Mirae Asset Mutual Funds

Mirae Asset Mutual Funds

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Mirae Asset Mutual Fund was originated in Asia in 1997. It is the mutual fund division of a South Korean fiscal service company, Mirae Asset Financial Group whose asset managing arm is Mirae Asset Financial Group that has registered its presence in 12 countries in 5 continents. It has global capacity to deliver the best services to its investors across the globe. 

Its prime goal is to provide insightful fiscal strategies along with coherent performance to its investors with the help of its versatile products. 

Since 2007, Mirae Asset Mutual Fund has been present in the mutual fund market of India. Currently, it has a total of 6400 associates involved with it. It has plans to expand its presence across the nation. Over the last three years, MAFM has maintained stability in the growth of AUM (Assets under Management). 

The Key Features of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund

The following are the key features of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund:

  1. Stable Performance

The funds offered by MAMF reflect stability in the performance.

  1. Fast Growth

Over the past a few years, MAMF has become the fastest growing investors’ base.

Different Types of Funds Offered by Mirae Asset Mutual Fund

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund offers eight varieties of mutual funds for three classes, i.e. equity funds, fixed income funds, and thematic funds. The following are the three categories of mutual funds in details:

  • Equity Funds

These funds make the investment in the stock or equity market, as these markets are extremely dynamic and they offer golden opportunities to reap higher rate of interest as compared to the competitors’ vehicles. Because of market volatility, equity funds are generally classified as the high or low risk, depending totally on the market conditions.

The fund house presently offers 2 equity vehicles to make the investment in Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund and Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund. Both schemes in the equity category are the products of novelty and they are well-connected to equity vehicles.

  • Fixed income Funds

As the name suggests, fixed income funds aim at providing fixed income and that too with low-risk investments that are made in debt vehicles. Mirae Asset offers fixed income funds in both short-term and mid-term options. These funds are an outstanding option to make the best use of the idle money deposited in your bank accounts, as such schemes have a potential to make your investments grow. At the same time, it ensures that you have a good portfolio.

Under this category, MAMF offers three products - Mirae Asset Short-Term Bond Fund, Mirae Asset Cash Management Fund, and Mirae Asset Ultra Short-Term Bond Fund.

  • Thematic Funds

Thematic funds are targeted as emerging markets funds/ China-specific funds. Generally, these funds include equity vehicles where money is invested in funds that are open-ended and belong to a specific market or segment of the market. 

MAMF offers three distinguished kinds for the thematic products category. For the consumption-oriented growth in the Indian and Chinese markets, Mirae Asset India-China Consumption Fund is offered. For making the investment in local Chinese companies, Mirae Asset China Advantage Fund is offered. For making the investment in equity fund of corporations that are involved with commodities in sectors related to the emerging markets, Mirae Asset Global Commodity Stock Fund is offered.   

Why Select Mirae Asset Mutual Fund?

  1. Innovation-Driven

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund offers innovation-driven investment and product opportunities to the investors.

  1. Great Exposure

It provides a great exposure to various sectors of other rising economies of the world.

  1. Strong Endorsement 

The group is backed by the giant financial service provider - Mirae Asset Global, which is headquartered in Seoul. 

  1. Robust Network 

The fund house takes pride in having the network of branches and associates all over the country. 

  1. Excellent Customer Service 

MAMF provides excellent customer service to their valued clients. 

  1. Growth Prospects 

The company is new in the Indian market with the promising growth opportunities for investors.