Best Car Insurance Companies In India 2022

There are 20+ insurance companies in India that provide car insurance policies. Every other insurance company sells unique car insurance policies with different features and add-ons. Below we have compiled the list of best car insurance companies to help you compare and choose the best one for your four-wheeler.

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Overview of Best Car Insurance Companies in India

Here is a list of car insurance companies in India, number of network garages and Incurred claim ratio each in detail:

Car Insurance Company Cashless Garages Incurred Claim Ratio %
Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance 1024 68.06%
Bharti AXA Car Insurance 3742 64.27%
Chola MS Car Insurance 4636 74.30%
Digit Car Insurance N/A 74.91%
Edelweiss Car Insurance 1268 93.38%
Future Generali Car Insurance 3194 66.13%
IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance 6757 84.04%
Kotak Mahindra Car Insurance 2327 74.64%
Liberty Car Insurance 4365 59.91%
National Car Insurance 456 78.55%
New India Assurance Car Insurance 456 78.20%
Oriental Car Insurance 456 81.83%
Raheja QBE Car Insurance 1000 100.51%
Reliance Car Insurance 4779 76.89%
Royal Sundaram Car Insurance 3868 87.89%
SBI Car Insurance 2613 86.10%
Shriram Car Insurance 2071 79.43%
Tata AIG Car Insurance 1617 75.41%
United India Car Insurance 456 96.45%
Universal Sompo Car Insurance 1493 87.96%
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How to Choose the Best Car Insurance Company in India?

Choosing the best car insurance company is not a mammoth task. But you need to be aware of the kind of protection you want for your car. With that, here are a few tips that will help you choose the top car insurance company in India. Take a look:

  • Analysing Car Insurance Needs – Before you choose a car insurance company, you need to analyze your car insurance needs. You must know the level of coverage you are looking for as well as any specific add-ons that you want to buy. You should also be clear about the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the car that you wish to get. Moreover, you should also be aware of the maximum premium that you can afford to pay for the policy.
  • Authenticity of the Motor Insurance Company – Now that you know your car insurance needs, you need to find authentic motor insurance companies in the market. You can check the authenticity of a car insurance company by checking its IRDA Registration Number. IRDA is the regulatory authority for insurance companies in India and It grants registration numbers to only genuine insurance providers.
  • Financial Ability of the Company – Besides checking the authenticity of the car insurance company, you must also check its financial standing. This will help you to understand the financial stability of the company and determine how likely it is to pay you the claim amount in the need of the hour. You can determine the financial stability of the company by going through its annual financial records and checking its solvency ratio.
  • Third-Party Liability Coverage: Third-party Liability coverage ensures the protection of the car owner against any financial liability that could be because of any bodily injury, death, and damage repair cost of a third-party.
  • Review Add-on Covers: It is always recommended to pay adequate attention to all the add-on covers so that you can pick out the top car insurance policy in India with additional benefits. These add-on covers are necessary to get an enhanced car insurance protection. Some essential add-on covers include Engine Protect Cover, Zero Dep Cover, Roadside Assistance Cover, etc.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio – Before moving ahead, you must check the claim settlement ratio (CSR) and incurred claim ratio (ICR) of the car insurance company. CSR refers to the total percentage of claims settled by the insurance company. On the other hand, ICR refers to the total percentage of premium utilised by the insurance company against the total amount of premiums collected. You should look for a company with a higher CSR and ICR as it depicts a lesser chance of your claims getting rejected by the insurer.
  • Claim Settlement Speed – Besides claim ratios, you should also determine the claim settlement speed of the car insurance company. You should go for a company with a faster claim settlement speed as it represents that the insurer will pay you the claim amount as soon as possible.
  • Cashless Garage Network – Next, you should find out about the network of cashless garages available with the car insurance company. Cashless garages are the approved garages of the insurance company where you can get your car repaired on a cashless basis. A company with a larger cashless garage network is better as it ensures that you have a higher probability of finding a cashless garage in your city or neighbourhood.
  • Personal Accidental Cover: Personal accidental coverage ensures financial protection to the vehicle owner against unexpected and unfortunate events that might induce physical trauma, or cause accidental death, or the person might end up being totally disabled permanently because of a road accident.
  • Customer Service – The customer service of the car insurance company should also be determined when choosing the best motor insurer. Customer service enables you to get an idea about how easily will you be able to get in touch with the insurer and seek help. You must choose a company that provides round-the-clock services to its customers as you can contact them 24x7.
  • Online Comparisons – Online comparisons are the best way to find a car insurance company that best fulfils your insurance needs. If you compare car insurance policies by different motor insurers online, you will be able to analyse their coverage level, premium rate as well as the benefits offered. The ideal insurance company will provide you with maximum coverage without making you pay an exceptionally high premium price.
  • Customer Reviews – It is always better to check the customer reviews of various motor insurance companies before choosing any one of them. Reviews by existing or previous customers will help you get an idea of the kind of insurance experience you are going to have with the company. You must choose a car insurance company that has more positive customer reviews than negative ones.

