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Staying Covid ready with comprehensive health insurance

Staying Covid ready with comprehensive health insurance

In the third episode of Policybazaar's Podcast series-Insurance Insights, Amit Chhabra, Head, Health Insurance Policybazaar gives his views on Staying Covid ready with Comprehensive Health Insurance.

The typical expense for Covid-19 treatment at a hospital ranges between Rs 15-20 lacs. The number of days for hospitalization is usually between 10-15 days. Therefore, the minimum sum insured one must have is Rs 10 lacs if you are living in a metropolitan city. One should buy a high sum insured cover to get adequate coverage against not just Covid-19 but all kinds of diseases. 


PPE kits are covered by some insurers for Covid-19 treatment and there are defined limits. Usually, it is one PPE kit per person per hospitalization. If you have an adequate sum insured comprehensive health insurance plan, then you are fairly protected against Covid-19. 

Treatment at home is also covered under some health insurance policies. It requires documentation such as Covid-19 test report as well as some basic bills and investigation documents. There are a lot of policies that cover hospitalization at home especially under circumstances where beds in hospitals aren't available.

A health insurance policy covers testing for Covid-19 only in case hospitalization takes place. Pre and post-hospitalization benefits are provided to the customer. The first test done pre-hospitalization as well as the second test is also covered. 

There is a waiting period for Covid-19 in health insurance plans. It varies from insurer to insurer. In some plans, there is 7 days waiting period while others have a 15 day waiting period. In a large chunk of plans, the waiting period is for 30 days. So, if you are planning to buy health insurance now fearing that you may need coverage if contracted with the virus, then you should buy those plans which provide early coverage. 

The cooling-off period in health insurance plans varies from 1 month to 3 months or 6 months if you had Covid-19. Whereas, some health insurance plans don’t have a cool-off period. If you haven’t had Covid till now, then you should definitely buy a health insurance plan as soon as possible because you don’t want to be in a situation where you will have to wait to get a health insurance policy post-recovery. 

When looking for comprehensive coverage, you should buy as high sum insured as your budget allows for. One must also check limitations in their health insurance plan such as room rent capping. Buy a plan which gives a high claim settlement ratio and provides a cashless network. 


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