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Trust, patience, and perseverance: Yashish Dahiya on building an employer of choice brand

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At Policybazaar, we're all about fostering a company culture that really puts our employees' well-being and growth front and center. We're talking about the kind of environment that becomes a launching pad for both group wins and personal achievements. When employees feel genuinely valued, they're not just punching in – they're ready to go that extra mile, pushing us beyond the ordinary. It’s these values that have helped build Policybazaar into an employer of choice brand. But this environment wasn’t created overnight; it’s been meticulously nurtured, with leadership setting the tone and management reinforcing the ethos.

In a candid episode of The Ken Podcast with Rohin Dharmakur (CEO at Ken), our ever-inspiring leader Yashish Dahiya (Co-Founder and CEO, PB Fintech) very rightly said “Either you trust us or you don’t trust us. If you trust us, be patient. At times, it may appear we’re not being fair to you. But look around the organisation, see people, see how they’ve done, and see if we’ve not been fair to someone who deserves it.”

All wins are celebrated, small or big

Every effort is celebrated at PB, a small yet significant reminder that perseverance is the compass that guides one towards enduring success. The company’s dedication to fair leadership is an unwritten pact that nurtures each employee's journey, turning endeavors into accomplishments, and aspirations into realities. 

A balance between urgency and patience

The work culture at Policybazaar is driven by a deep respect for timeliness. While we understand the significance of acting promptly in a fast-paced industry, we also recognise that results may not always be prompt. Just as a gardener tends to a sapling, knowing that the harvest will come in due time, Policybazaar encourages its employees to be patient while diligently tending to their tasks. This delicate balance leads to a culture where efficiency and patience coexist, fostering sustainable growth.

Being kind is more important than being right

We believe that every smile shared, every hand extended, and every word spoken with kindness creates ripples that reverberate far beyond the immediate moment. It's a safe space where colleagues are more than co-workers; they are allies in each other's battles.

A community of selfless people

Our workforce is made up of selfless individuals who share a common commitment to our mission and values. Our unique blend of talent and passion forms a cohesive unit that strives for collective success. Misfits at Policybazaar are rare and short-lived.

Bonds beyond work

We champion transparent communication, nurture each other's development, and revel in one another's triumphs. Through consistent engagement in team-building initiatives and joint endeavors, we foster a profound sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the confines of our workplace.

To listen to the full podcast, click here.

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