Factors Affecting Your Car Insurance Premium

The factors determining the car insurance premium depend on the risks, that the insurance provider underwrites. These factors are categorized under:

  • Risks Related to Car- The model of your car, cubic capacity, fuel type etc. are a few parameters that determine the premium for your car insurance. Some care such as commercial cars and SUVs, i.e. Sports Utility Vehicle, often require higher premiums as insurance providers get a large number of claims on these cars. Usually, diesel cars have a 10-15% higher premium than petrol vehicles.
  • Risks Related to the Location- This is based on the registration area. Generally, the premiums are higher if the owner of the car lives in an urban,, densely populated area, or near highways. If theft or loss of the vehicle is higher in the area where you reside, then the car insurance premium go up.
  • Risks Related to Driver of the Car- The profession and age of the driver are taken into consideration. In the case of multiple drivers of the car, you have to pay higher premium.
  • Negotiation is the Key- When it comes to buying motor insurance, negotiate with your existing insurance provider. You never know you might end up getting an additional advantage if you have been a responsible driver and have not made way too many claims or filed too many accidents.
  • Safeguard Your No Claim Bonus (NCB)- If you are a responsible driver, and you haven't filed any claim, then you get the advantage of the No Claim Bonus (NCB). If you don't register any auto insurance claim for a year, then your car insurer rewards you with a No Claim Bonus. This is the discount that is subtracted from your insurance premium during policy renewal. As an option, you can go for NCB.
  • Check out the Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR)- Before you finalize a car insurer, consider the insurer’s previous record of claim settlement. Claim Settlement Ratio is the time taken by an insurer to settle down the claims from its clients. Proceed only when it is good. Try not buying the car insurance policy in India if the CSR of the insurer is not good. You can easily find the Claim Settlement Ratio of various insurers on the website of IRDA of India.

Types of Car Insurance Policies In India

In India, car owners can buy two types of car insurance policies. These are:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance policy provides complete protection to the insured car. It protects the car from all kinds of unforeseen risks resulting from fire, accidents, theft, vandalism, natural disasters and manmade disasters. It also covers any third-party accidental liabilities that the policyholder is legally bound to pay.

Moreover, this type of insurance also provides personal accident cover to the owner-driver of the insured car.

Third Party Liability Car Insurance

A third-party liability car insurance policy protects against any third-party liabilities of the policyholder arising out of causing accidental bodily injuries, disability, death or property damages to a third party. This type of insurance does not cover any loss or damages suffered by the insured car or its driver.

Having a third-party car insurance policy is mandatory as per the motor laws of India. Thus, you must at least have this four-wheeler insurance cover to legally drive in India.

Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance

A standalone own damage car insurance policy is provided by almost all car insurance companies. It provides coverage for only the own damages sustained by the insured car. It covers any loss or damages caused to the insured four-wheeler due to uncontrollable events, such as fire, natural disasters, theft, accidents and manmade calamities.

This type of car insurance plan is available only if the car owner already has a third-party car insurance policy for the insured vehicle. Since 2019, insurance companies have also started offering Bundled car insurance policy for brand new cars. This car insurance policy offers 3-year third party plus 1-year own damages cover to car owners.

