Pramerica Mutual Fund

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Pramerica Financial is another name used by Prudential Financial, Inc. (PFI), one among the biggest financial services providers located in the United States. PFI is well-known because it is the 10th largest institutional asset manager across the world and the 2nd largest Insurance provider based out of the USA. 

With a highly talented workforce, it is altogether serving across 41 countries in the world, including Latin America and Asia. Some important and renowned products and services offered by PFI are asset management, mutual funds , brokerage services, life insurance, and retirement/investment planning etc. 

Pramerica Mutual Fund 

Pramerica Mutual Fund is sponsored by Prudential Financial Inc., established as a trust by fulfilling the guidelines mentioned under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882. It was registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) on 13th May 2010. A private limited company, named Pramerica Asset Managers Private Limited, manages the investment of Pramerica Mutual Fund. 

Pramerica Trustees Private Limited, who is a trustee of Pramerica Mutual Fund, ensures that all transactions done by AMC are under SEBI regulations, 1996. The AMC (a full-service asset management company) provides solutions for institutional as well as retails clients. 

Types of Pramerica Mutual Funds 

Equity Funds 

An equity fund is an open/close end that has stocks as its primary investment option. It enables investors to easily purchase stocks than individual securities. One of the major advantages of investing in equity funds is diversification in addition to high returns. 

Debt Funds 

Debt funds primarily invest instruments with assured fixed income, such as treasury bills and bonds, which are perfectly apt for investors who are not willing to take high risk in the equity markets. Debt funds offer a low but steady income in comparison to equity. 

Why choose Pramerica Mutual Funds? 

There are a number of benefits offered by this mutual plan. Read below some important factors that make Pramerica Mutual Funds a great investment choice: 

  • Capital growths for the long-term investments funds are actively managed. It also offers different portfolios of equity and related investment options.
  • Investment in good stocks with proven track record. The fund plans aim at recognizing robust organization to invest in.
  • Make a portfolio that includes the quality mutual funds companies with nominal debt levels no high risk.
  • Identify market opportunities and generate significant returns.
  • Investors can opt for diversifies equity (large-cap- focused) fund backed by wise practices of risk management.
  • Investors can opt for a dynamic Asset Allocation Fund where parameters like liquidity, fundamentals, and volatility are bound to manage equity allocation.
  • High liquidity as well accrual short-term securities are to be leveraged by conservative investors by opting for liquid funds.
  • Portfolio can be re-priced subject to the market conditions in addition to an alternative to various plans with fixed maturity.
  • Credit opportunities debt funds can be opted for by investors who have a moderate risk appetite and are willing to partake in lump-sum investments.
  • At present, more than Rs. 2000 as the total fund is managed by Pramerica Mutual Fund, including the availability of services for Responsible Investing.
  • The company holds a great track record in the category of fixed income.
  • Investor-focused solutions with innovative structure