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Difference between Single Trip and Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Everybody­ loves to travel, exploring one’s own homeland as well as foreign frontiers. Some travel once and some are quite frequent travelers. In order to have a pleasurable journey and keeping yourself far from worries, it is important to have travel insurance. Most of us don’t feel its need as we generally take things lightly but let’s understand its needs. Travel insurance is the cover provided against any mishappenings or unfortunate proceedings which might occur during the trip like – your flight gets cancelled, you miss your flight, you get ill during the trip or if you luggage is lost/damaged. Travel insurance is must for all irrespective of your profession. Whether you are a student, business traveller or leisure traveller, all need to have this insurance.

It is further categorized according to the frequency of traveling into two types-

Single Trip Insurance

Single trip insurance provides a cover for a period of around 180 days (solely depends on the insurer). The cover actually commences from the time you board the flight from India for international trip till the date you return back to India, or, with the end of Insurance Period, whichever is earlier.

Travel and medical insurance is nicely taken care of in single trip cover. Perfect for occasional travelers, this insurance comes with an extendable facility and quick claim resolving option. You can get single trip insurance as soon as you plan to leave. But, in a year if you have more than one trip then it might turn costlier to go for single trip insurance each time.

Even single trip insurance policy is not good when travelling with family or group. Adventures or dangerous activities like climbing, bungee jumping etc. are excluded from it. If any accident occurs under the influence of illegal drugs, then one cannot file a claim either.

Multi Trip Insurance

Multi trip insurance policy does not have any fixed tenure rather it depends on the policy purchased by an individual. The cover is basically set for 365 days wherein a person can fly abroad as many times as he want under the same insurance policy cover as he is protected year round. One cannot stay at one place for more than 180 days. It is really beneficial for people going on business travels or cross-border shoppers. It is not a very good choice for people willing to stay at their holiday destination for longer duration.

When considering medical travel insurance, you have to declare before traveling about your pre-existing conditions or if you are undergoing any tests or consultations. A few insurers have an upper age restriction on multi trip insurance.

It is necessary to analyze your need and then choose the correct insurance for yourself or your family. Buy travel insurance only after comparing the best offers and benefits available in either kind of trip insurance. Various comparison portals display the difference between all insurers which open the gates of our brain to make the right decision. It can be even purchased online at competitive rates.  

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.