Difference Between the Types of Car Insurance Policy in India

Insurance companies mostly offer three types of car insurance policy. Each plan provides a different kind of coverage to the policyholder. Let us tell you the difference between the third-party liability insurance, standalone own damage insurance, comprehensive insurance and zero depreciation insurance:

Coverage Third Party Liability Car Insurance Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance Comprehensive car Insurance Zero Depreciation Car Insurance (Additional Cover)
Third Party Property Damages Yes No Yes Yes
Third Party Vehicle Damages Yes No Yes Yes
Bodily injuries/ disability/ death of the third party Yes No Yes Yes
Loss/ Damages to the insured car in an accident No Yes Yes Yes
Loss insured due to theft of the insured car No Yes Yes Yes
Loss/ Damages to the insured car in a natural calamity No Yes Yes Yes
Loss/ Damages to the insured car in a fire No Yes Yes Yes
Loss/ Damages to the insured car in a manmade calamity No Yes Yes Yes
Personal Accident Cover (if opted) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mandatory by the law Yes No No No
Zero depreciation cover (if opted) No Yes Yes Yes
Other Add-on covers No Yes Yes Yes
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Car Insurance Companies FAQs

  • Q1. Which is the best company for car insurance in India?

    Ans: The best car insurance company may not be the same for everyone. Every car owner has individual needs and the insurer that fulfils his requirements optimally will be the top car insurance company for him. If you are looking to find the top car insurance company in India, you must make online comparisons between different motor insurers based on their coverage and benefits. Besides, you can also use a car insurance calculator to estimate the premium for different car insurance companies and select the plan that provides maximum benefits at the lowest rates.
  • Q2. How is the third party premium for car insurance calculated?

    Ans: The third party premium for car insurance is fixed by the IRDA or Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India every fiscal year. It depends on the engine cubic capacity (CC) of the car. Car insurance companies charge higher third party premium to cars with a higher engine CC.
  • Q3. What are the documents required to buy car insurance in India?

    Ans: A car owner is required to possess the following documents to buy car insurance in India:
    • Car insurance proposal form
    • Copy of the Registration Certificate of RC of the car
  • Q4. Do I need to inform my car insurance company if I change the CNG in my car to LPG?

    Ans: Yes. If you change your car’s fuel type from CNG to LPG, you need to contact your motor insurer and get the information updated in your policy document. This is important because the fuel type of your car is one of the factors that affect the premium price charged by car insurance companies.
  • Q5. Is it possible to change my car insurance company?

    Ans: Yes. You can change your car insurance company if you are unsatisfied with your current insurer at the time of your policy renewal. You can compare different car insurance companies based on the offered coverage, benefits as well as the claim settlement ratio.
  • Q6. Will my car insurance company pay me compensation equal to the IDV of the car?

    Ans: Your car insurance company will pay you a compensation amount equivalent to the IDV of your car only in case of total loss claims or if the total repair costs exceed your car’s IDV.
  • Q7. What will happen to my NCB if I switch my car insurance company?

    Ans: If you decide to change your car insurance company, your No Claim Bonus will be transferred to your new car insurance policy. However, you will be unable to use it until the next renewal.
  • Q8. What does partial claim settlement mean?

    Ans: Partial claim settlement refers to the situation where a motor insurance company pays a part of the claim amount to the policyholder because the repair cost is lower than the total IDV or claim amount for the car. It usually happens when the damaged car is inspected by a surveyor appointed by the car insurance company who infers that the damage cost will not be equal to the total IDV of the car.
  • Q9. What will happen if my car insurance policy has lapsed?

    Ans: In case your car insurance policy has lapsed, you will be provided with a grace period by your motor insurer to renew your policy. If you do not renew your policy even within the grace period, you will have to buy a new car insurance policy and will also lose out on your NCB.
  • Q10. Will I lose my NCB if I don’t renew my car insurance policy before expiry?

    Ans: No. Your No Claim Bonus will be protected for up to 90 days from the expiry date of your car insurance policy. If you still don’t renew your car insurance policy within these 90 days, you will lose out on your NCB.

Car Insurance for Popular Brands in India

Maruti Car Insurance
Tata Car Insurance
Hyundai Car Insurance
Honda Car Insurance
MG Car Insurance
Kia Car Insurance
Toyota Car Insurance

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