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These 9 Important Things That Every Frequent Overseas Traveller Should Have

Travelling frequently to other cities and countries is not new. In the older days, going on family trips during school vacations was a regular affair. While those vacations were mostly limited to travelling within the country, more and more people can now be seen travelling abroad. In fact, people today undertake multiple overseas trips in a year, be it for business purposes or for the sheer love of travelling.

People who travel frequently should know how to travel smart. It will not only help them tackle difficult situations with ease but will also help save lots of money. Not to forget, travelling smart will let them enjoy and make the most of every moment of their foreign trip. If you too love to travel and go for foreign trips multiple times a year, you need to check out the following list of nine things that every frequent overseas traveller should have. Take a look:

International Travel Insurance

International travel insurance is hands down one of the most important things to carry on your overseas trip. An international travel insurance policy is a safety shield that will protect you from any unpredictable travel or medical emergency that you may encounter during your trip. It is more important for a frequent traveller to possess a valid international travel insurance policy because they are a greater risk of facing an eventuality than people who travel occasionally. In fact, frequent travellers should opt for multi-trip travel insurance as it offers insurance coverage for up to one year without the need of buying a new policy before each trip.

Keep Soft Copies of All Important Documents

It is extremely important for all frequent overseas traveller to keep soft copies of all their essential documents such as passport, visa, international travel insurance, credit card, etc. This is because you can easily lose your travel, identity or financial documents in an adverse situation. The probability of these documents getting damaged is also high in case something unpleasant happens. You can get stranded if you lose these documents in another country making it difficult for you to get back home. The best way is to keep soft copies of these documents on your email or in a pen drive so that you can access them from anywhere and at any point of time.

Power Bank/ Portable Charger

In today’s tech-savvy world, everything is possible at the touch of your phone. You no longer use your phone just for talking to other people or clicking photos. Right from making hotel and travel reservations to buying anything online, smartphones have made our lives easy and effortless. Imagine what will happen if your phone’s battery dies in the middle of your overseas trip? To ensure that your phone is available for use throughout your trip, you should have a power bank or portable charger. A power bank or portable charger can be used anywhere to charge your phone’s battery without worrying about the charging points. In short, it is the best gift that you can give to your phone.

Expandable Carry-On Bag

Possessing an expandable carry-on bag is indispensable for all frequent travellers. A carry-on bag is smaller in size and travel-friendly. You can carry it with you while boarding an international flight and store it in the overhead cabin above your seat in the aircraft. This way you will end up saving time that you would have otherwise spent in depositing your check-in baggage. However, you should ensure that your carry on baggage is expandable so that any extra luggage can be adjusted in it without the need of buying a new bag.

Travel Pillow

People who travel frequently are often subjected to lack of sleep. This is because constant travelling leads to fatigue and random flight timings disrupt their sleep cycle. The only ideal time that you can catch up on your sleep is during your flight which is rather uncomfortable. Sleeping during long flights in an uncomfortable position can give you a neck sprain. Here’s where a travel neck pillow comes to your rescue. A travel pillow offers the required support to your neck while travelling and allows you to sleep peacefully.

Wireless Earphones

Earphones are a must if you are frequently travelling overseas. During international flights, you are required to share the same roof (or aircraft, to be precise) with several people. Earphones are the best way to cut any unwanted sound such as crying babies or chats between fellow passengers. You can instead enjoy music or a movie of your own choice. However, make sure that you pick a wireless earphone as it is smaller in size and easier to carry.

Frequent Flyer Programme

Every airline has a frequent flyer or loyalty programme. These programme has been designed for people who use the same airline for travelling to different places. Such programmes offer discounts & special priveledges to such customers. If you frequently fly overseas via flights, get yourself enrolled in the frequent flyer programme of an airline that operates on international routes. You can get benefitted in the form of cheaper flight tickets, discounted food coupons, access to lounges, etc. if you are part of a frequent flyer programme.

Wrinkle-Free Work Wear

If you are a frequent business traveller, you would be mostly travelling on short notices. Being presentable at all times is paramount for you as you would have to attend business commitments like meetings, mergers and conferences. Since you won’t have much time to wait for laundry, we advise you to carry wrinkle-free clothes that don’t need any ironing. You can change into your workwear anytime and look presentable always. Also, make sure that your work shoes are comfortable so that you can continue wearing them even while travelling if required.

Medicines & First Aid Kit

An emergency comes unannounced. All you can do is stay prepared for any unforeseen situations, including medical emergencies. Even though your international travel insurance will cover your medical expenses, you should also carry a mini first aid kit. You can save precious time if you receive the necessary first aid treatment at the hour of need. Moreover, you should also have over the counter medicines and pain killers to give yourself relief in situations of minor medical sicknesses.

Here you go! You now know what are the must-carry things if you are a frequent international traveller. Make sure to carry all of these things before you start off your next international trip.

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