A glimpse into PB employees’ tech-driven escapades

Policybazaar, an organization that started with the innovative idea of making insurance easily accessible through technology, recently hosted a stimulating and informative event called Townhall with our speakers Mr. Sarbvir Singh, Mr. Tarun Mathur and Mr. Saurabh Tiwari.  The idea behind this quarterly event is to ensure that PB Family never loses touch with what binds them – collaboration and meaningful innovation aimed at superior customer service. 

Mr. Sarbvir Singh, President and CEO at, opened the event by saying, "I would like to start this session by highlighting that the insurance industry has seen a 360-degree transformation since the pandemic. Where earlier, buying an insurance product was seen as a choice, today, it has become a necessity, especially when it comes to life and health. To smoothen this process further, we are now actively penetrating the Tier-3 market by acting on the feedback we often receive from our customers. In the last 18 months, we have asked our reps to meet people, explain the policies, and clarify their queries. Furthermore, to ensure a straightforward implementation, we have ensured our technology is top-notch and offers an easy-to-use platform to our customers."
Underscoring the value of technology, Mr. Tarun Mathur, CBO General Insurance at, talked about the initial journey of Policybazaar and how they have achieved tremendous success in the last 12 years due to their homegrown technology and testing software. He added some words of advice as he said, "In today's world, developing technology is not a constraint as everyone has the accessibility through various tools and search engines to find a solution. But to succeed and make a mark, a successful developer needs to be driven and act promptly. We are delighted that we have an energized team and a powerful tech system that ensures we provide our customers with good products at all times."

To explain this further, he said, "When we started the company, we sought vendors to create the necessary software, but their delivery timing did not match ours. Hence, we took it upon ourselves to develop our in-house technical capabilities, which we are proud of today. An example of this is the dialer available across 20 buildings across India, including an office in the UAE. We have 50 servers capable of handling 5,000 active calls at any given time and 10 lakhs in a day."

The CTO, Mr. Saurabh Tiwari, closed the event as he said, "The purpose of hosting Tech Talk is to reiterate that technology is the backbone of our business and will always play a pivotal role in the insurtech industry. To keep up with its fast-changing demands, we have the expertise to act quickly and effectively."
Policybazaar's robust tech platform is agile and has evolved to adapt to changing needs. In addition, they also have a testing platform that allows rapid delivery and offers to scale up. The robust systems are able to handle several queries and work quickly, ensuring people get the correct information before making the right purchasing decision."

The informal, informative session ended with the leader transparently answering some queries from the audience. They also stated that they are fully cognizant of the COVID-19 situation and are preparing for it. 
The teams enjoyed the educational session and the chance to speak with the leaders as the day came to a close. 

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