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Pro -Tips To Keep in Mind For Covid Vaccination Process

Pro-Tips To Keep in Mind For Covid Vaccination Process

As the second wave of the pandemic has created havoc, vaccine is the foremost thing on everybody’s mind. However, there has been a lot of confusion around this. Therefore, we have listed some helpful pointers to guide you through the process:

Booking the Vaccine Slot

Vaccine Bookings are available on the Cowin website (http://cowin.gov.in/). Some things to keep in mind:

1. Slots mostly open at night – Open vaccine slots are taken within seconds. Hence, it’s important to time yourself. Most slots open in the late evenings, or later at night. You might have the best chance to get a slot then.

2. Public vs Private Vaccination centers – Don’t worry too much about choosing between a fancy hospital vs a government school. All centers are sanitized, safe distancing protocols are being followed everywhere. Getting the vaccine is important, so we suggest keep a lookout for availability around you.
3. Covishield vs Covaxin – Both vaccines have been prescribed by the Government of India and have been tested thoroughly. The right vaccine for you is the one which you can lay your hands on at a centre most convenient to you.
4. Search by District, not by Pincode on Cowin website – Searching for vaccination centers by pincode can lower your choice significantly. Searching by the district will give you a wider choice in your area.

5. Use Third-party Notification serviceswww.Under45.in is one such helpful tool. Once you register, it will send you a notification whenever a slot becomes available in your chosen region

On the Day of Vaccine

Stepping out for vaccine can make us a bit nervous in current times. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Mask-up – Make sure you are well protected. Use double masks and wear a Face Shield while going to the center. This is critical to protect yourself from the airborne virus.

2. Go early in the morning – An easy way of avoiding crowds is to go early in the morning. If you have a 9 am slot, try reaching by 8.30 am to avoid waiting time at the center because of long queues.

3. Wear Short Sleeves – Since the vaccine is injected on the upper arm (almost near the shoulder), wear short sleeves clothes to ensure easy access.

4. Essential items to carry – Your ID proof (Aadhar Card), Appointment Printout, Sanitizer, and a pen to fill forms.

5. Post Vaccine Precautionary Medication – Best to consult a doctor here, but it’s mostly recommended to take a Paracetamol in case of fever. In fact, at some centers, they even hand over a paracetamol tablet after the vaccine.

6. For sore arms after vaccine – You could do some of these exercises (https://www.shelteringarms.com/armsoreness-after-covid-19-vaccination) to ease up the pain. A sore arm is common after Covid-19 vaccine, and these exercises will help. In case you face any trouble, it’s always advisable to consult a Doctor.


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