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You Must Know These 10 Exclusions in Domestic Travel Insurance

Travelling is an indispensable part of our lives. Our childhood has been marked with memories of visiting our relatives in another city. We all use to eagerly wait for our summer and winter holidays when our parents use to take us to visit a new city. The millennial generation today believes in saving their leaves and money to explore a new place. In fact, travel bloggers and travel writers are a thing today. Amidst all the excitement of undertaking a trip, it is also important not to forget buying a travel insurance policy for your trip. A travel insurance policy will protect you from any unforeseen medical or non-medical emergencies that can lead to any financial losses. Although a lot of people opt for a foreign travel insurance policy for their international trip, domestic travel insurance is still relatively uncommon in India.

Many insurance companies in India offer airline insurance policies for people travelling within the country. Such policies offer baggage insurance along with coverage for expenses such as trip cancellation, medical emergencies, personal accident cover, flight delay, etc. to the insured traveller. While domestic travel insurance policies cover you for a variety of risks, there are also certain situations that are not included. Before you purchase travel insurance policy online for your domestic trip, you should be aware of its exclusions. 

Here is a list of the 10 most common exclusions found under a domestic travel insurance policy:

Hospitalization Due to Illness

Hectic travel schedules often have an impact on the traveller’s health. People often get ill due to exertion or lack of sleep during travelling. Besides, if you are travelling to another city or town, you end up putting yourself under the risk of contracting a disease prevalent in the area. Any medical expenses or hospitalization expenses incurred due to such illness will not be covered under your domestic travel insurance policy. Only hospitalization due to accidental injuries is covered under travel insurance policies for travelling within India.

Pre Existing Illness

A lot of people suffer from a long-term illness or lifestyle diseases such as cancer, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, etc. There is always a chance of worsening health conditions while travelling. In case your health worsens during a trip within India and you are required to visit a doctor or a hospital, your domestic travel insurance will not cover such expenses for you. You should instead rely on your health insurance policy to cover any expenses incurred on pre-existing diseases.

Participation in Adventure Sports Activity

The whole purpose of going for a vacation is enjoyment. Many people seek enjoyment by participating in adventure sports activities such as bungee jumping, scuba diving, mountain climbing, etc when they are out on a holiday. But if you get injured while taking part in such activities, your domestic travel insurance will not cover the medical expenses involved. Any claims related to participation in life-threatening activities are excluded under this kind of travel insurance.

Engaging in an Unlawful Activity

Your domestic travel insurance policy will not cover you for any claims arising out of involvement in illegal activity. For instance, if you get arrested for breaking the law while on your domestic trip, your travel insurance company will reject your claims and you will have to bear the losses on your own.

Accidents during Pilot/ Crew Member Training

Members of the airline staff, including the pilots and crew members, will not be covered under a domestic travel insurance policy if they meet with an accident during training or performing their duties. Any claims arising out of such situations will be rejected by your travel insurance provider.

Travelling against Doctor’s Advice

There are instances when people look over their doctor’s advice about travelling outstation or travelling at all. The exertion caused due to travelling against your doctor’s advice can lead to deterioration of your health. In case you get unwell while travelling even though your doctor had advised against it, your domestic travel insurer will not cover any medical or hospitalization expenses arising out of it.

Non-Medical Expenses

A health condition or injury may also involve incurring certain non-medical expenditures such as the cost of crutches, spectacles, etc. Any sort of non-medical expenses that you may incur during your travel within India will not be covered under your domestic travel insurance policy.

Use of Intoxicants

Many people take holidays as the official time to consume intoxicants. Consumption of alcohol is quite common among youths while they are vacationing. Drugs are also commonly consumed when people are travelling. If in case you register a claim relating to an emergency that was caused while you were intoxicated, your travel insurer will deny the claim. This is because any expenses incurred on the treatment of an injury or loss suffered under the influence of intoxicants is not covered under a domestic travel insurance policy.

Self-Inflicted Injury

In case of an unfortunate incident where you end up hurting yourself, your travel insurance company will not cover the expenses. This is because any treatment expenses incurred on self-inflicted injuries including suicide and an attempt to suicide is not covered under a travel insurance policy.

War-like Scenario

Anything can happen anytime. In case you travel to a city where there has been a war-like situation or civil unrest, then your travel insurance provider will not cover any claim arising out of it. In fact, any claim resulting out of terrorist activity or nuclear explosion will not be covered under your travel insurance policy.

A domestic travel insurance policy covers a bounty full of coverage including baggage insurance, just like a foreign travel insurance policy. However, these were some off the most common exclusions that you may find in every travel policy that covers domestic travels. Make sure you check for these exclusions before you purchase travel insurance online.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.