Sundaram Mutual Funds

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Sundaram Mutual Fund -Introduction

Sundaram Mutual Fund is part of one of the well-known and oldest financial service providers, named Sundaram Finance Limited Group. Sundaram group, from the past 60 years, is dealing in the diversified Indian markets like automobiles, finance, and investments.

As of March 31, 2016, Sundaram Finance Limited (SFL) Group earned revenue of Rs. 5035 Crore and profit of Rs. 583 Crore. Its total assets stood at Rs. 28, 027 Crore with a Net worth of Rs. 4195 Crore at the consolidated level.

Sundaram Asset Management caters to different a wide range of liquidity, return, and risk preferences of its investors and offers a wide variety of investment avenues including liquid, fixed-income, and equity funds.

Headquartered in Chennai, the fund house has always been state-of-the-art and was the first mutual fund company to introduce funds in different themes namely, Capex, Mid-cap, Rural India, Micro-cap, and Leadership series of funds in India.

Key Features of Sundaram Mutual Fund Schemes:

Sundaram Mutual Fund comes loaded with some power-packed features. They are:

  • These schemes have expertise tagged along with comprehensive experience of more than 20 years.
  • This company is a fully owned subsidiary of one of the most respected and oldest NBFCs of the country -Sundaram Finance Limited (SFL).
  • The Fund House offers a wide variety of funds, to suit its investors risk appetite for low, medium, or high risk.
  • Sundaram MF has outshined at understanding the financial goals and needs of its investors.

Equity Funds -

This type of fund investments aims at allocating a large portion of their holding in equities and stocks of various companies in the stock market to gain long-term capital profits. It involves high risk, but the returns on Equity funds are also good.

Some of the best mutual funds with return rate under this category are as follows:

Fund Category

Fund Name

5 Year Return

3 Year Return

1 Year Return

Open-ended funds

Sundaram Select Focus




Sundaram Large and Mid-Cap Fund




Sundaram Equity Hybrid




Theme based funds

Sundaram Financial Services Opportunities




Sundaram Infrastructure Advantage Fund




Funds of Funds

Sundaram Global Advantage Fund




Index Funds

Sundaram Smart Nifty 100 Equal




Close-ended Funds

Sundaram Select Small Cap




Open-Ended Funds

Equity Funds by Sundaram MF are further classified into different sub-heads -open-ended funds are one of those categories. Here’s a rundown to the top open-ended funds offered by the fund house:

Sundaram Select Focus -This scheme by Sundaram Mutual Fund is a large-cap concentrated scheme investing in not more than 30 stocks across different sectors.

Sundaram Large and Mid-cap Fund -This is a multi-cap scheme with an allocation to large-cap stocks between 50 per cent and 60 per cent and between 40 and 50 per cent to small and mid-cap stocks.

Sundaram Equity Hybrid Fund -This scheme is an ideal option for investors looking for exposure to both debt and equity. 65 per cent of the amount is invested in equity and a maximum of 35 per cent is invested in debt.

Theme-based Funds:

Theme based funds are restricted to the stocks of a particular industry or sector. These funds by are ideal options for the investors who are looking forward to the long-term cap appreciation. These schemes offer the plans discussed below:

Sundaram Financial Services Opportunities -These funds are open-ended equity funds that are invested in the financial sectors for significant growth along with the overall growth of the economy of India.

Sundaram Infrastructure Advantage Funds -This Sundaram Mutual Fund NAV is 30.2609 as on July 30, 2019. These funds are open-ended equity schemes that invest in infrastructure funds.

Fund of Fund:

These schemes offered by Sundaram Mutual Funds invest in the other mutual fund schemes and returns from these investments are dependent on the performance of the targeted funds by and large.

Sundaram Global Advantage Funds -These funds fall under global asset classes, i.e. emerging markets commodities, real estate, and equity.

Index Funds:

Index Funds are the investment avenues representing certain index on the exchange so as to check the returns and index movement namely, buying shares from Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensex.

Sundaram Smart Nifty 100 Equal-Weight Funds -These funds make an investment in companies that are constituents of NIFTY 100 Equal Weighted Index in the equal proportion as the index and endeavour to produce returns.

