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Capital Guarantee Solutions: Your Safest Investment Bet

Capital Guarantee Solutions: Your Safest Investment Bet

As the second wave of COVID-19 continues to grip India in a way like never before, the markets have also started to turn jittery. Fortunately, the current investment market in India is not gloomy as last year when Sensex was hovering at an all-time low of 26,000 points. This year, the markets have dropped from 51,000 points levels to 48,000 – 49,000 levels but for the next one year, the returns are expected to be extremely high. A prominent takeaway from last year’s market fall is that it is not wise to wait for the economy to recover completely before making an investment. It might be too late to do so!

When you talk about investing your hard-earned money for a safe and secured financial future of you and your loved ones, it is important to make sure that you park your money in the right investment instruments. In the last few months, most customers have been on the lookout for such investment plans where they grow their corpus in few years with little or no risk to the capital invested. Investors looking for investment avenues that promise high returns without the risk of losing principal money must consider investing their money in Capital Guarantee Plans - a mix of Traditional plans and Market-linked products. Under these plans, the capital invested by the customer over the years is completely guaranteed and secured and they even enjoy the upside of the market through money invested in equity funds. This means, no matter how bad the market performs, your entire invested amount will be safe. In fact, you will also be able to enjoy the upside of the market through your money invested in equity funds.

Capital Guarantee Products invest 60 percent of your capital invested in Traditional plans in order to secure the corpus invested while 40 percent of the remaining amount is invested in ULIPs so that you take advantage of the market upside. However, in many plans the ratio of traditional plans and ULIPs vary as per the option customer chooses. The amount invested in ULIP or equity market helps your money grow over the years. Given the present low rates of interest and no expectation of a rise in the coming few years, it is advised to better lock in your money in long-tenure plans such as Capital Guarantee Solution on the present charges. With CG plans, customers also enjoy life cover up to 120 times of the monthly premium, paid out to dependents/nominee as a lump sum upon the untimely demise of the policyholder. When planning to invest in CG plans, it is always suggested to buy online as a few plans sold online promise extra maturity benefit to the customers in comparison to offline products.

Coming to tax benefits associated with these plans, capital guarantee plans come with triple-taxation benefits. There is no tax on the amount invested, the accrual (that amount that grows), and the maturity amount.


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