Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

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Franklin Resources Inc. is one of the world’s most popular investment management organizations. Popularly known as Franklin Templeton Investments, the company is renowned for its awesome investment teams that are supported by some of the world’s most feted investment managers. Franklin Templeton has long been known to offer world-class asset management services to its clients, patrons, and customers.

In an endeavor to offer its top-notch asset management services to Indian investors and customers, the company has established its office in India, known as Templeton Asset Management.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds – Overview

Templeton Asset Management aims at keying out the value in an investment and passing the same onto all its customers and patrons. The company primarily focuses on short-term market fluctuations, revenue, cash flow, and the basic value of a firm in order to deliver the best investment options to their customers and clients. Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds prides on its ability to provide its investors with relatively quick and risk-free returns.

Types of Mutual Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds

Franklin Templeton offers a wide range of mutual fund options to its customers and patrons. Let’s take a look at the different types of mutual fund options offered by Franklin Templeton.

  1. Equity Funds – This mutual fund option provides investors with shares that may result in stakes in company’s profit. But, the investors also have a stake in the losses incurred. In addition, dividends are offered to the investors via preference shares. However, no voting rights are given to the investors. 
  1. Debt and Liquid Funds – This mutual fund option ensures safe returns to the investors with medium and short-term investments. Given that this mutual fund option requires medium and short-term investments, it remains ideal for those planning to invest in mutual funds for short-term goals. In addition, this mutual fund option ensures a fairly larger amount of liquidity. 
  1. Fund of Funds – Also called ‘multi-management, this mutual fund option helps investors invest their hard-earned money in other mutual funds. 
  1. Sector Equity Funds – This mutual fund option is niche specific and ensures that investors are able to invest across niche sectors of their choice. The company offers a multitude of sector-specific investment options in order to make it easy for investors to take their pick. 
  1. Hybrid Funds – This mutual fund option helps investors to invest in both debt and equity funds. Investors are allowed to make investments in different proportions in both debt and equity funds. This is an amazing option that ensures higher returns accumulated by equity funds and a monthly income provided by debt instruments.

Why Should You Invest in Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds?

Franklin Templeton has earned the trust and appreciation of investors that have been associated with it. The following are few reasons why:

Franklin Templeton is a celebrate name in the world of mutual fund investments. Its worldwide popularity and a strong line-up of customers is a testament to the amazing services and options offered by the company. Franklin Templeton has long been able to successfully earn the trust and faith of investors looking to invest their hard-earned money in mutual funds.

If you’re still apprehensive, check out these 5 reasons below that will clear all your apprehensions regarding an investment in Franklin Templeton mutual funds:

  • Franklin Templeton has long been known to protect the interest of its investors.
  • With its expertise and an amazing team of investment managers, the company helps investors find potent shares that yield tremendous potential to become valuable.
  • The company provides investors with easy access to currently undervalued, discounted stocks in order to minimize the risk.
  • The company helps the investors to find funds that have low volatility.
  • The company offers a wide range of schemes to help investors save their taxes. For example, Franklin India Tax Shield as section 80C of Income Tax Act, 1961 helps investors save on taxes by decreasing their taxable income.