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Coronavirus – Saudi Arabia Travel Advice

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest among the six states that come under Gulf Arab. It has recorded 6,370 deaths and more than 367,800 cases till January 2021, which is the highest in the region. The country saw daily infections as 4,000 in June 2020, which fall below the mark of 100 in early January.

These Gulf countries, which are known for their oil production, had lifted the restrictions related to coronavirus except mask-wearing at public places and social distancing. People have started traveling to and from these countries. However, one must avoid all travels to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as travel can increase the chances of spreading and getting COVID-19. But for any reason if one must have to travel to Saudi Arabia, he/she has to have a international travel insurance policy and follow travel advice:

Saudi Arabia Travel Advice

Staying home is the best way of protecting oneself and others from coronavirus. Bus stands, airports, train stations, and others are places where travellers can be exposed to coronavirus. These are also the spots where it is hard to follow social distancing. However, if one has to travel to Saudi Arabia, he/she must take precautionary measures before, during, and after travel to keep oneself and others from getting coronavirus infection.

Before Travelling to Saudi Arabia

Travelers must avoid all travels to Saudi Arabia. However, if he/she must have to travel to this country, then:

  • He/she should talk to his/her doctor before the travel and especially when he/she is at an increased risk of encountering severe illness due to coronavirus.
  • He/she must get tested with COVID-19 one to three days before the trip. One must keep a copy of his/her COVID-19 test results with him/her during the travel.
  • One must not travel if his/her test result is positive for the virus. In such a case, one should isolate oneself instantly, and follow all the public health recommendations.
  • If one is traveling by air, check if his/her airline needs any information related to his/her health, travel insurance, test results, etc.
  • If one has travelled to the countries where the new strain of COVID-19 has spread, then he/she may have to spend fourteen days outside of Saudi Arabia.

During Travel
If one is traveling to Saudi Arabia, he/she must take the following precautions to protect oneself and others from coronavirus:

  • One must stay at least six feet or two meters (approximately two arm lengths) from anyone who is not traveling. This precaution must be followed everywhere inside and outside both.
  • To keep mouth and nose covered, one must wear a mask especially when he/she is in shared places such as while on public transport.
  • One should wash his/her hands often or use a hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol.
  • One must avoid any kind of contact with anyone who is sick.
  • One should not travel when he/she is not feeling well.
  • One must avoid touching his/her nose, eyes, and mouth.

Upon Arrival at Saudi Arabia

On arrival at Saudi Arabia, one must have to:

  • Complete and sign a form for Health Disclaimer and he/she must register and download the Tawakkalna and Tatamman Applications.
  • At the airport, the temperature can be taken and those who have a body temperature of more than 38 degrees may not be permitted to travel.

After Traveling to Saudi Arabia

After traveling to Saudi Arabia, one can be exposed to the Coronavirus. In such a situation one may feel good and may not have any symptoms. However, he/she can be contagious even without any symptoms and can spread coronavirus to others. So, to avoid this, one must follow the below precautions after traveling to Saudi Arabia and protect others from getting sick:

  • One must get him/herself tested for the virus at least three to five days after the trip and stay at home for at least seven days after traveling.
  • Even if one’s test comes out as negative, he/she must stay at home for at least seven days after travel.
  • If the test comes positive for coronavirus, he/she must isolate oneself to protect others from getting infected.
  • If one does not go for a coronavirus test, then also he/she must stay home for ten days after traveling to Saudi Arabia.
  • Avoid being with the people who are at increased risk for severe disease/ illness for 14 days, whether one has tested or not.
  • One should follow local and state laws and recommendations related to travel.
  • One must take the following precautions to protect other people from getting sick:
    • One should stay away at least six feet or two meters from everyone in the family who has not travelled with him/her.
    • One should wear a mask and ask his/her family members to wear it when sharing spaces even inside the home.

Other Conditions

If one falls sick with coronavirus infection or tested positive for it while in Saudi Arabia, he/she may not get permission to return to his/her country until he/she has completed his/her isolation. In addition to this, if one thinks that he/she has been exposed to someone with coronavirus during travel, he/she must quarantine for 14 days.

The Final Words!

One must follow all the restrictions like wearing a mask at public places and maintaining social distance. This is because the government of Saudi Arabia mandates these restrictions. However, if one breaches these restrictions, he/she may attract punishment. One must avoid traveling and stay at home, but if he/she has to due to any reason, he/she should follow all the required safety measures.

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