RTO Uttarakhand

The Transport Department of Uttarakhand or RTO Uttarakhand functions under the provisions of Section 133 A of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1939. The department is headed by the Transport Commissioner to carrying out the enforcement of the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The main responsibilities of the department include-registration of vehicles, issuance of DL, issuance of national permits etc.

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Functions of Uttarakhand RTO

The various functions of Uttarakhand RTO include:

  • Issuance of learner license/ permanent license/ duplicate license and renewal of license
  • Registration of private and commercial vehicles/ renewal of RC/ issuing duplicate RC/ initiating transfer of ownership/endorsement and change of address in RC/ issuing No Objection certificate etc.
  • Issuance of national permits to commercial vehicles
  • Renewal of permits and issuance of duplicate permits
  • Collection of road taxes
  • Issuance of fitness certificate/temporary fitness certificate
  • Levying penalties
  • Implementation of road safety measure sand pollution control measures

List of RTOs in Uttarakhand

There are 20 RTOs actively functioning in the different cities of Uttarakhand. The list of RTOs is attached below:

S No. RTO Name RTO Code RTO Location
1 RTO Almora UK 01 Almora
2 Bageshwar UK 02 Bageshwar
3 Champawat UK 03 Champawat
4 Nanital UK 04 Nanital
5 Pithoragarh UK 05 Pithoragarh
6 Udham Singh Nagar UK 06 Udham Singh Nagar
7 Dehradun UK 07 Dehradun
8 Haridwar UK 08 Haridwar
9 Tehri UK 09 Tehri
10 Uttarkashi UK 10 Uttarkashi
11 Chamoli UK 11 Chamoli
12 Pauri UK 12 Pauri
13 Rudraprayag UK 13 Rudraprayag
14 Rishikesh UK 14 Rishikesh
15 Kotdwar UK 15 Kotdwar
16 Vikasnagar UK 16 Vikasnagar
17 Roorkee UK 17 Roorkee
18 Kashipur UK 18 Kashipur
19 Ramnagar UK 19 Ramnagar
20 Ranikhet UK 20 Ranikhet

Registration of Vehicles in Uttarakhand

The state of Uttarakhand has made it mandatory for every vehicle to be registered with concerned city RTOs for successful enforcement of the provisions laid down in the MV Act 1988. One can register a vehicle either with temporary registration or with permanent registration. However, the temporary registration card is valid for a limited period of 7 days to a maximum of one month. So, avail permanent RC is essential to avoid penalties on road.

Process of Availing Temporary Registration in Uttarakhand

Availing temporary registration is easy and can be obtained at the time of purchasing the vehicle at the dealer’s point. The authorised dealers provide temporary RC through ‘Online Dealer Point Registration System’, where the application form and relevant documents are submitted by the vehicle owner. The dealer further submits the essentials to RTO Uttarakhand in order to avail approval. Upon receiving the documents and verification, the Registering Authority allots the RC number for a limited period.

Availing Permanent Registration Certificate in Uttarakhand

As per the prevailing rules in Uttarakhand, a vehicle has to be registered with RTO Uttarakhand within 7 days of purchase. The process can be initiated by filing an application and submit along with the following documents. A vehicle inspection is done at the RTO point and after verification of every document, the Registering Authority offers the available options of RC number. One can also apply for a fancy number at an additional cost. The registration card can be availed as Smart Card, which contains information such as Registration number, registration date, chassis number, model of the vehicle etc.

Documents Required

The below documents are to be submitted to complete the application process:

  • Form 20/application for permanent RC
  • Form 21/Sales Certificate from the dealer
  • Form 22 issued by the manufacturer
  • Insurance certificate of the vehicle
  • Address proof of the owner
  • Temporary registration, if any
  • Form-A under Taxation Act, 1997
  • Applicable fees specified in Rule 81
  • Passport size photographs of the owner
  • Custom clearance bill along with the license and bond, if it is an imported vehicle

How to Renew RC in Uttarakhand

Timely renewal of Registration Card is important as it helps one to avoid penalties. A registration card is valid for 15 years only and after that, it has to be renewed. A vehicle owner can renew the RC for another 5 years if it is expired. To renew the RC, an application shall be made in Form no 25 and submit to the RTO Uttarakhand along with the supporting documents.

