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At Policybazaar, new parents get 360 degree support!

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"She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn't take them along." 

American author Margaret Culkin aptly describes the emotions of a working mother in the above quote. In today’s age of shared parenting responsibilities, this applies to not just to moms but to parents irrespective of gender. A working parent needs and deserves the right kind of support to walk the tightrope of balancing work and baby. This support comes not just from the new parents’ family but also their work family. 

We at Policybazaar invest in a healthy, happy work family where people can fall back on one another. Our founders believe that it is only when things are good on the family front that a person can bring their true potential to the workplace.” It’s with this philosophy in mind that the HR Team at Policybazaar constantly thinks of ways to help new parents feel at ease. This is why we made available a trusted preschool-cum-daycare facility within walking distance from our head office in Gurugram, Haryana. 

An employee-first organization, Policybazaar recently took the empathetic initiative to tie up with ‘IPSAA’,  a chain of preschool and daycare facilities. IPSAA’s mission is to partner with parents to provide quality child care thus empowering mothers and creating happy families. Pratima, one of the teachers at the daycare, said, “It is like a large family, where children get sibling love from a group of playmates and motherly care from the mentor mums with an average experience of over 15 years. With a heart full of playfulness and a mind bursting with creativity, we believe that a child should be allowed to savor every moment to its fullest. And keeping that in mind, we weave a wonderful experience for children with our expert team of child psychologists, pediatricians, physical educationalists, yoga trainers, nutritionists and montessori experts.” 

The daycare has 4 programmes: Full day care, play school, after school, Nursery and kindergarten. Parents can choose any of the above mentioned programmes according to the kid’s  needs and their own requirements. It is a fully-paid facility that comes in flexible models with max duration being 9am-7pm. Parents can always opt for a half-day creche depending on their needs. Additionally, the creche facility is fully paid, this includes healthy meals for the kids. 

Parents can start sending their kids to this facility as early as at 6 months of age i.e. right after the maternity leave ends. As another thoughtful initiative, the daycare has a nursing room for mothers who might still be breastfeeding their younger ones. 

Saira, a PB employee who sends her 1.5-year-old daughter to Ipsaa, says, “I couldn’t possibly be more thankful to my workplace. Millions of parents, like me, are compelled to decide between raising their child and pursuing their passion. I love what I do, but it leaves neither my husband nor me with enough time to watch our kid.  If this facility was not in place, it would have been very difficult and expensive for us to manage both work and family.” 

Policybazaar believes that the first priority of a progressive employer is to constantly improve job satisfaction amongst employees. Further, the new Maternity Benefit Amendment Bill passed by the Lok Sabha now requires every organization with 50 or more employees to provide creche facilities within a specified distance. 

Having creche facilities nearby the office provides the parents with peace of mind as they can check on their child anytime they want. This, in turn, increases employees’ productivity. Another benefit of having nearby childcare is that workers would need comparatively fewer leaves knowing their kid’s nearby while they work in a safe environment. 

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