RTO Gujarat

The Transport Department of the Government of Gujarat functions under the provision of Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. RTO Gujarat is an indispensable part of Department of Transport, Gujarat, which aims at providing efficient transportation facility to the common masses by performing certain major responsibilities including control of vehicular pollution, registrations of various vehicles in Gujarat, issuing driving licenses and permits, a collection of road taxes etc.

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Functioning of RTO Gujarat

Apart from the major responsibilities, the RTO department of Gujarat is also involved in vehicle-related policymaking, implementation, coordination, regulatory and monitoring functions related to all vehicles in Gujarat, etc. RTO Gujarat online appointment facility is also available for those who want to register a new vehicle or obtain a Driving License.

The RTO Gujarat department is governed by the Government of Gujarat and headed by the Transport Commissioner, when it comes to policymaking and implementation in Gujarat.

Number of RTO Offices in Gujarat

There are 36 offices including RTO and ARTO in the different locations of the state. The Gujarat RTO number list includes:

RTO Location RTO Code RTO Location RTO Code
RTO Ahmedabad GJ01 RTO Gandhi Nagar GJ18
RTO Mehsana GJ02 RTO Bardoli GJ19
RTO Rajkot GJ03 RTO Dahod GJ20
RTO Bhavnagar GJ04 RTO Navsari GJ21
RTO Surat GJ05 RTO Rajpipla GJ22
RTO Vadodara GJ06 RTO Anand GJ23
RTO Nadiad GJ07 RTO Patan GJ24
RTO Palanpur GJ08 RTO Porbandar GJ25
RTO Himatnagar GJ09 RTO Vyara GJ26
RTO Jamnagar GJ10 RTO Ahmedabad East GJ27
RTO Junagadh GJ11 RTO Aahwa GJ30
RTO Kuch-Bhuj GJ12 RTO Arvalli GJ31
RTO Surendranagar GJ13 RTO Veraval GJ32
RTO Amreli GJ14 RTO Botad GJ33
RTO Valsad GJ15 RTO Chhota Udepur GJ34
RTO Bharuch GJ16 RTO Lunawada GJ35
RTO Godhra GJ17 RTO Morbi GJ36

How to Register a Vehicle in Gujarat?

Similar to other states, every vehicle plying on the roads of the state of Gujarat has to be registered in the respective RTO of the location.

  1. To register a vehicle, the vehicle owner has to fill and submit RTO Gujarat online application called as ‘Form 20’ by the official website of the RTO Gujarat. The print out of uploaded Form 20 should be taken and submitted to the concerned RTO office.
  2. The authorised car/two-wheeler dealer in the state will do the required inspection. The inspection certificate issued by the dealer has to be attached with the application form. Else, the vehicle is needed to be produced in RTO for inspection.
  3. The respective RTO office will further allot a registration number upon verification of documents in detail. If not the owner will receive a selected registration number on payment of a fee. This computerised number is allotted once the registration process is done.
  4. The vehicle owner is intimated via SMS or email on the registered phone number or email ID
  5. The smart RC of the vehicle is sent through speed post. One can also check RTO Gujarat RC Book status by logging on to official website.

Documents Required for Registering a Vehicle in Gujarat

To register a vehicle, the owner needs to produce the following documents at concerned RTO along with the Form 20

1. Sale Certificate in Form No.21

2. Roadworthiness certificate in Form 22

3. ID proof and recent photos of the applicant

4. Insurance policy of the vehicle

5. Address proof

6. In case of an imported vehicle, the customs bill needs to be submitted. If the vehicle is not a body build vehicle, Form 22 Part(2) is required

7. 10th Pass Certificate, L.I.C. Policy, Voter ID, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, House Tax payment receipt, pay slip of Central/State/Local Self-Government

How to Avail Permanent RC

It is mandatory to carry a copy of RC while driving as per the law. Registration Certificate or RC is a document that indicates a particular vehicle is registered with the concerned RTO of the area. This document can be availed as Smart Card these days.

This card contains the below information:

  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Date of Registration
  • Vehicle Engine Number
  • Vehicle Chassis Number
  • Vehicle colour
  • Type of the vehicle
  • Seating Capacity
  • Model Number

When it is difficult to fool a cop, it is better one register its vehicle with a valid registration book.

The process of getting permanent RC copy

The procedure of availing a permanent RC book includes the following steps:

  1. The vehicle owner has to fill and submit the relevant application form, which is known as Form 20 to the register office.
  2. If the owner is having a temporary registration number, the permanent number should be obtained before the temporary one expires.
  3. If the permanent registration requires hypothecation, the vehicle owner needs to furnish relevant details on the same
  4. The next step is the selection of permanent registration number for the vehicle
  5. Next is to decide the usages of HSRP/smart card
  6. The owner also needs to pay the registration fee as per the Rule no. 81 Motor Vehicles Act, 1989. The fee levied by the authority will depend on the type of permanent RC number selected by the owner.

