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Marketing Communication And Customer Experience Should Have A Seamless Connect: Sai Narayan

There Has To Be A Seamless Bridge Between Marketing Communication And Customer Experience Sai Narayan

With the advent of technology, customers read online reviews and do some internet research before buying a product. Therefore, the expectations the new-age customer is a seamless journey and superior service. Once they visit the platform they choose, after being swayed by the marketing and content around it.

“One of the most important things in terms of customer expectation and experience is there has to be a seamless bridge between your communication and your customer experience. A lot of times, there is a huge gap between the advertising promise and the customer experience,” said Sai Narayan, Chief Marketing Officer, Paisabazaar.com at Mind Your Marketing Edition with the HinduBusinessLine.

“We end up making a great campaign but when the consumer comes to the platform, he doesn’t experience that promise. The approach should be based on consumer insight, product insight, and therefore, communication and not a communication to product development,” he added.


Over the top (OTT) platforms have witnessed a massive viewership amidst the pandemic. These platforms provide a plethora of options to not just Hindi or English speaking but also local language speaking consumers.
“People are able to consume what they want with the advent of OTT. There are platforms where you are able to consume both regional content, national content, and English content. The entire communication landscape is being seen as just one,” said Narayan.

“Same way, if I talk to you in a different language, you aren’t going to buy my product. Dubbing is a kind of lazy work. Right now, the mantra is you need to talk to the consumer in their own language. Every state has a different cultural nuance and you need to pick that and talk to them in their own language,” added Narayan.


According to Narayan, a one size fits all approach in marketing doesn’t work as India is a diverse country. “At every 100 km, the landscape changes. At times, even consumer behavior changes. The demand is going to be the same. For example, be it Tamil Nadu, Delhi, or Bareilly, people would want loans or buy insurance, but culturally they are different,” he added. “There's a concept called hyper localization. We need to speak to them in their own language with their own cultural nuances. 'Hyperlocal marketing' is what one needs to do,” said Narayan.


Paisabazaar is planning to expand its marketing activities in South India next year. “For us, South India is a very big market, be it Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Telangana, or Karnataka. As of now, we have been a very Hindi Speaking Market (HSM) focused brand, but the next coming year onwards, we are going to expand our marketing activities in Southern and other markets as well,” said Narayan.

(Article edited by: Sunny Lamba)


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