Close-ended Funds:

These types of funds are the schemes where the unit capital, which is to be invested, is fixed. Therefore, fund managers cannot sell more than a pre-determined number of stock units.

Sundaram Select Small Cap -This fund is a pure small-cap product with lock-in period that allows its investors to overcome flow pressure, liquidity issues, and volatility issues, etc.

Top Tax-Saving Funds –

This equity-linked savings scheme has a lock-in period of 3 consecutive years with an additional tax deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act:

Fund Category

Fund Name

5 Year Return

3 Year Return

1 Year Return


Sundaram Diversified Equity A Long-term Tax Saver Fund




Sundaram Diversified Equity a Long-term Tax Saver Fund -This is an open-ended equity-linked tax saving scheme with a statutory lock-in period of 3 years tagged with tax benefits.

Top Fixed Income Funds –

These funds are well-known for their fixed income products that choose either debt or safe investment instruments for the investment for providing fixed returns to the investors. This product is designed for customers having a low-risk appetite.

Fund Category

Fund Name

5 Year Return

3 Year Return

1 Year Return

Open-ended Funds

Sundaram Money Fund




Sundaram Corporate Bond Fund




Close-ended Funds

Sundaram Debt Oriented Hybrid Fund




  • Sundaram Money Fund -This scheme by Sundaram Mutual Funds is an open-ended liquid fund with an objective to offer a level of income reliable with the liquidity, lower level of risks, and preservation of capital.
  • Sundaram Corporate Bond Fund -This fund is an open-ended debt fund largely making an investment in stocks rated AA+ and above.
  • Sundaram Debt Oriented Hybrid Fund -This fund offered is an open-ended hybrid fund that invests in largely in debt instruments.

How to Invest in Sundaram Mutual Funds Scheme?

In order to invest in Sundaram Mutual funds, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit Sundaram Mutual Fund Official Website

Step 2: Choose ‘Sundaram Mutual’ on the homepage.

Step 3: Click on ‘existing investor’ or ‘first-time investor’ so as to proceed with the suitable investment option.

Step 4: In case you’re a first-timer, you might have to produce an online portfolio by giving the basic details.

Step 5: After clicking on ‘the first-time investor’ you’ll be redirected to a declaration page where you’ll have to authorise the provider to use your documents and signature for validation.

Step 6: After this, you’ll have to fill in necessary details including date of birth, PAN Number, AADHAAR number, mobile number, and email ID.

Step 7: After your account has been created with the company, you can log into your account and pick the funds of your choice and make payment via Internet Banking, Debit Card, or Credit Card.

Documents Needed while Investing in Sundaram Mutual Funds:

You will require the following documents while making an investment in Sundaram Mutual Funds:

  • Application Form
  • Proof of Identity -PAN Card, Passport, AADHAAR, Voter ID, and Driving License
  • Proof of Address -Driving License, AADHAAR Card, Passport, Ration Card, Voter ID, Flat Maintenance Bill, Sale/Lease Agreement of residence, Telephone/Landline/Electricity Bill, Copy of Insurance.

Why is Sundaram Mutual Fund the Best Option?

This mutual fund makes money for its investors by identifying an early investment opportunity followed by thorough research. This investment option is perfect for capital growth through long-term and short-term investments. In this digital era, investors can choose to invest in Sundaram Mutual Funds by logging onto the company’s official website.

Some important benefits of these schemes are as follows:

  • A clear picture of the terms and conditions of the products
  • Transparency in the robust investment process
  • Focused research
  • Efficient management investor’s money
  • Customer-oriented process

This scheme provides tax-saving schemes like Sundaram Tax Saver - a long-term investment growth fund that offers tax benefits and has a 3-year lock-in period.

About Sundaram Mutual Fund:

The company has earned its reputation in the market by satisfying and fulfilling the needs of its customers. 19 years back, it started catering to the customers in the mutual fund market with its investment manager, i.e. Sundaram Asset Management Company. It has 93 customer care centres across India. Moreover, it has an office in Dubai. It also owns a wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore.

Sundaram Mutual Fund allows retail investors with a common investment goal to invest together. The company, on behalf of its investors, invest in fixed income instruments, equities, and various other avenues according to the investment goals, and then shares the benefits mutually.