Accidental & sickness medical expenses
Baggage Delay/ Loss
Trip Delay / Cancellation
Passport Loss
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Missed flights
Medical expenses
Passport Loss
Study interruption
Bail Bond , Personal Liability
Trip Delay / Cancellation
Compassionate visit
No medical tests
Instant policy

Best Student Travel Insurance Plans in India

Do you plan to travel abroad for higher studies? Do you have a good college in your mind, which you think you can take admission in? Have you looked at all the scholarships that the university offers? How about the air fares and risks associated with the travel? Well, it’s time you start thinking about student travel insurance , as it ensures a problem-free journey and stay abroad.

We all know that studying in a new place can lead to many unforeseen risks. A student travel insurance policy ensures that you do not have to face any financial constraint during your study abroad. Few medical and non-medical constraints are also covered by these insurance policies. In fact most of the universities abroad make it compulsory for students to get travel insurance before joining them. Many universities offer a waiver on their domestic health insurance if you have a valid international insurance option. So getting a student travel insurance plan is profitable in this way too. One thing to keep in mind is that when a student visits to India on a break, these insurance policies may not be applicable.

The best student travel insurance covers two things – Medical and Regular Travel Insurance expenses. It also provides wider coverage than any other form of insurance. Any unfortunate event can lead to emergency admission in the hospital. And, for students studying abroad, this may burn a hole in their pocket. This is where student travel insurance comes in handy.

Students living abroad would need a financial backup for example when their parents visit them. Student travel insurance plans cover all such scenarios and students generally need not bear such expenses on their own. Student travel insurance policies generally have minimal paperwork and comprehensive coverage is offered. Usually, most of the student plans cater to the age group of 16 to 40 years and students already studying abroad can also opt for a student travel insurance plan. The policy can be bought for one year at a time and can be renewed three months in advance.

Here are few best picks from the student travel insurance options available in India:

1). TATA AIG Student Guard  - Overseas Health Insurance Plan

Tata AIG Travel Insurance Plan have a vast network of hospitals and this makes reimbursements or disbursement of claims quicker and efficient. The Student Guard Plus comes with a 24-hour emergency assistant. Tata also has a plan called the Red 24, which warns the insured people about the specific potential risks and threats in the concerned location. This plan also covers cancer screening and mammography. It additionally covers the following.

  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Felonious assault
  • Accidental medical expenses
  • Sponsor protection
  • Parents/guardians visit to student
  • Visit by student
  • Personal accident cover
  • Maternity benefits for termination of pregnancy
  • Mental and nervous disorders
Plan name Coverage
Travel insurance guard scheme It provides coverage for the following - sickness, accidents, loss of luggage, passport loss, flight cancellation or delay, emergency travel, legal assistance, hijacking and death.
Student Guard - Overseas Health Insurance scheme It provides coverage for sickness and the following incidents - accidents, loss of luggage, loss of passport, flight cancellation or delay, dental treatment expenses, legal assistance, emergency travel, hijacking, death, assault, child care, mental disorders treatment, nervous disorders treatment, cancer screening, physiotherapy, study interruption, fraudulent charges, sponsor programs, bail bond, and trip delay. 

2). Bajaj Allianz Student Elite Plan

This student elite plan comes in three variants – Standard, Silver and gold. The variants are available to customize the insurance plan according to the student needs because every student’s need is unique. Bajaj Allianz claims to be the only company that has in-house international toll-free number that makes the life of students much easier. The wider coverage this plan offers is as follows.

  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Accidental coverage
  • Loss of baggage
  • Family visits
  • Bail bonds
  • Tuition fee
  • Dental expenses
  • Loss of passport and other travel documents
  • Cancellation of the trip
  • Home burglary cover
  • Other incidental expenses
Period of Risk Rate of Premium Retained by Company
Above 50% of Policy duration 100% of premium amount
Between 40-50% of Policy duration 80% of premium amount
Between 30 -40 % of Policy duration 75% of premium amount
Between 20-30% of Policy duration 60% of premium amount
Policy inception -20% of Policy duration 50% of premium amount

3). Apollo Munich Travel Insurance

This has been one of the most preferred insurance providers for many years. It offers a choice of varied and customizable insurance plans that will suit the university’s requirements. This also comes in four variants – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. This student travel insurance plan provides coverage for health, loss of passport, trip delay, personal liability, accident and repatriation of the mortal remains, medical cover for the trips to India, dental treatment expenses, trip cancellation, trip curtailment, missed connection, hijack allowance, loss of luggage, study interruption protection, felonious assault, HIV, cancer, drug dependency, maternity expenses, childcare expenses, mental disorders treatment, nervous disorders treatment and examination emergencies.

4). HDFC Student Suraksha Travel insurance plans

Unlike India, medical expenses abroad are quite high; it may cost you a fortune to treat even a minor ailment or cure any diseases you could be suffering from. HDFC Student Suraksha Travel Insurance plan got you covered. It provides coverage for accidental death, childcare benefits, bail bond, passport loss, personal liability, permanent disablement, dental treatment expenses arising out of an accident, emergency medical charges, pregnancy-related expenses, psychological coverage, delay/loss of checked-in luggage etc.

Policy Name Duration Inclusion Exclusion
TATA AIG Student Guard Plus 16 years to 35 years Checked-in baggage loss or delay, passport loss, highjack cash benefit, trip delay, sickness/accident medical expense, repatriation of remains, study interruption Baggage loss, which was sent/shipped separately, baggage delay in India, Loss of passport due to detention by custom or when not reported to police with 24 hours of recovery, trip delay if reported in advance, accidental dismemberment or death as a result of an injury.
Bajaj Allianz Student Travel Insurance Up to 75 years accidental death, childcare benefits, bail bond, passport loss, personal liability, permanent disablement, Suicide attempt due to mental disorder or drug abuse, any other treatment other than allopathy
Apollo Munich Travel Insurance 10 years to 50 years Medical treatment, evacuation, and assistance, repatriation of remains, medical cover for return trip, dental treatment, disablement due to an accident/ felonious assault, checked-in baggage loss or delay, maternity coverage, bail bond, financial assistance during an emergency etc. Traveling abroad for the sole purpose of medical treatment, pre-existing ailment, injuries or eventualities caused by involvement in riot, war terrorism, chemical/nuclear or radioactive contamination etc.
HDFC Student Suraksha Travel insurance plans 16 years to 35 years Repatriation of remains, disablement due to an accident, personal liability, loss of passport, checked-in baggage loss or delay, maternity coverage, bail bond, dental treatment during an emergency etc. Traveling abroad for the treatment of mental disorder, pathological fracture, pre-existing ailment, injuries or eventualities caused by involvement in riot, war terrorism, etc.

 How to choose the best travel insurance?

  • One has to keep the company’s credibility in mind. Careful comparison is a must before choosing a plan.
  • The next factor that has to be kept in mind is the affordability of the plan. Moderate premiums are convenient to pay and are that hard on your pocket.
  • Choose a plan with which you are comfortable and not the one which has a lot of exclusions or an exorbitantly high premium
  • Add-ons, or a lack thereof, will reflect in your premium amount. Therefore, you must cross-check before agreeing to the premium.
  • Check the claim settlement ratio of the insurance provider before buying a plan. An above average percentage can be taken as a sign of hassle-free claim settlements.
  • Check if you are covered for any sports/activities that you would like to take part in during your course.
  • Check for location factors because travel insurance cover varies from county to country and you wouldn’t want to be left hapless due to one clause that you didn’t read in the fine print.