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Your complete guide to buying motor insurance online

The past several years have seen a large-scale shift towards online purchase of everything we need - be it food, clothes or grocery. Not to forget, even your vehicle’s insurance. The outbreak of COVID-19 has only set this demand further in motion. Furthermore, having your vehicle insured is mandatory by law and buying motor insurance online provides you with a lot of benefits. Additionally, with the new Omicron variant, we might be looking at new restrictions and switching to online purchase would be a planned thought during these times.

Motor insurance policyholders frequently express concern as there are too many options to pick from, making the decision process complicated. When it comes to purchasing a vehicle insurance coverage online, however, customers can look at the features, benefits, exclusions and inclusions. This way they can compare and invest in a policy which serves their needs the best. Moreover, while purchasing insurance offline, you have to fill out a lengthy form; however, when purchasing insurance online, you simply fill out a few details. Apart from this, many insurance brokers have made the process a lot easier, transparent and time saving, especially in covid times when people avoid going to crowded places. Besides, when you buy a policy offline, it takes a long time to process physical paperwork; however, when you buy a policy online, information is processed instantly, and your policy is issued immediately.

The most important concern that people have while buying insurance is that their claim is settled easily.   Car insurance claims can be settled in either of the two ways. If you have your vehicle fixed at a garage that has been approved by your insurance company, you will be part of a cashless claim settlement procedure. Under this the policyholder is not required to pay any cash to the insurer-approved garage for the repair of his or her vehicle. The payment to the garage is made directly by the insurer, and it is deducted from the claim amount.  In the second process, the policyholder pays for the repairs at the garage of his or her choice and afterwards receives reimbursement from the insurer, subject to the claim amount.



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