Documents Required to Avail Permanent RC Book

The documents to be produced are:

  • Form 20 as an application form to get a permanent registration number
  • Sales Certificate containing all the details of the sale of the vehicle. This can be furnished via Form 21.
  • The Road Worthiness Certificate of the vehicle stating that the vehicle is perfect to be operational on the road. This can be submitted through Form 22. In case the vehicle body is fabricated, the owner needs to furnish form 22 A.
  • Address proof of the vehicle owner
  • In case of a trailer or semi-trailer vehicles, the owner needs to submit a copy of design approved from the STA
  • If the vehicle is used in the army earlier, the Sales Certificate needs to be submitted to the RTO Gujarat.

How to Get a Temporary RC

At the time of buying a new vehicle in the state of Gujarat, the owner can avail a temporary RC Book from the dealer until he/she receives the permanent RC number. The temporary registration number is allotted for a maximum of one month. The vehicle owner has to register his/her vehicle within this period with the RTO Gujarat.

How to Renew Registration Certificate

A registered vehicle needs to be renewed within a stipulated timeframe. The transport authority renews the RC after assessing the roadworthiness of the vehicle. To initiate the process, the vehicle owner needs to submit an application form along with the following documents:

  • CMV Form No. 25
  • Registration Certificate
  • Insurance document
  • Pollution under Control (PUC) Certificate
  • Road tax receipt
  • Any address proof of vehicle owner
  • An inspection of the vehicle will also be done

How to Get a Duplicate Registration Certificate

A vehicle owner can obtain a duplicate copy of RC Book if the original copy has been lost. To apply for a duplicate RC Book, the owner needs to fill the Form 26 and submit the below documents:

  1. Police report
  2. No Objection Certificate obtained from the financer
  3. Address proof, Insurance Certificate and PUC Certificate if the vehicle is purchased through a loan
  4. The applicant needs to pay a fee of Rs. 30 for bike and Rs. 100 for car

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership

If a vehicle is sold or purchased, the ownership of the vehicle needs to be transferred in the name of the buyer. It is usually called as ‘RC Transfer’. Transfer of ownership is important as it ensures that the vehicle and all related liabilities are transferred to the new owner. All need to do is fill a correct application form and submit to the concerned RTO. After selling a car or bike, the previous owner can apply for RC transfer within 14 days. The RTO needs to be informed about the same. A set of documents are required to attach along with the application form.

Documents Required for Transferring Ownership

  1. To transfer the ownership, an application for transfer in ownership needs to be filled and submitted. Form 29 and 30 need to be filled with a print of chassis number with a pencil
  2. Form 31 is required if the change is through inheritance and Form 32 if it is due to public auction
  3. Along with the application form, one needs to submit original RC Book, PUC certificate, vehicle insurance copy, address and identity proof
  4. The applicant needs to pay a fee of Rs. 30 for bike and Rs. 100 for cars as a transfer
  5. Transfer tax applicable at 15% of original lump sum tax. In case the vehicle is more than 8 years old, tax at 1% or Rs. 100 whichever is higher.

How to Change Address in RC Book

There may be several reasons one needs to update or change a new address on his/her RC Book. He/she may have relocated to a new place and still using the RC with old address. In this regard, one will need to update a new address on an RC Book. To update a new address following document need to be furnished:

  • Form 33 along with chassis print
  • NOC from the financer in case the vehicle is purchased on loan
  • Original RC Book
  • Vehicle insurance copy
  • PUC Certificate
  • Address proof
  • Change of address fee Rs. 20

How to Get Vehicle Insurance in Gujarat

There is no dearth of vehicles in the country. Considering the prolific growth of the motor industrial sector, the manufacturers still manage to stay in the top of the list. While the old generations had to stick with a handful of models, the thousands of choices available these days have made it confusing for the current generation.

‘Insurance’ is a familiar term though not everyone feels the urge for insuring his/her vehicle with a vehicle insurance policy. Vehicle insurance is a saviour in case of road-related contingencies or accidental emergencies, which can make someone broke financially. Purchasing a bike or car insurance is a necessary burden that none can avoid as in India it is mandatory. And, it is no exception for the vehicles plying in the roads of Gujarat.

