Escorts Mutual Fund

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One of the most celebrated names in the mutual fund domain in India, Escorts Mutual Fund is managed by Escorts Asset Management Ltd. The company has long been impressing all and sundry with its exceptional services and timeless expertise. Established in the year 1996 in accordance with the Deed of Trust, Escorts Mutual Fund prides itself on offering the best asset management and financial solution to its customers, fans, and patrons. The company is registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India.

Escorts Mutual Fund – Overview

Escorts Mutual Fund is known for offering a wide smorgasbord of mutual fund schemes and options to suit the requisites, needs and risk appetite of its customers and investors. Given the strong line-up of its lucrative schemes and options, it’s hardly a wonder why a large number of investors in India pin down their faith upon this company. Over the 14 years of its services, the company has set the standards really high for all other mutual fund companies with its top-notch services and financial portfolio management services market in India.

Types of Escorts Mutual Funds

As aforementioned, the company provides its customers, fans, and patrons with a wide range of mutual fund schemes and options to invest their hard-earned money. All the mutual fund schemes and options offered by Escorts Mutual Fund Company are known to ensure lowest possible market risk and a steady flow of income from investments. Let’s look at some of the most lucrative mutual fund schemes offered by Escorts Mutual Fund Company.

  • Equity Shares Instruments: This is one brilliant mutual fund investment offered by Escorts Mutual Fund Company. This scheme ensures allows shareholders to share the profits made by the company. But it is noted that this scheme stipulates the losses incurred to be borne by the shareholder. This scheme ensures that shareholders have access to dividends with preference shares. But shareholders do not get any voting rights under this mutual fund scheme. 
  • Fixed Income Securities: Yet another amazing mutual fund scheme offered by Escorts Mutual Fund Company, Fixed Income Securities ensure a regular flow of income for investors at a pre-determined interval. But what makes this scheme rather lucrative for investors is the fact that the principal amount is returned to the investors on maturity. 
  • Debt Schemes: Debt schemes are another brilliant offering by the company that makes it easy for the company to transfer their debt obligation from one party to another. This increases the overall liquidity. In addition, this amazing scheme also allows investors to trade their debt obligations in the market. 
  • Money Market Schemes: Money market mutual fund schemes have been carefully conceptualized and thoughtfully designed by Escorts Mutual Fund Company to meet the short-term finance requisites of the investors. This fixed income securities schemes are special for the investors as they enable liquidity. These schemes mature in a fairly shorter term, usually spanning for a year or lesser. 
  • Government Bonds and Securities Scheme: This is perhaps one of the most lucrative mutual fund schemes for any investor. Issued by the Government of India, the government bonds and securities ensure regular interest payments for the investors. In addition, investors are paid out the principal amount upon the maturity of the scheme. 
  • Sector Specific Funds: Not only do the investors have the option to invest in government securities and bonds, Escorts Mutual Funds also ensures that all its investors are able to invest in the sector of their choice. Some of the many sectors where one can invest are infrastructure, power, and energy, etc. among a host of many others. 

Why Should You Choose Escorts Mutual Fund?

Escorts Mutual Funds Company is well known to ensure maximum gains and minimum market risks for its investors. Investors can gain from the long-term capital appreciation with investment in a diverse portfolio of equity share with amazing growth prospect. In addition, the company makes sure of a steady income flow for its customers. Moreover, the company offers a wide range of mutual fund schemes add options to make it easy for its customers to take their pick. Here are just some of the many other reasons why you should choose to invest in Escorts Mutual Fund.

  • Many Schemes to choose From: Escorts Mutual Fund Company provides a staggering line-up of mutual fund schemes and options to ensure something for investors with all kind of risk appetite.
  • Amazing Tax Benefits: Escorts Mutual fund Company makes sure of providing all its customers and investors with amazing and attractive tax benefits.
  • Effective Portfolio Management: Feted in the industry for its timeless expertise in financial portfolio management, Escorts Mutual Fund Company provides its customers with rightful guidance and investment advice to minimize the market risk.
  • Lucrative Returns: With a wide range of mutual fund schemes and options to choose from, Escorts Mutual Fund Company is lauded for its consistent performance and offering attractive returns on investments to its investors.