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A Tuesday with Policybazaar’s tech gurus

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Here’s how a mundane Tuesday turned into an exciting and informative one. Finally, after a long overdue break, all thanks to COVID, Policybazaar organized their very first session of ‘Tech Talk’! 

Policybazaar has been a pioneer in the insurtech space. Through technological innovations we have completely revamped the insurance industry. Keeping this thought in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to spread awareness about technology internally, within the teams as well.

So, let us take you through this exciting event! The day commenced with Saurab Tiwari, CTO, Policybazaar giving his inaugural speech, articulating the idea behind this event, “Tech Talk aims to provide insightful and thought-provoking content related to today’s emerging technology. It's a place to bring together great minds to collaborate and share practical knowledge on technology and innovation through short presentations.” 

To further amplify the event with fun and jollification, the organizers planned a few surprise ‘Ad Mad’ quizzes for the audience and also awarded the winners with some really cool goodies! 

Once the attendees were eased into the session, the team began to talk about hardcore technological innovation. Fraud detection was a natural topic here. Santosh Bhat, Head of Data Science at Policybazaar, led this session with his teammates, Shubham Shukla & Kushagra Pathak. Through a presentation, the team explained the internal end-to-end processes that the brand has put in place to counter fraud. Post the informative session, the presenters answered some queries from the audience.

Second up from the Advanced Tech Team were Saurabh Saxena & Sumit Chawla. The team presented the intricacies of ‘Automation Testing’ in detail giving the audience some great insights. Saurabh said, “The objective of tech talk is to share valuable new knowledge, encourage innovative research, increase Interdepartmental visibility and celebrate achievements. We plan to have more such sessions in the coming months, to bridge the gap between all of us. Also, we plan to extend this platform to the product team as well to understand the new innovations on their side as well.” 

The day came to a perfect end with the teams appreciating and thanking the brand ambassadors and the HR Team for organizing such an interesting yet knowledgeable event. This was followed by some yummy refreshments.  The organizers promised to keep hosting such events in the future. 

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