Schemes - This scheme is another superb mutual fund investment option that provides an option for investors to invest in numerous fund schemes, at the same time. In order to ensure maximum profit for the investors, DSP Black Rock ensures that its investors’ portfolio is managed by experienced and well-trained fund managers. This mutual fund scheme ensures the best rewards for all top-performing funds. 

Fixed Maturity Plans - Close-ended mutual fund option, fixed maturity plans have a fixed lock-in period. This option is perfect for investors with a low risk appetite. In addition, investors are also offered with an option to repurchase.

Why Should You Choose DSP Black Rock Mutual Funds?

One of the oldest and the most trusted names in the world of investment and asset management, DSP Black Rock has something for every kind of an investor. With its well-trained and expert investment managers and a wide range of recompensing mutual fund schemes, DSP Black Rock is perhaps the best option available for both novice and seasoned investors. If you’re still wondering why you must go for DSP Black Rock, here’s a short list of some standalone features that set it class apart from its competitors.

Safe Fund Schemes - Regulated by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), mutual fund schemes offered by DSP Black Rock are safe to invest in. In addition, the timeless expertise of the company in the financial management domain makes it a rewarding option for investors. 

Online Mutual Funds Management - DSP Black Rock ensures utmost transparency for its investors by offering the option of tracking almost all mutual fund transactions and activities via a user-friendly interface. This feature makes it easy for investors to acquire mutual fund schemes and manage them in a hassle-free manner. 

Effective Portfolio Management: With its team of well-trained and expert financial experts, DSP Black Rock makes it a point to guide all its investors in the right direction by effectively researching, guiding, and managing their investment portfolios. 

Risk Management - DSP Black Rock mutual funds in India employ a global risk management team to ensure lowest possible risk for investors. With most powerful and avant-garde investment technologies, DSP Black Rock is known for its risk management abilities. 

Global Presence - Being a financial company with its presence across 26 countries, DSP Black Rock mutual funds help customers to get a global outlook of industrial stock performance worldwide. 

Multiplicity of Mutual Fund Schemes: With a broad pool of rewarding mutual fund schemes on offer, DSP Black Rock leaves its investors sheer spoilt for choices, in terms of investment opportunities.