Sundaram Mutual Funds

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Sundaram Mutual Fund is part of one of the well-known and oldest financial services providers, named Sundaram Finance Limited Group. Sundaram group, from the past 60 years, is dealing in the diversified Indian markets like automobiles, finance, and investments.

The company has earned its reputation in the market by satisfying and fulfilling the needs of its customers. 19 years back, it started catering to the customers in the mutual fund market with its investment manager, i.e. Sundaram Asset Management Company.

Sundaram Mutual Fund allows retail investors with a common investment goal to invest together. The company, on behalf of its investors, invests in fixed income instruments, equities, and various other avenues according to the investment goals, and then shares the benefits mutually.

There are altogether 5 categories of Sundaram Mutual Fund

– Equity, Specialty, Balanced, Tax Saver, and Fixed Income products. Read about these mutual funds in detail below:

Equity Funds - This type of fund investments aims at allocating a large portion of their holding in equities and stocks of various companies in the stock market to gain long-term capital profits. It involves high risk, but the returns on Equity funds by Sundaram Mutual funds are also good.

Specialty Funds - It focuses on specialty sector and may invest in equities or fixed income opportunities.

Balanced Funds - A balanced fund invests in both fixed income securities and equities. The risks and returns associated with these mutual funds are lower as compared to the other MFs.

Tax Saver Funds - This equity-linked savings scheme by Sundaram Mutual Fund has a lock in period of 3 consecutive years with an additional tax deduction under Sec 80 of the Income Tax Act.

Fixed Income Funds - Sundaram Mutual Fund is well-known for its fixed income products that choose either debt or safe investment instruments for the investment for providing fixed returns to the investors. This product is designed for customers having a low-risk appetite.

Why is Sundaram Mutual Fund the Best Option?

Sundaram mutual fund makes money for its investors by identifying an early investment opportunity followed by a thorough research. This investment option is perfect for capital growth through long-term and short-term investments. In this digital era, investors can choose to invest in Sundaram Mutual Funds by logging onto the company’s official website.

Some important benefits of Sundaram Mutual Fund are as follows:

  • A clear picture of the terms and conditions of the products
  • Transparency in the robust investment process
  • Focused research
  • Efficient management investor’s money
  • Customer-oriented process

Sundaram Mutual Fund provides tax-saving schemes like Sundaram Tax Saver - a long-term investment growth fund that offers tax benefits and has a 3-year lock-in period.