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How to Apply For Canada Business Visa From India

If you are somebody who is planning to visit Canada for business purpose then you need to apply for a Canada business visa.

Besides, it is also prudent to understand what exactly a Canada business visa is, what you are supposed to do and bring to enter the country. Moreover, secure your trip by buying a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

What Makes You a Business Visitor?

Consider yourself a business visitor under the following circumstances:

  • If you are visiting Canada to participate in any international business activities, however, not being involved in any of the Canadian labour market.
  • Or you are visiting Canada temporarily either to invest, look for alternatives to grow your business or enhance business relationships.

Mostly, the business visitors stay in Canada for some weeks and if needed, they can extend the stay for up to six months.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Canada Business Visa?

Listed below are the eligibility criteria that you must fulfil to obtain a Canada business visa:

  • You must have your own business outside the country of Canada or be employed in any registered company outside Canada.
  • You must generate income from your work-place, which needs to be outside Canada.
  • Provide evidence, which substantiates that you have been invited in the Canadian country to attend a meeting; workshop etc. or you are in the country to develop a business relationship with any Canadian country.

Under circumstances you are not able to fulfil any of the above-mentioned criteria, the Canadian Embassy or Consulate might likely reject the Canada business visa application.

How to Apply for Canada Business Visa from India?

If you fulfil the above-mentioned criteria you can start your application process to obtain a Canada business visa from India.

You may apply for a Canada business visa either online or offline. In case, you wish to apply offline you need to submit the application at a Visa Application Centre (VAC).

Following are the basic steps involved, which you need to apply for a Canada business visa online:

  1. Visit the official website of the Government of Canada.
  2. Select the business visa, which you want to apply.
  3. Fill the Canada business visa application form and upload all the necessary documents along with it.
  4. Pay the visa and biometric fees online.
  5. Submit the Canada business visa application.
  6. You need to give your biometric and photograph at the nearest Biometric Collection service Point within a month.
  7. You need to wait for the procession of the visa application form, which usually takes a week to 6 weeks.

What are the Documents Required to File For a Canada Business Visa?

You need to provide the following documents when applying for a Canada business visa:

  • Valid Passport: This one of the most important documents that you need to produce while applying for a Canada business visa.
  • Passport Size Photographs: You will need to provide two passport size pictures as per the requirement set by Canada’s government, failing to, which your Canada visa application might get rejected. The following are the set parameters for the passport size photographs:
  • Photographs must be identical and taken within the last 6 months.
  • The photograph must have a plain background and neutral facial expressions.
  • If you wear spectacles then make sure that it is neither tinted nor the frames are hiding your eyes.
  • If wearing a headscarf for religious purpose. It should not cover your face features.
  • The frames of the photo need to be minimum 35mm with 45 mm
  • The size of the head in the photograph should between 31mm and 36 mm right from the top of your head till the chin.
  • Evidence of Financial Means: You need to provide evidence that you are self-sufficient to financially support yourself or your family.
  • Evidence of Employment: You need to provide evidence from your company where you work that substantiates that you are employed with a registered company and states your job, salary-package, etc.
  • Purpose of Travel: When you apply for a Canada business visa you need to provide a statement, which states your travel itinerary of what you intend to do once you reach Canada.
  • Letter of Invitation: You need to produce an invitation letter, which includes the information of the person inviting the applicant. The invitee needs to be a Canadian citizen or hold permanent residence.
  • Medical Exam: Though it is not a mandate, however, it is advisable to undergo a medical screening with a panelled doctor and get a health certificate that you are fit to travel.
  • Police Clearances: You need to provide a certificate, which states that you do not have a criminal record or background. You can obtain a certificate from the police station.

It is to be duly noted that all the above-mentioned documents must be in English or French. In case it has been translated then you would need to provide a translation certificate, which substantiates that the translation is correct.

Once you have compiled all the documents, you may proceed ahead to submit the Canada business visa application form and make the payment.

What is the Canada Business Visa Fees?

When you apply for the Canada business visa it costs CAD$100 with an additional fee of CAD$85. You are also supposed to give your biometric information, which makes the application cost CAD$185.

Once your Canada business visa application gets approved, then you would need to pay around CAD$45 for the passport processing.

How Long is the Canada Business Visa Valid?

It is to be noted that a Canada business visa is not valid for more than 6 months. Besides, it is advisable to stay only for the time stated in the application even if it is less than 6 months.

Is it Possible to Bring My Dependents Along With Me With a Canada Business Visa?

With a Canada business visa, you cannot bring your dependents to Canada. However, in case, any of your dependents want to accompany you for the trip, then they must apply for a Canada visitor visa.

Also, whether you are travelling solo or with someone, ensure the smoothness of your trip by buying travel insurance Canada.