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Replied by Policybazaar Team

Hello Boddu, we'd request you to please elaborate, and we'll assist you. Also, you may contact our customer care team at care@policybazaar.com using your registered email ID or 1800-258-5970 using the registered mobile number.


commercial vehicle insurance

Replied by Policybazaar Team

Hello Muni, As of now, we are not offering commercial vehicle insurance. However, you can easily buy a commercial vehicle policy for your vehicle online. Before buying the plan, comparing it and covering your vehicle against all kinds of losses and damages is recommended. Comprehensive insurance provides complete coverage for your commercial vehicle in case of an unanticipated expense. This plan protects your commercial vehicle from unforeseen events such as damage, fire, theft, robbery, flood, and earthquake. Furthermore, a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy covers third-party property and people injured in an accident. You can learn more about commercial vehicle insurance on our website.

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Vehicle Owner Details by Registration Number

Vehicle owner details can come in handy in various situations, such as road accidents, cases of reckless driving, and when purchasing a second-hand vehicle. Vehicle owner details will help if you lose your vehicle-related documents. In these cases, the online vehicle registration check comes to your rescue. Read ahead to find vehicle owner details by number plate in India. ...

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LIC India
10 Best LIC Plans to Invest in 2024

Ever since its inception in 1956, LIC has been maintaining its stronghold in the Life Insurance domain with its wide-ranging plans and customer support. It currently boasts of one of the largest customer bases in India, in addition to occupying the biggest market share among other leading insurance providers. ...

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Two Wheeler Challan
Three Easy Ways to Check Bike Insurance Expiry Date Online

As significant as it is to buy a bike insurance policy for your motorbike, it is equally important to renew it timely. You can do it by keeping a record of the policy expiry date mentioned in the policy document. However, if you forget your two-wheeler insurance validity, you can always check it online. If you are wondering how to check bike insurance details online, read ahead! ...

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Ulip Plans
ULIP Calculator

A ULIP Calculator is a financial tool designed to help you compare ULIP plans and estimate the maturity amount depending on the expected investment value and returns of future, helping you to reach your life objectives in the future. ...

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LIC India
LIC Online Premium Payment

The LIC Online Payment by Policybazaar enables policyholders to pay their insurance premiums online at their convenience, at any time, and from anywhere. LIC Premium Payment feature enhances accessibility and ease of payment, allowing policyholders to maintain insurance coverage without visiting branches. ...

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Need insurance coverage for solar power plant

Replied by Policybazaar Team

Hello Rajeev, thanks for reaching out. As of now, we are not offering solar insurance. However, Solar insurance is a specialized type of insurance coverage designed to protect solar energy systems and their components against various risks and potential losses. It is particularly relevant for individuals, businesses, or organizations that have invested in solar power installations, including solar panels, inverters, and related equipment.

Here are some key points to understand about solar insurance:

  • Coverage: Solar insurance policies typically cover a range of risks, including damage or loss due to natural disasters like storms, hurricanes, hail, or fire. They may also include coverage for theft, vandalism, electrical or mechanical breakdown, and accidental damage.
  • Property Insurance: Solar insurance often functions as an extension of property insurance. While property insurance may cover the building or structure where the solar panels are installed, solar insurance focuses explicitly on covering the solar energy system itself.
  • Business Interruption: Solar insurance may also include coverage for business interruption or loss of income. Suppose a solar energy system becomes inoperable due to damage or other covered reasons. In that case, the policy may compensate for the resulting loss of power generation and income during downtime.
  • Liability Coverage: Solar insurance policies may offer liability coverage to protect against potential claims or lawsuits arising from accidents or injuries related to the solar energy system. This coverage can be crucial for solar energy system owners to mitigate their liability risks.
  • Optional Coverage: Depending on the insurance provider and policy, additional optional coverage may be available. This can include coverage for the transportation and installation of solar panels, coverage for specialized solar equipment or technology, or coverage for system performance guarantees.
  • Factors Affecting Premiums: The cost of solar insurance premiums can vary based on several factors. These may include the size and value of the solar energy system, the location of the installation (taking into account weather patterns and exposure to natural disasters), the level of coverage required, the deductible chosen, and the claims history of the insured party.
  • Policy Exclusions: Like any insurance policy, solar insurance may have certain exclusions and limitations. Reviewing the policy terms and conditions to understand what risks are covered and excluded from the coverage is crucial.

Hope it helps.


Transaction id

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Replied by Policybazaar Team

Hello Divakar, Thanks for reaching out. We cannot locate any recent payment attempt against the contact details you have shared here. Please share the following information with our customer support team at care@policybazaar.com from your registered email ID so that they can assist you with this:
1. Payment details (Transaction Screenshot or bank statement)
2. Insurer Name
3. Registered mobile no.

If you purchased the policy elsewhere, kindly contact the insurer regarding this concern.


I want become agent

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Replied by Policybazaar Team

Hello Naveen, You can become a POSP (Point of Sales Person) with Policy Bazaar by registering on our website. Our POSP team will connect with you soon to discuss the process and requirements. Alternatively, you can also reach out to the team at 18002081155 for more information.

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