Kotak Mutual Funds

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Kotak Mahindra bank is one of the largest private sector banks in India. It stands at the 245th position on the list of the world’s top banks. With the brand rating of AA+, Kotak Mahindra brand value is USD 481 million.

It provides a wide range of fund schemes and has over Rs. 41 crores assets under management. A customer has a wide range of mutual fund options (more than 40) to choose from. These funds promise to offer greater benefits on investments. Check out the list of mutual funds offered by Kotak Mahindra and their details below:

Kotak Debt Funds

Kotak Debt Fund is designed with the aim of generating permanent income returns and as a safe place for your capital. A large part of the corpus is invested in fixed income securities, viz. corporate debentures, government securities, and other investment instruments. Kotak Debt funds are less volatile when compared with equity funds. The only demerit of investing in these funds is that they deliver lower returns.

Kotak Equity Funds

Equity Fund is also known as Growth Fund, which invests more than 65% of the corpus in equities, stocks, and equity-related securities of the companies. This makes the investors a partner owner of the entire fund’s portfolio. The aim of this mutual fund is to provide long-term capital returns to the investors. It involves a high level of risk with the highest probability of rewards.

Kotak Mahindra offers a wide range of equity funds with different levels and types of risk involved. This risk is avoided on behalf of the high probability of greater returns and different amount of funds are invested in equities and related securities. An investor can also avail funds on offer which helps them to enjoy tax saving benefits. The fund amount varies from company to company.

Kotak Asset Allocator Fund

The investment aim of Kotak Asset Allocator fund is to provide long-term capital returns to its investors via investments in Kotak Mahindra debt schemes and specific open-ended equities.

Kotak Balanced Funds

These funds invest in both fixed income instruments and equities, considering and taking the pre-determined investment goal seriously. It effectively provides the permanent amount as returns and greater benefits of capital investment to investors. Usually, investment pattern is 60% in equity and 40 in debt.

By ensuring the safety of investing in debt securities and investing in equities with the high reward probability, Kotak Mahindra has an appropriate fund on offer, which is known as Kotak Balance.

Kotak Gold Fund

The aim of investing in this scheme is to get returns through investments in gold fund of Kotak Gold Exchange Traded Fund.

Benefits Offered Under Kotak Mutual Funds

  1. Kotak mutual funds provide dedicated relationship manager to suggest the funds as per your investment goals, such as short term and long term objectives.
  2. It ensures to assist you at every step of fund investment procedure.
  3. Kotak mutual funds also offer its dedicated research team to research and analyze the types of Mutual Fund and the corresponding benefits.
  4. It offers investment account that allows you to have a quick look at your entire mutual fund investments.
  5. Comprehensive suggestions that consider all relevant factors, including the investment objective of the Asset Management Company, portfolio, risk-involved, market trends, and adjusted returns.

Investment Account by Kotak Mutual Funds

  • This account helps you to make transactions in mutual funds from more than 25 fund providers via easy payment modes like Net Banking, Mobile Banking or with a one-page transaction request form.
  • It helps you to invest systematically by organizing up Investment Plans in a systematic way through any of the aforementioned modes.
  • You can track the Net Asset Values and the portfolio performance by clicking few tabs.
  • It allows you to have a quick look at your total mutual fund portfolio.
  • You can avail access to recommended funds.
  • It also allows you to register nominations for mutual fund Investments via this Investment account.
  • You can also avail information like Capital gains/loss reports, Transaction Reports through Net Banking.
  • It offers statements periodically.