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Importance Of Investment Amid Covid

Importance of Investment amid Covid

The Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented in its economic impact. It has adversely impacted lives, livelihoods, and the economy in India with a devastating second wave wreaking havoc even as the threat of a third wave looms large. India’s factory activity contracted for the first time in almost a year in June to 48.1. 

Expectations for India’s economic growth are being revised sharply lower as a surge in people losing their jobs and defaulting on debt suggest slower recovery from the financial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic. Does that mean that you shouldn’t invest right now? Strange as it may sound, this might be the best time to double down on it.


Strong rebound after Covid wave

Historical data suggests that pandemic-driven market crashes are followed by big bull runs. During the SARS outbreak between January and March 2003, the Sensex had fallen by 11%. It went up nearly 80% after a year. Similarly, during the Zika outbreak, markets had fallen by 13.37% but after a year, they had risen by 27.09%. Last year, post the first wave of Covid-19, Sensex and equity markets gave excellent returns i.e. as high as 82%. During the second wave, there was a muted response towards virus disaster as sensex declined only to about 6.36%. Going by these trends, this may be a good time to start or even restart investing. More so, as India has administered over 357 million Covid vaccination doses, the market is bound to grow post this positive development.  Though, markets will remain volatile, so start investing immediately before the third wave strikes in. 

Utilize your savings for investing

When most of us are working from home and avoiding stepping out, basic expenses including travelling, movies, hotels expenses are being saved. So, utilizing this money to invest is a great option so that your future goals are saved. If you don’t invest, then you usually end up spending it on some other financial instrument without proper evaluation of the risk involved. So, stop procrastinating and start investing as soon as possible and get your life goals secured. You can invest in a lot of financial instruments where you can reap maximum benefits such as Capital Guarantee Solutions, Guaranteed Return Products, annuity plans. You should choose the type of investment depending on your investment horizon, purpose of your investment and risk appetite. For example, if you are planning to have a regular income to meet your retirement goals, you can invest in annuity plans in which you can get fixed payouts monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually.

Cost of delay concept

If you look at it economically, Rs 10,000 a month invested now at 12% annually for a period of 20 years will make you Rs 1 crore at the end. If you delay this start by 10 years you will have to shell out Rs 45,000 a month to make Rs 1 crore in the remaining 10 years. So, start investing immediately and build a huge corpus for a safe and secure future.  

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