Travel Insurance

Domestic Travel Insurance Plans

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Location won’t decide the existence of risks one can have while travelling. Whether you are travelling abroad or within your country, uncertainties can lead you anywhere. Travelling nearby your home can also be as risky as travelling abroad. So why don’t get a security cover for a domestic trip as well.

Domestic travel insurance protects you from the possible calamities which can happen even if you are close to your home. These calamities can crush your budget anywhere anytime which will make you regret for not taking the insurance.

Here are some remarkable benefits of taking domestic travel insurance:

  • You will be reimbursed in case you lost your baggage, important documents, money or any personal belongings & valuables.
  • Medical costs if you get injured or met with an accident will be covered in this insurance.
  • In case you change your mind or because of any other acceptable reason, you need to cancel or delay the trip then also you will be reimbursed with hotel & flight cancellation charges.
  • 24-hour helpline will be offered to you as a support & adviser to help you cope up with the emergencies.
  • You will get an emergency evacuation cover under which will bring you back to home if you have met with an accident while travelling.      

All these benefits make this insurance worthwhile as these save you from the possible monetary losses. This insurance will make you and your loved ones sheltered to make the trips more joyful and secure. So, get ready to travel being protected even if you are close to your home.