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Student Travel Insurance With Medical Benefits

The delight of getting through an exam which makes you fly abroad for higher studies is undoubtedly flabbergasting. It is like finding the road you always wanted to walk on. Subsequently you pack your bag with ticket and other essentials like clothes, camera and cash etc. But, wait, did you get your travel insurance done? 

Although you might not find it very useful but actually it has already become mandatory in many countries and most importantly provide you protection when you are on the foreign land. Travel insurance is a bag filled with gifts of advantages like- offering reimbursement during delay or cancellation of flight, in charge of your lost passport, delay of luggage and taking care of your medical expenses on a foreign land.

Universities in countries like Australia, Canada, US, New Zealand etc. have made it compulsory for students to have insurance. Student travel insurance is what one needs here. It majorly provides a support for all medical treatments and related expenses during the treatment or as a reimbursement after the course. In addition to medical assistance, it offers various benefits.

Before purchasing any insurance policy when going overseas to study, one must dutifully check all the requirements of the country and university to have a submissive insurance policy cover. There are chances that the university might reject the insurance policy availed from India if it fails to meet the requirements of the university or match its cover.

The premium and cover thereby goes waste and student requires to purchase policy from the university which is generally too costly in comparison to Indian insurance. Hence, a well-planned and researched insurance can save you in a big way.

Some other benefits of travel insurance are- reimbursement of tuition fee for the period wherein the student could not continue his/her studies due to various reasons. This generally depends on several criteria.

It is advisable to check the terms related to insurance mentioned in your university’s application.  At some places it is mandatory to purchase health cover provided by the university, here the insurance opted by you from India might not prove worthy. Some students prefer clubbing their tuition fee with premium to be paid. 

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.