Home Isolation Tips if You're infected

If you are living alone

You should not let any outsider, including your domestic help, enter your home. Call & inform your neighbours or secuirty about your situation.

If you are living with Family

Use a separate bedroom and a bathroom, if possible. Do not mix your used dishes or clothes with other members.

What Should Other members do?

Sanitize the entire house once the infected person enters isolation.

Use separate utensils & wash it using gloves.

All members need to wear masks & check for symptoms

Eat healthy & Stay Hydrated

You need to eat nutritious food. Your diet should contain lots of protein like paneer, nuts, spinach, dals, seeds and lean meat.

Improve your Breathing

Practise the proning technique & monitor your ocygen saturation levels (SpO2) using an oximeter

When can you end your isolation?

You need to isolate for at least 14 days since the symptoms first showed. If your symptoms subside within this period, check with doctor before ending your isolation