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Health Insurance and OPD coverage

There’s no denying the fact that the pandemic has highlighted the importance of health insurance in our lives. Having health insurance is crucial considering the exorbitant bills being charged at hospitals for treating Covid-19 patients. In addition to it, there is an increasing risk of being vulnerable to ailments owing to our sedentary lifestyle these days. While regular health insurance policies cover the cost of hospitalization, there are other OPD expenses that are borne by the policyholder as they aren’t covered.

All health care treatments which do not require hospitalization come under the outpatient department (OPD) like dental treatment, diagnostic tests, periodic doctor consultation etc. These small expenses may not seem like a big amount but collectively, it can disturb your savings routine significantly.

For instance, if you go to a general physician in a decent hospital you will end up spending Rs 500-1000 per visit. However, the good news is that many insurers are redesigning their policies to meet the growing demands of consumers, considering that everyone needs an OPD cover. Thus, considering the ever-increasing medical cost it is important to invest in health plans with an OPD cover, which will help save you on these expenses that do not require hospitalization. Some of the new plans which provide OPD covers include Care plus by Care Health Insurance which offers upto Rs. 3000 coverage for OPD and dental benefits under a Rs 5 lakh sum insured plan. For a Rs 10 lakh sum insured plan, the OPD benefits go up to Rs. 5000. In addition, Digit health insurance also offers OPD benefits upto Rs 10,000. ((newsletter))

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