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Travel Insurance Claim Rejected - Why?

A huge number of travelers can talk about their incidence of claim rejection which they might have encountered once in their life.  Excited about the trip, people rush along with their bags packed and travel insurance designed as per their need. After reaching the destination, the person might fall sick or may be in need of some emergency evacuation.

When he/she returns back then he is handed a bill with too many zeros to pay. Now he knocks the door of the travel insurer. Did he get the return of the claim he filed? This climax situation can either have a yes or a no in reply. Hearing no is honestly very painful and the financial burden is sure to suck your happiness. Every year there are many travel insurance claims which get rejected because of some or the other reason.

Here are major reasons why the claims are denied, so cross check the following in order to have assured insurance benefits-

Claim generated for exclusions-

Claiming for things which are not included in the cover will never get your request approved. When applying for the insurance cover it is our duty to read carefully the inclusions and exclusion of the policy because at the end there is no use of giving excuses like “I did not read that”.  Also, we rush for very cheap plans which result in more number of exclusions. Hence, it is always advised to select a plan after analyzing its each aspect.

Missing bills –

At times we are not able to carry some bills and hence, don’t get reimbursed for the same. It is necessary to have all the receipts or bills from hospital which should state each and every medical service availed by you. Better to have all contact details of the doctors looking after you. This will save you from spending any penny extra.

New rules-

With every new year, insurers revise their terms and conditions. It is necessary to read the rules even if you are purchasing the policy from the insurer you always do. They are day by day tightening the qualifications which may include the variation in cover amount, premium rate etc.

Incorrect form filling-

When filling out the form, there could be any error from entering wrong data to missing out some unfilled boxes. Any such issue gives the insurer the right to reject the form. It is very important to provide genuine information specially related to your health. It is important to inform the insurer about any pre-existing illness or even the new medication dosage you are having.

It doesn’t matter if you are hospitalized for a different medical condition but you need to mention the true information on your form. The insurer has the all the right to cross check the information provided by you. In this process he can have a word with your doctor and if in case the data mismatches with the one provided by you, then you are not allowed for the reimbursement.

Insurer’s pre-approval-

When availing travel insurance, it is always better to contact the insured and get the possible information related to the pre-approved doctors or hospital. The assistance numbers are provided in advance. There might be chances when your claim might get denied just because of visiting some other clinic 

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.