COVID-19 Pandemic: Dos and Don’ts for Your Next Trip

With the outbreak of coronavirus, global travel nearly came to a halt with air travel getting cancelled, countries closing their borders, and hotels temporarily shutting down. Despite the recent COVID-19 wave, domestic and international travel seems to be picking up again. So, if you are planning to travel during the pandemic, here are a few travel dos and don'ts that you can follow for a safe yet memorable trip.

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    Now covers COVID-19

    Travelling in a Pandemic 

    The travel industry massively got hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to several lockdowns, there has been a steep decline in international travel. The pandemic has forced us to take increased safety measures while travelling.

    Besides, travelling without an RT-PCR test or a vaccination certificate is prohibited, especially for going abroad. Moreover, you always need to wear a mask while travelling, keep your hands sanitized, and maintain social distance in public places. 

    While travel is yet not fully open, there are several measures that you must take to travel with utmost precaution during the pandemic. Before heading out, we recommend you to examine the current COVID-19 status in the area where you reside, check travel restrictions of the destination, book flights and hotels in advance, and buy international travel insurance or domestic travel insurance policy as per your travel requirements. 

    Do's for Travelling in a Pandemic 

    When the tourist destinations finally opened after the long span of initial lockdown, they witnessed the influx of a massive crowd. People carelessly holidayed at these destinations places without ensuring COVID appropriate behaviour, which is what led to the spread of coronavirus again. Thus, it is advisable to strictly follow COVID-19 protocols and keep yourself safe during the whole journey. Below are some dos which you must keep in mind while travelling in a pandemic-

    1. Maintain Hygiene

    It is utterly important to practice hygiene habits while travelling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Even small habits like washing your hands properly, trimming long nails, and covering your nose & mouth while sneezing or coughing can make a big difference in keeping you safe.  

    2. Practice Social Distancing in Public Places 

    The coronavirus spreads through an infected person, usually, when they breathe, talk, coughs, or sneezes. Also, infected people may not show symptoms of this disease initially. Therefore, it is advisable to keep at least 6 feet distance from other people when travelling in public places, especially for people who have low immunity or pre-existing medical conditions. 

    3. Get Yourself Vaccinated

    Get yourself fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at least 4 weeks before planning a trip. Vaccination protects you against COVID-19 and reduces the chances of contracting the coronavirus. Therefore, get both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as early as possible to travel stress-free. Moreover, to avoid paying for any medical emergency in a foreign land, buy travel medical insurance, which also covers the COVID-19 disease.

    4. Carry Your Essentials While Travelling

    Other than taking precautions, it is important to carry your essentials during the pandemic. Also, make sure you carry those COVID-19 necessities that are highly advised by health experts. You can carry essentials, like a couple of face masks, hand sanitizer, alcohol-based tissue wipes, phone sanitizer, essential gadgets such as a power bank, laptop, tablet, charger, and smart toiletries like toothbrush, towel, & pair of slippers, etc.

    5. Sanitize Your Baggage and Other Items 

    Do you properly disinfect your luggage after travelling on public transport? If not, then you are at a greater risk of getting infected. The coronavirus can spread from anything, even if you are strictly taking all safety precautions, such as sanitizing or cleaning your airplane seat, seat belt, tray table, and overhead vent with a disinfectant cloth. Hence, it is good to sanitize your baggage and other items when you get off the plane or any other public transport.

    6. Stay Healthy

    Stay physically active, eat healthy food and keep yourself hydrated during the pandemic. Do 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity daily and 15-20 minutes of a brisk walk. Also, drink adequate water instead of added-sugar beverages and alcohol. Eat a balanced diet full of healthy calories, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. 

    Don'ts for Travelling in a Pandemic

    1. Avoid Touching Your Face

    Most people have a habit of touching their faces often. Research has shown that we are particularly prone to get infected from COVID-19 by touching our mouth, nose, and eyes. That is why avoid touching your face unnecessarily to reduce getting infected with the novel coronavirus.

    2. Avoid Stepping Out Without a Face Mask

    Wearing face masks is advised as part of personal hygiene and as a public health measure to control the spread of coronavirus disease. Wear a well-fitted N95 or surgical mask to avoid coming in direct contact with the virus. Also, clean your hands regularly, maintain social distancing and cover your face with a handkerchief while sneezing and coughing.

    3. Do Not Ignore Government Guidelines for the Public

    Adhere to government health and safety regulations regarding COVID-19. Plan a trip to a place only if it has the COVID-19 situation is under control and read the government guidelines carefully before leaving your country. Moreover, if you are travelling abroad, rely on the official sources for information instead of believing everything you read on social media or forwarded messages.

    4. Avoid Touching Open Surfaces in Public Places 

    You have now understood the basics like wearing your mask, avoiding crowds, and washing your hands properly. But when you travel, avoid touching potentially contaminated surfaces like elevator buttons, public taps, railings, doorknobs, billing counters, shopping carts, etc. In case you touch it, sanitize your hands properly. 

    5. Do Not Assume That You Are Immune to COVID-19 

    There is currently no evidence that someone who has recovered from COVID-19 or is fully vaccinated will not get infected again. So, do not assume that you are immune to COVID-19 in either case.

    If you fall sick in another city, seek medical help and quarantine yourself when you test positive. It is also advisable to buy travel medical insurance to cover all your incurred medical expenses in case you are hospitalized due to COVID-19 in a foreign land.


    If you plan to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, you must take the above precautions to stay safe and enjoy your journey without any worries.

    Keep all your essentials disinfected, check your body temperature daily, and practice contactless check-in at public transport to create a healthy and safe surrounding for you while travelling domestic or international.

    Do not forget to buy overseas or domestic travel insurance as per your destination.

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