The application has to be submitted along with the following documents:

  • Form 25
  • Registration certificate
  • Insurance certificate
  • Pollution Under Control certificate
  • Fees payment receipt
  • Any address proof of the owner

For Availing Duplicate RC in Uttarakhand:

As one can’t afford driving without or with an invalid RC, applying for duplicate RC is essential if it is lost or owner has misplaced it. A duplicate RC can be availed by making an application Form no. 26 and submitting to the RTO Uttarakhand. The below documents are also required to complete the process:

  • Form 26/application for duplicate RC
  • Insurance document of the vehicle
  • Applicable fee for avail duplicate RC
  • Police FIR
  • An affidavit saying that the RC is lost and impounded

For the Transfer of the Ownership of Motor vehicle:

Transfer of vehicle owner is essential in case a vehicle is sold or bought from a state other than Uttarakhand. In order to transfer the ownership, an application shall be made in Form 29 and 30 and submit along with the relevant documents:

  • Form 29 and 30
  • Registration certificate
  • Insurance certificate
  • NOC from the concerned RTO, if registered outside Uttarakhand
  • An applicable fee as per Rule-81 of MV Act
  • Passport size photograph of Purchaser and Seller
  • Paid road tax receipt

Transfer of ownership in case of death:

In case the transfer of ownership initiated in case of the death of the first owner, the same needs to be intimated to RTO Uttarakhand by the person willing to take the ownership. The application shall be made and submit along with the below documents:

  • Form 31/application for transfer of ownership
  • Death certificate in relation to the registered owner
  • Certificate of the registration and the insurance
  • Proof of succession
  • Passport size photograph
  • Verification of vehicle in Form 20

How to Change Address in RC in Uttarakhand?

Change in address needs to be updated in the Registration Certificate without a fail. To update a new address in the RC Book, one has to fill an application and submit along with the relevant documents to the RTO Uttarakhand.

The application has to be submitted along with the below documents.

  • Form 33
  • Insurance certificate
  • Registration certificate of the vehicle
  • Pollution Under Control certificate
  • Applicable fee
  • Address proof of the owner
  • NOC from the financer in case the vehicle is bought on loan

How to Avail Vehicle Insurance in Uttarakhand

Availing motor insurance in Uttarakhand can be easy if approaching in a proper way. Vehicle insurance is essential to offer the optimum protection to the prized possession. An insurance cover protects the vehicle against unfortunate event, damages and mitigates those unplanned expenses on the insured. One can buy either online or offline to insure a vehicle. Online insurance comes with online comparison, which enables a person to compare various plans and buy. This way one will know the premiums of different plans, coverage, and features of four-wheeler insurance policies offered by different insurers.

RTO Uttarakhand FAQs

Q. How important it is to register a vehicle in Uttarakhand?

A: It is essential to register a vehicle before plying on the roads of Uttarakhand, as per the provision of section 39 of Motor Vehicle Act 1988. Registration can be done either temporary or permanent basis by approaching RTO Uttarakhand.

How to re-registration a vehicle if bought from another state?

A: In case a vehicle is bought from another state, it is required to be re-register with the RTO Uttarakhand d again by following a proper registration process and submitting an application with relevant documents such as:

  • Other state registration certificate in original
  • Form 28 (NOC in duplicate)
  • Form 27
  • Form 20
  • Attested copy of address proof
  • Attested copy of valid insurance
  • Attested copy of pollution under control certificate
  • Fitness certificate in case of the commercial vehicles only
  • Road tax (as applicable)
  • Re-registration fee
  • PAN Card or Form 60 & 61(as applicable)

Q. What is the procedure of re-register a private vehicle?

A: A private vehicle needs to be re-registered as the first registration expires after 15 years. The vehicle owner has to produce the vehicle for inspection to the Registering Authority and apply for renewing the registration card. An application has to be made and submit along with the below documents.

  • Form 25
  • Original Registration certificate
  • Paid road tax proof
  • Attested copy of the insurance certificate
  • Attested copy of pollution under control certificate
  • Payment of tax dues if any
  • Prescribed fee
  • Attested Copy of PAN card or Form 60 & 61 (as applicable)

Q. What is the minimum eligibility to avail DL in Uttarakhand?

A: The applicant must be at least 16 years old. Parent’s or guardian’s consent is also required if he/she is less than 18 years old.