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A Complete Guide to Family Travel Insurance Plans

Be it an official trip or a family trip, travel never fails to thrill you. It provides you with relaxation time. The government of every country is trying its best to make travel more convenient and comfortable for its people. New advancements and technologies are being introduced now and then to make travelling faster and cheaper. With all the advancements, risks can be reduced but cannot be prevented. While travelling, if you get to face medical emergencies or unavoidable situations where you have lost your luggage, travel insurance can help you throughout. A good family travel insurance policy can protect you and your family against such travel related risks.

Know Everything about Family Travel Insurance Plans

When a family is travelling, family travel insurance policy will provide them protection against risks during their trip. Family travel insurance generally covers a family having two or more adults and four dependents (children).

Perks of having a Family Travel Insurance Policy

  • If you have a complete family travel insurance policy, then you don’t have to worry about arranging insurance policy for each and every member of your family individually.
  • In a family travel insurance policy, single premium is payable whereas, all the family members share the sum assured. Moreover, the premium you will pay for your family travel insurance policy will be lesser than normal travel insurance plans.
  • The most celebrated benefit of family travel insurance is that you can customize the policy as per your family’s requirements. The travel insurance scheme can be selected for a period of single trip, multi-trip or as a year-round scheme.

Family Travel Insurance Plans

Coverage Provided by Family Travel Insurance Plans

  • Accidental bodily injury while travelling
  • If you meet with an accident while travelling, all the medical expenses will be covered.
  • The cost incurred due to urgent situation of medical evacuation to India.
  • If an airline carrier loses your baggage, then all the expenses incurred will be covered.
  • The expenses incurred due to loss of passport will be covered.
  • The insurance will also cover you against burglary in your home when you are travelling overseas.
  • If you are travelling overseas, your travel insurance policy will provide you coverage against house-breaking.
  • The allowance is provided if your airplane gets hijacked.
  • In case, you lose your money during your trip due to a theft, then the emergency fund will be provided to you.

Above given points are generic, for a complete clarification for coverage, you can consult your insurance policy provider regarding all the terms and conditions.

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Exclusions in a Family Travel Insurance

  • Any pre-existing medical condition will not be covered if it is not life threatening.
  • You will not be provided with coverage against expenses incurred because of situations like anxiety, suicide, venereal diseases, HIV-AIDS and mental disorders.
  • Damage caused due to war or nuclear threat.
  • You will not be provided with the coverage if you lose your baggage and you don’t report to a local police station about it.

These exclusions are generic, for further clarifications you can discuss with your insurance provider.

Comparing Different Family Travel Insurance Schemes

Choosing a perfect insurance plan from an entire range of insurance plans available in the market can be a challenging task. Keeping following factors in mind can make your work easier.

  • Number of days decides the premium of your policy. If you are planning to travel for 15 days, then you need to compare different insurance policies offering you lowest premium rates.
  • The premium of your policy is also based on the type of travel. Depending on the type of trip, you should compare between the policies and select the perfect one for you.
  • Another major factor that decides the premium is your travel destination. Different premium rates are charged for different destinations. You should compare between different policies according to your needs.

Travel Insurance Claim

  • If you meet with any emergency, call your insurance provider as soon as possible.
  • You will receive a claim form through fax or an email. You will also get assistance from your insurance provider regarding the further assistance and information about all the documents that will be required.
  • You will be required to forward all the supporting documents by mail or fax.
  • You will be asked to send all the required documents through fax or email. After the surveyor approves all your documents, your claims will stand approved.
  • Never risk your family’s happiness - avail a family travel insurance plan to protect your family against unforeseen events.


Technology and advancements can only lower your risks, but insurance will provide you strength and support to face all those risks. A family travel insurance plan offers you tension free travelling.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.