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Spreading smiles: How Policybazaar and Niva Bupa came together to settle customer claims

Team PB and Niva Bupa with the happy and relieved customers

Insurance is a promise. A policyholder invests their hard-earned money hoping to be financially secure in case of any unforeseen circumstances. So when that dreaded moment arises and you raise a claim, that’s the real moment of truth. For some policyholders, getting a claim approved can be an uphill task. The reasons could vary from missing documents to misunderstood policy details.

Keeping with our commitment to Indian customers, we decided to help customers sail through their claim settlement process. Last Saturday, on a sunny afternoon, Policybazaar and Niva Bupa came together to organize “Claim samadhan Diwas”. A one-of-its-kind event, this day was dedicated to helping policyholders whose claims had been stuck due to lack of documentation. 

Fastracking claim settlement has been a top priority for us. We take great pride in the fact that at this event, we helped customers get their claim approved in as less as 5 minutes. Dr Vikas Gupta, Vice President, Claims - Niva Bupa, said, “The last two years have seen a record number of claims due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of these claims have been stuck because the policyholder did not have access to proper documents to support his/ her claim. Today’s event was an attempt at helping these customers get their due.”

Siddharth Singhal, Head of Renewals - Health Insurance at Policybazaar.com, added, “Our idea was to sit face-to-face with the customers and help fill the gaps in their claim journey. Fortunately, our attempt was successful. We will continue with our endeavor to make claims smoother for Indian customers.”

For the organizers, the event brought a unique sense of satisfaction. For the customers, it was a reinstilling of their faith in insurance. Mohit Aggarwal, 22, one of the policyholders, said, “My mother’s health claim had been rejected and I was naturally perturbed. Then recently, Kamlesh Yadav informed me about their “Claim Samadhan Diwas” initiative with Niva Bupa and promised me that my claim would get a fair chance. Within 5 minutes at this event, my claim was accepted. I can’t express how happy my family and I are.” 

Rajbala, 50, added, “I had raised two claims for my son’s treatment.  Both were rejected and I was not able to figure out why. As I was in touch with the Policybazaar’s representatives, I got familiar with their “Claim Samadhan Diwas” initiative. I was not sure if I’ll get any positive response but both my claims were approved in no time. As a customer, I wish, similar initiatives should be taken to help people with their claims.”

Surendra, 60, another policyholder, said, “I want to thank Policybazaar and Niva Bupa for helping me with my health claim. I raised a claim for my grandson's treatment but the same was rejected. There were some shortcomings from our side. During the event, I discussed my concerns directly with Niva Bupa’s claim representatives much to my surprise, my claim was approved within minutes. It’s because of initiatives like this that common people like us feel that buying insurance is a good idea.” The afternoon ended with a sense of hope and faith for everyone involved. 

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