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Jeeto Apna Ghar: Winners Share Their Experiences

Jeeto Apna Ghar: Winners Share Their Experiences

Shubham is extremely delighted to win a house and a cash prize as part of Jeeto Apna Ghar Contest of Policybazaar.com. He is now planning to gift a trip to Bali to his parents from the cash prize. “My father couldn’t believe it when I broke this news to him. This was highly unexpected,” he said. 

Dreams of 10 people have been fulfilled at Policybazaar.com with the Jeeto Apna Ghar Contest which was started last year to reward high-performing contact centre advisors with a house and cash rewards. The intention behind starting this contest was that these advisors work extremely hard to guide customers throughout the insurance journey, from offering them the right products at affordable prices, to ensuring a speedy policy issuance process & post-issuance support including claims. This will help meet the vision of the company which is to make more and more people fall under the insurance umbrella net. The organization also wanted to reinforce the point that Policybazaar.com is one of the top-earning organizations in the insurtech space. 


Shubham joined Policybazaar.com last year in July and works as a Senior Executive. Being his first job, his seniors and mentors have been really helpful in getting him acquainted with the corporate environment. “I have received a lot of opportunities here such as handling a team of 14 people. I had the chance to manage these advisors and monitor their calls. I used to provide guidance for a customer call if an advisor got stuck in between or the customer was tough to tackle,” he added.

“When I joined the organization, I didn’t have a direction as far as my career is concerned. Now, with the due course of time and with the guidance of my seniors, I am aiming to become Assistant Manager in the next 3 years,” he added. He has worked tirelessly late nights to improve not only his targets but his team targets as well. Therefore, he has received ‘top 10 performers of contact centre’ reward twice and ‘connect with the customer’ reward as well.

Lakshay is also one of the lucky winners of this contest. He joined Policybazaar.com two years ago. It took some time for him to settle in the organization as his team got changed in between but he has not adjusted smoothly in the organization and is performing exceptionally. “My call quality has been good and I received a lot of incentives at work,” he said.

Recalling a tough situation at work, he said that once he had a call with a customer who wasn’t interested in buying health insurance at all and had told him clearly. “I followed up with him for a month and told him the benefits of buying health insurance. It is important to tell the purpose of a product to the customer so that he develops a connection. Without providing meaning to the conversation, no customer will entertain you. He then bought health insurance when he got to know about its importance,” he added.

There are also days when no sales happen, but what keeps Lakshay driven is working towards the larger goal of insuring the middle class who are not covered. 

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