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Car Insurance Add-On Covers To Make Your Car Monsoon Ready

Car Insurance Add On Covers To Make Your Car Monsoon Ready

Having dealt with the summer heat, we can’t wait to welcome the rainy days. However, the challenges that come with monsoon season such as traffic waves, waterlogging and choked drains do not take long to make their appearance felt in cities like Delhi, Maharashtra, Bangalore etc.   

Taking all that into account, during the monsoon season your car needs some extra care. Now, you might think that your regular car insurance will help keep your car protected but, does your car insurance cover any damages caused to the engine or offer roadside assistance which you probably need, considering the waterlogging conditions in India? Well, the answer is unfortunately no. 


Also, the third-party car insurance, which is mandatory in India, only covers you for any legal liability arising due to loss/damage caused to a third-party person or property. Therefore, to safeguard your vehicle against any damage during this monsoon season, it is imperative to have comprehensive car insurance. One can have add ons to their regular plan which would help shield their vehicle from any unforeseen damages. A car insurance add-on cover enhances the overall coverage of your vehicle. They help save you a huge amount of money, which you would have to pay from your pocket otherwise, at the time of claims.

Following are four must have add-ons which are specially designed so that your vehicle is monsoon-ready:

Engine protector cover

Waterlogging in India’s city roads is a common problem. It’s no surprise that when you’re stuck in long traffic in these water-clogged roads, the water can easily go into the engine, thereby damaging the engine and the battery altogether. Further, the cost for engine repair and replacement can run into thousands.

Engine repair or replacement is not covered under your regular car insurance plan. Thus, it’s always advisable to go for an add-on engine cover for guarding your vehicle and save on these heavy expenses.  

Road assistance and towing

Car break down is a common thing, monsoon or no monsoon, this cover is essential. Under this cover, a professional technician will come and solve whatever issue your car is facing. This mostly includes minor issues such as flat tyres, battery breakdown, providing spare keys, fuel delivery, accommodation arrangement.

In addition to this, if the car cannot be repaired on the spot then, the insurance company makes arrangements for the vehicle to be towed and get it repaired at the nearest garage. Therefore, to have such a hassle-free experience, you must add this to your regular car insurance plan. Also, it will help you avoid these out-of-pocket expenses which may seem small but can be considered heavy if seen collectively.


Cover for consumables

During the monsoon season, traffic tends to get worse which might take a toll on your car’s brakes. Having an add-on cover for your consumables like brake repairing, tightening of nuts, bolts, and changing engine oil will be easy on the pockets. 

Furthermore, when your car gets stuck in rain and reaches the repair centre, the insurer compensates for the consumable costs and reduces your repair expenses. Thus, having a consumables cover can help save you alot.

No claim bonus protection

Due to the heavy rainfall, storms and heavy traffic waves on the road small accidents like damaged rearview mirror, broken bumper, etc are bound to happen. Now, here the no claim bonus add-on cover comes into action. This add-on ensures that you get the claim even if you have made a claim made previously. This feature basically acts as the shield for your previous accumulated bonus.

To sum up, the weather is unpredictable, especially in the monsoon season, somedays you might experience heavy rainfall and some days storms or any other natural calamity. Therefore, you need to be fully prepared when on the roads. These add-on covers will help safeguard your vehicle and you can have a worry-free monsoon. 


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