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Live On Your Terms: New brand film focuses on working Indian mothers

Policybazaar’s marketing team recently launched a brand film centred around working mothers and their changing roles. The film draws attention towards the importance of working mothers for buying term insurance and eventually changing the social dynamics by becoming proactive financial decision-makers. 

The penetration of term insurance among women is extremely low in India. However, it is essential for them to get themselves insured in order to prepare for the uncertainties of life. Continuing with its efforts on raising awareness among consumers on being protected from death, disease and disability, Policybazaar had sent this message across the audience especially women through this film.  

With rising number of working women in India, it is extremely important to raise awareness around insurance as they look at jointly securing their family's future. Women have now become equal stakeholders in financial planning for household. 


“Our customer inquiries for term insurance and eventually sales more than doubled after its release,” he adds. 

Momspresso, an online platform for mothers to voice their opinion had posted a write up about the campaign along with the video which received 52,000 views. 

Digital publishing sites like Popxo and Mad over Marketing shared the campaign on their socia media which garnered 1.1 million views and 1.4 million views respectively.   

The film has an inspiring monologue by a first-time mother and has received immense appreciation from people cutting across demographic barriers, due to its highly relatable, socially relevent theme as well as an emotionally touching story.  

“The campaign makes a very relevant point for working mothers, and the icing on the cake is the partnership from the father/husband,” Madhavi Jha, Chief Communication Officer, Cairn Oil and Gas says. 


The film starts with a young woman who is getting ready for a work trip while talking to her infant daughter. The woman resumed office within six months of having a daughter. She tells her daughter that she was criticized by her aunt for taking the decision to leave her child for work. She was also questioned for having a child in the first place when she did not leave her job. 

It’s no easy task to be a mother who keeps another human being alive and thriving. What makes it more challenging is the constant judgment that women face from various sources when it comes to raising their kids. This problem is acutely faced by working women who choose to re-embark on their careers after having babies. 
The film draws attention towards present-day modern working women who are multitasking to manage both home and work. Breaking the stereotypical thinking, the protagonist believes that loving a child doesn’t imply compromising with a parent’s career. The mother believes that by not quitting her dreams, she is not only contributing to her child’s upbringing financially but is also setting the right example before her daughter to follow. She wants her daughter to be proud of her decision. “My mom did not give up her dreams, her career, neither will I,” she expressed in one of her dialogues.

The protagonist believes that continuing her work is a part of her daughter’s right upbringing. She seems to be a forward thinking woman and wants her daughter to be responsible without compromising her dreams. 

The video also beautifully captures how a woman’s life changes after she becomes a mother- from her personality to her habits. She tells her daughter that before she was born, she was an introvert and now she talks so much with her until she sees her daughter smiling. The protagonist says that she has become more responsible in her life choices and happily compromises her sleep to take care of her daughter. The support of the spouse matters the most as both parents navigate what works for them in parenting a child, as shown in the film.  

In a very subtle way, the crucial part of the film is depicted by showing how the protagonist who used to forget renewing her car insurance has bought a Term Insurance plan, without anybody telling her to buy it.

In a modern-day household, women are equally important stakeholders, financially and otherwise. Hence, the need for them to have Term life insurance is extremely crucial. 


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