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How Trip Cancellation Affects Your Travel Insurance

It is important to get all risks covered while travelling abroad for vacation or business purposes. Imagine this: you are all geared up for your holiday abroad. You have done the required shopping, built your itinerary, packed your bags, and made all the reservations. A few days before the trip, the destination you were flying is struck by a natural calamity. Everything comes to a standstill. Chances are bleak that you would go there as per schedule. The question is, what now? The efforts, the time and all the money which went into planning the tour, booking the hotel, reserving the seats and buying tickets are wasting away in front of you. They are certainly of no use. Imagine how heart-wrenching it would be. At one second you were feeling all secured and then suddenly your trip gets delayed, or worse, cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance. What now? Unless you had a travel insurance cover for this trip, all your money just went down the drain. Here is where overseas travel insurance would have saved you.

Read on to understand more about it.

Why is overseas travel insurance important?

Anyone planning to travel overseas is eligible to buy a travel insurance policy. It ensures security against any unanticipated or startling circumstance that may arise before or during the trip, such as flight delay/cancellation, lost baggage, medical emergency, trip delay and also trip cancellation.

The coverage depends on the insurance company you are opting for; hence it is imperative that you scrutinize the policy documents and clauses to know what all it covers. You can try Bajaj travel insurance for a hassle-free trip cancellation reimbursement. 

What is a free look period?

Once you purchase the policy, your insurance company will give you a certain time, known as free look period, to let you have a detailed overview of your insurance policy. It gives you time to understand the policy inclusions and exclusions and all the clauses in the coverage. This period is usually up to 10 days but varies over insurers.

Even if you have purchased the policy, free look period allows you to return it to your insurance company and get your money back. This is relevant only if you haven’t made any claim and are yet to travel.

This period also enables you to have an overview of the exclusions in the policy. You will know what all benefits are not covered under your overseas travel insurance plan. It is vital to look into it, at least once, to have a fair idea about what exactly you have signed up for. Go through all the information related to policy certificate, coverages, clauses, terms and conditions.

Cancellation of Your Trip

Based on the sum insured, your insurer will provide you with trip cancellation assistance. You must remember that this is valid only before the departure date. No doubt, a trip cancellation can lead to huge financial setbacks. It includes the cost of your entire package, including the travel tickets, hotel reservations, and any other activities for which you paid in advance. If you have overseas travel insurance, then most of these losses are covered under the policy.

In case of complete cancellation of the trip, your travel insurance company is liable to reimburse the premium amount paid by you, but can deduct some nominal charges.

Curtailment of Your Trip

More distressing than cancellation is a disruption during the trip. You set off on your trip and have to reduce it due to certain unforeseen circumstances. It can be due to any number of reasons like a medical emergency or critical illness, the sudden demise of a family member, natural calamity or bad weather conditions like cyclone or snowfall, or even a hijack or terrorist attack. For example, if you have taken Bajaj travel insurance, then Bajaj Allianz insurance company would take care of all your losses and damages in such situations. You would also be reimbursed for any other additional expenses like transport and the extra cost of going back home, but within the limit of your sum insured.

Do not keep any confusion

It’s quite natural that once you are through your policy documents, you might have some queries. Bajaj travel insurance and other insurers, offer their customers 24x7 travel assistance. You can easily connect with them to address all your queries.  If you can anticipate any such situation and want to clarify it, then they can help you with the same.  It will ensure that you feel financially secure while you are travelling abroad; knowing that your overseas travel insurance has got your back.


So for your next or upcoming international trip, do remember to purchase an overseas travel insurance policy from Bajaj travel insurance company or any other insurer that meets your travel concerns as it has become necessary to ward off any untoward incident like trip cancellation or curtailments.


Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.