HSBC Mutual Funds

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Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation is a company based out of Britain. It deals majorly in different fiscal and banking services. HSBC was established in 1865 and has scattered its business in different countries across the globe and the corporation currently has a client base of over 53 Million. The fund house has registered its presence in India from the past 150 years and has explored different financial projects, such as personal banking, commercial banking, software development, and mutual funds.

HSBC Mutual Funds are offered by HSBC Global Asset Management. It includes four exclusive business houses, naming Sinopia, Halbis, HSBC Liquidity, and HSBC Multimanager. HSBC Liquidity and HSBC Multimanager are the cosmopolitan business units of HSBC Global Asset Management. Sinopia and Halbis are lawfully established as split-up corporations. HSBCGAS is the worldwide voice of its exclusive investment businesses.

Being one of the top-leading, rising markets in asset management business, they are everywhere their investors want them to be. They aspire to provide investment opportunities, access to their excellent service across the globe, and special insights.

The Key Features of HSBC Mutual Funds

The following are the key features of HSBCMF.

1.  Global Yet Local

HSBC has firm global investment potential and they deliver it to their clients locally.

2.  Efficient Management Team

Their management structure ensures that their focus is locked on fulfilling their customers’ expectations and simultaneously, they leverage their global talent.

3.  In-house Trustees and Sponsors

HSBC Mutual Fund has a member of HSBC Group - HSBC Securities and Capital Markets India Pvt. Ltd. as its in-house sponsor.

4.  Well-Engineered Products

Its USP is client expertise for investment issues with their knowledge to offer well-engineered investment products.

5.  Financial Results

Its annual fiscal reports, accounts, audited and unaudited data/results help them to provide better financial results to its clients.

6.  Corporate Governance

Their voting policies, procedures along with investors’ complaints help them to improve their operations.

Different Types of Funds Offered by HSBC Mutual Funds

The following are the various plans offered by HSBCMF:

HSBC Mutual Funds offer funds in two exclusive categories, i.e. Debt funds and Equity funds. Its investment products can be categorized as liquid funds, gilt funds, and income funds.

It offers various investment opportunities from low to high-risk funds that can range from short to long-term investments. These mutual funds suit to a versatile variety of preference of its investors, as they are in coordination with various risk thresholds of the investors.

  1. Equity Funds

These are the investment vehicles that let investors make the investment in the stock market. Their investments are aimed at the investors looking forward to creating a hefty wealth during the long-term. In addition to that, it offers tax-saving benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. These plans offer various dimensions ranging from 0 entry and exit loads as per various risk levels in order to befit the investors’ risk threshold.

  1. Debt Funds

These are the investment vehicles that let investors make the investment in different securities, including government securities, treasury bills, and money markets instruments. Debt funds offer interest as the return on investment appreciation. The rate of interest depends on appreciation and depreciation in the securities’ values. These funds are ideal for investors seeking an income source from the investments over the mid-term. These funds come with various risk profiles that are suitable for different investors, as it can range from low returns and low risk to medium returns and medium risks to a certain level of high returns high-risk schemes.

Why Select HSBC Mutual Funds?

HSBC Mutual Fund, in a very little time, has become a preferred investment choice. The following are the benefits offered by HSBCMF:

1.  Tax-Saving

It offers tax deductions under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

2.  Disciplined Investment Approach

In order to take care of their small investors, HSBCMF offers Systematic Investment Plans, which is known as SIP that is a disciplined and systematic investment approach.

3.  Convenience

HSBCMF offers a convenient experience to its investors by providing investment opportunities online with the help of its exclusive partners.

4.  Credit Rating

Several plans offered by the fund house have AAA (SO) rating from CRISIL. This adds authenticity and credibility exclusively to those plans.