Sahara Mutual Fund

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In accordance with the Indian Trust Act, 1982, Sahara Mutual Fund was founded as a trust in sponsorship of Sahara Indian Financial Corporation Limited and other investors. Sahara Mutual Fund is a popular investment firm, having its primary objective to educate investors in terms of professional expertise so that they can manage their mutual fund investments on their own.

Sahara Mutual Fund offers various portfolios and aims at reducing the investment risks by concentrating on higher risk adjusted returns. In order to meet the requirements of individual investors, Sahara Mutual Fund provides a customized, wide range of mutual fund schemes to choose from.

Sahara Mutual Fund is an excellent option to invest in and multiply your savings and add worth to it. As one stop solution for all investment needs, the company offers a custom-tailored equity and debt specific plans to fulfill the investment needs of its investors.

Types of Mutual Fund by Sahara Mutual Fund

Here we have briefly described two Mutual Fund options by Sahara Mutual Fund:-

  1. Equity-oriented Scheme: In this scheme, a majority of the funds is invested in equities, targeting to offer high returns on investments in the long run. Equity-oriented Schemes are very beneficial and ideal for those who are looking forward to having a long-term investment. Moreover, due to its unique characteristics, these are also termed as Growth Schemes. According to their own choice, the investors can choose from 10 equity-oriented schemes offered Sahara Mutual Fund.
  2. Debt-oriented Scheme: Commonly referred to as income schemes in debt-oriented schemes, the money is invested in government securities and debt securities. Debt-oriented schemes are generally more preferable for investors like retail individuals who are moderate risk investors. Debt-oriented schemes involve low risk. 6 debt-oriented mutual fund schemes are offered Sahara Mutual Fund.

Why Should You Choose Sahara Mutual Fund?

Sahara Mutual Fund offers salient features and along with multiple benefits. Due to its comprehensive features, Sahara Mutual Fund is one of the most preferred choices for investors. Some advantages of Sahara Mutual Fund are listed below:

  • Sahara Mutual Fund provides superb customer service facilities and top class investment products. With a team of skilled professionals and expert investment advisers who have a rich experience in the field of investment, it also guides the investors to make right investment decisions.
  • With low risks in investment, the scheme offers a diversified investment portfolio.
  • Over a long period of time, investors can experience a consistent performance.
  • Investors can select from an array of schemes as per their requirements, affordability, and suitability.
  • Sahara Mutual Fund offers flexibility where the investors can invest systematically and based on the requirements, he/she can withdraw the funds. Sahara mutual fund provides regular withdrawal option and dividend reinvestment option.
  • Open-end plans offer liquidity. Investors can receive their money back at the applicable (NAV) Net Asset Value at that time.
  • One of the major benefits of Sahara Mutual Fund is that it offers tax saving schemes, such as Sahara Tax Gain (D) which helps the investors to plan the income tax exemption.