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France Is Planning to Lift Restrictions for Vaccinated Travelers in May 2021

Want to go to the sprawling vineyards of France or its sparkling cities or its beautiful towns after a year of without travel? You can rejoice all this, if you are vaccinated said the French president, Emmanuel Macron, in an interview aired on CBS News ‘Face of the Nation’ Sunday morning.

Emmanuel Macron said that France is finalizing its plans to lift restrictions on E.U. travelers and those who want to travel from the U.S. within the coming few weeks.

He revealed that the ministers of France are finalizing their technical discussions on how to begin restrictions lifting and for the same, these officials are working to create a system that will enable vaccinated Europe, French, and as well the citizens of America to travel freely in the coming summer. Therefore, the citizens of these countries who want to travel to France have to mandatorily provide either a negative PCR report or vaccination certificate. As an optional safeguard, they can as well carry a travel health insurance policy with them.

Macron further stated that France will progressively erase the restrictions from the starting of May. They are working hard to offer a very concrete solution especially for the citizens of the United States, who got the vaccine. So, this is will be a special pass. He said that officials are presently making a vaccine or/and testing certificate for helping to facilitate travel between various European nations. With this, he was signaling that France would rely on some variant of so-called 'Vaccine Passport' for foreign travel.

He explained that the main idea altogether is to control virus spread and maximize the vaccination and then progressively remove the restrictions.

Currently, France itself is facing another wave of coronavirus infection and it is in its third lockdown since this pandemic began last year. In his address to the nation in March-end, Macron mentioned this latest variant of coronavirus, which is even more transmissible than the previous strain and he called this an epidemic within an epidemic.

The most recent requirement of France of the current time is, to get its residents vaccinated, however, Macron said that the vaccine production of Europe has accelerated and the efforts of immunization have gained momentum. Therefore, France must now hopefully be on track to meet its vaccination targets.

As per him, this erasing of travel restrictions is basically for the citizens of the US who are vaccinated and hence have a special pass. Therefore, on one hand, where vaccination certificate or negative COVID -19 test report would be a necessity to enter France, the other hand, international travel insurance policy would be an option to safeguard yourself from various travel-related issues including health problems while traveling to France.

Macron further stated that he had spoken with the White House about their potential plans to lift some restrictions on travel between the US and France. Even though such talks are still in their initial stage.

European and French officials are in their final stage to develop a European certificate for a vaccine that will allow people to present it as proof of vaccination and then travel to their continent as per the French president.

The administration of Biden has, again and again, said that the federal government would not implement any federal tracking system for vaccination to certify whether the person has been vaccinated or not.

A secretary of the White House on 6th April said that the government neither now or in the future would be supporting a system that needs Americans for carrying a credential. This is because such tools would be considered by the non-profit or private sectors as the interest of the government is very simple, which is the rights and privacy of Americans has to be protected so that such systems would not be used unfairly against people. He further stated.

Some private sector companies such as travel cruise lines have shown interest to mandate 'vaccine passports' for their customers before they participate in some trips. Other institutes such as some major retail employers as well as universities and colleges have also begun to mandate vaccines for the citizens of America to return to schools and work.

Meanwhile, as Macron speaks about lifting restrictions on the US and European visitors, France is also planning to impose tougher restrictions on entry on the visitors from four countries. Presently, the countries that are on this list are Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and Chile, but the number of the countries in this list may increase as per the foreign minister of France. As per these restrictions, quarantine of 10- days will be mandatory along with police checks to make sure the visitors from these countries are safe to enter France.

Along with the requirements of self-isolation, travellers have to provide a negative test report of PCR that is taken within less than 36 hours, instead of 72 hours before boarding, or a negative antigen test report that is not older than 24 hours.

The Final Words!

So, by imposing more strict restrictions on the travelers from the aforementioned four countries where the spread of coronavirus is wide, France will lift the restrictions on the travelers of the European Union and the U.S. However, even these travelers have to provide a ‘vaccination passport’ or a negative coronavirus report upon arrival to France. In this way, they will get entry with a mandatory special pass and optional online travel insurance policy.

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