Gujarat has been growing as a commercial and industrial hub. The upshot of liberalization has strengthened the economy of the state with productive contributions from other sectors including trade, IT and construction. People start earning more and prefer living a luxurious life. This fuels up the number of cars and luxury bikes in the city and so the road accidents.

In this regard, having vehicle insurance is imperative which covers the insured by offering

  • Third Party Liability Cover
  • Own Damage Cover
  • Personal Accident Cover for the owner-driver, driver and passengers.

Things to Consider While Buying Vehicle Insurance in Gujarat

As per the data of Gujarat Transport Department, 19,081 road accidents have claimed around 7,289 lives in Gujarat in the year 2017. The alarming rate of road accidents has made bike or car insurance a must buy. However, before zeroing on a plan the insurance seeker must consider a few things to make the buying experience a constructive one:

  • Do a Little Home Work (Research)

Listing down the top insurance providers in Gujarat is the foremost task. This way the insurance seeker can know about the different plans and benefits offered. In line with this, the online comparison is a must where different plans can be compared in a single platform on the basis of coverage, premium, claim settlement ratio etc. all these information is readily available online will help one to come to a final decision.

  • Is the Coverage Enough?

Sum of coverage is one of the main aspects to consider at the time of buying a plan. Most of the insurance companies offer cover up to INR 5 lakh while some others may offer up to INR 10 lakh. However, one must consider his/her insurance requirements at the time of short-listing a plan.

  • Don’t Only Consider Premium

Cheapest is not always the best. It makes no sense of having a plan with a limited cover though it comes with a nominal cost.

  • Final Take

As we already have mentioned, with the growing population, the car insurance sector in Gujarat is seeing a considerable boom. Some of the insurers have made it to the top list by introducing the cost-effective and innovative product. One just needs to do a little research and compare the insurers. Apart from buying and renewing policies online, one can avail certain add-on benefits like 24x7 roadside assistance, online claim registration and

RTO Gujarat FAQs

Do I need to produce a medical certificate to avail a learner’s certificate?

An applicant under the age of 50 years doesn’t require to provide a medical certificate. However, individuals over the age 50 years must produce a medical certificate to acquire a learner’s certificate.

What are the suggested fees to apply for a Driving License a fresh?

The applicable fees for applying a DL is: • Driving License Smart Card: Rs. 200 • For Driving Test: Rs. 50

How long a driving license is valid for?

For a non-transport vehicle, DL is valid for 20 years from the date of issuing or the vehicle owner attains the age of 50 years. Once the validity expires, the DL is renewable for 5 years. In case of transport vehicle, the DL is valid for three years from the issuing date.

After are the documents required to avail an international DL?

The various zonal offices issue international DLs for the period of one year. The applicant is required to get the DL from the country he/she is travelling to within one year. The documents need to be furnished to avail international DL are: • Photocopy of relevant driving license • Copy of valid flight ticket • Copy of valid passport • Valid Visa • Application fee Rs. 500 • 5 passport sized photographs

What is the procedure of registering a vehicle bought from a state other than Gujarat?

In case you have bought a vehicle from another state, the transfer of ownership needs to be filled within 30 days of the purchase. You will need to pay motor vehicle tax as well before plying the vehicle on the roads of Gujarat. To initiate the process- • Visit the RTO Gujarat office along with the original RC Book, insurance copy and Emission Testing Certificate. • Approach the help desk to connect to the concerned officer • He/she will guide you over the process, forms to be filled, tax and related fees to be paid • The road tax will be decided basis on the vehicle age and cubic capacity as on the date of migration.

Do I need a NOC to pay the road tax?

No, NOC will not require for paying taxes.

In case of address change, should the vehicle be produced for inspection?

Yes, if you want to update a new address on the RC Book, vehicle inspection is mandatory and it should be produced to RTO Gujarat office.

In what circumstance, a vehicle fitness certificate gets cancelled?

If your vehicle is not fit to ply on the roads, your vehicle fitness certificate will be cancelled even if your fitness certificate is valid. You need to maintain the fitness of your vehicle in a safe and sound condition throughout the year.

What if my vehicle meets with an accident after the expiry of my vehicle insurance?

As you already know, driving a vehicle without an insurance is an offense and liable for penalty as per the law. Moreover, you insurer will not cover you for the expenses incurred in repairing for the damages. That means, driving without an insurance policy comes with a huge cost.

What is the minimum eligibility to avail a permit?

Every registered owner of transport vehicle can avail permit. However, this is subject to government notification.

What are the penalties applicable for violation of permit conditions?

State Transport Authority (STA) takes necessary actions against the violators under Section 86 of Motor Vehicles Act by cancelling or suspension of permits.