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Defence Personnel Insurance

The Indian Armed Forces are our pride. From keeping a tight vigil at the borders to protecting law and order in our cities, their commitment is praiseworthy. All this however comes at personal cost and with sacrifice. Many armed forces personnel are deployed at remote locations that are far away from where their families reside. Those fortunate to live together usually lived a nomad’s life with movements being part of regular life.

“Pain is your friend, Pain is your ally….” goes a quote. There can be no better way to describe the concerns that an armed forces’ personnel carries. There is concern of one’s own health but perhaps there is a lot more apprehension of those back home. The financial security of the loved ones are foremost in his mind even as he puts his life on the line for his motherland.

We at Policybazaar want to salute our heroes and would like to help them find some solace and some solutions to calm his mind and quell his apprehension. We are here to help our dear Rakshaks protect themselves and their families against death, disability and disease by offering them customised solutions on health insurance, term insurance and life insurance (investments).

Why Insurance?

There are multitude of offerings and support from the armed forces themselves as well as through cooperatives and govt programs. However, there are also increased options now from the larger insurance market that can help our personnel offer better coverages and higher returns to their families. This endeavour is to help these personnel with such tailor made offers and personalized solutions.

How do we help?

We work with almost all insurers to provide end-to-end solutions for our customers and bringing out the following benefits:

  • 24x7 Access: Policybazaar offers 24x7 access to all the insurance services.

  • Specific team which understands you and advices you: For every product, our specific team assists you catering to your needs and offers a suitable financial solution.

  • Physical support through specified insurers on the ground: A situation where physical support is required on the ground, we are always in touch with our insurer partners for providing better coordination and addressing the query.

  • Nominee Management: Our nominee management program makes sure that your nominees are informed about the policies, provided guidance about claim process along with any changes required in the policy.

  • Claims Support: Our dedicated team provides end to end support which involves coordination with our insurer partners for the purpose of claims. We strive very hard to ensure that our customers remain happy.

  • All Policies at One Place: Policybazaar is a one-stop solution to all your insurance needs and everything can be accessed at one place through our state of the art Mobile App and MyAccount feature.
  • Information Privacy: What you share is highly confidential and is always protected.

What categories of Insurance can you buy?

A defence personnel may buy any insurance product suiting to his/her requirement e.g. Health insurance, Motor insurance, investment products for better financial outcomes & insurances directly related to guard their life. Since insurance product hedges a particular risk, some categories of insurance e.g. Life Insurance (especially Term Insurance) take into account working conditions, and nature of work etc. For such categories, sometimes an application may attract specific questions. Generally applications are readily accepted for defence personnels who are not on active duty.

What you share is highly confidential and we take immese pride in keeping details private. We recommend you to disclose all details while buying a policy.

Health Insurance:

Health Insurance is a type of insurance that provides financial coverage to the policyholder for medical expenses. A health insurance plan reimburses healthcare expenses incurred by the policyholder for pre/post hospitalisation expenses, surgical expenses, doctor's consultation etc. Health emergencies do not come with a prior notice. With sedentary lifestyles more and more people are becoming prone to lifestyle diseases in India. And with the increased demand for quality healthcare services, medical treatment has now become quite expensive, especially in the private hospitals.

Car Insurance:

Car Insurance is a type of vehicle insurance policy that protects your car & car owner from any risks & damages that may lead to financial losses. Car Insurance is a contract between the motor vehicle company & the car owner that provides on-road protection against any loss or damages arising due to an accident. A car insurance policy provides financial coverage to the beneficiary of the car policy against any loss or damages arising out of road accidents, third party liability, theft, manmade calamities, fire or natural disaster.

Two wheeler/Bike Insurance:

Two wheeler insurance refers to an insurance policy, taken to cover against any damage that may occur to you & your motorcycle, bike / two wheeler due to an accident, theft or natural disaster. 2 wheeler insurance provides protection against third party liabilities arising from injuries to one or more individuals. Bike insurance is an ideal solution to meet financial costs & losses that may arise due to the damages caused to the motorcycle. The bike insurance cover provides protection to all types of two wheelers like motorcycle, moped, scooty, scooter.

Term Insurance:

Term insurance is a life insurance plan offered by an insurance company that provides comprehensive financial coverage against premiums paid for a limited period to the beneficiary of the policy; this coverage, provided under term insurance plans, is paid as death benefit upon the demise of insured during the policy.

A Term insurance is a life insurance policy that provides financial coverage to the beneficiary of the policy if the life insured dies during the active term of the policy. A term insurance plan provides life insurance cover against the fixed premium paid for specified “term” of the year.

A term insurance plan provides life insurance cover against the fixed premium paid for specified "term" of the year. A term plan not only offers financial security to your family but also is capable of fulfilling its future needs such as your child's higher education, child's marriage, etc.

Air Force Life Insurance

Also known as the Air Arm of the Indian Armed Forces, Indian Air Force is ranked fourth globally. The mission of this force is to keep the airspace security intact and lead the aerial warfare during a defence conflict. Owing to the nature of the service they’re in and the immense risk they are exposed to, make it imperative to have Air Force life insurance coverage for these personnel. Usually, insurance providers often ignore insurance coverage for high-risk category, however, there are some providers they offer life insurance coverage to Arm Forces. Air Force Life insurance policies offer life insurance coverage to servicing Army personnel and Ex-servicemen, where all type of casualties are covered including death and disability benefit, child education fund, wealth creation etc. The sum insured options under life insurance for Army personnel may vary from insurer to insurer.

Navy Life Insurance

Like Air Force life insurance, life insurance designed for the India Navy personnel is categorized as Navy Life Insurance. Comes under Navy Group Insurance Scheme, this policy provides death benefits to the family of the departed at a minimal premium cost. Navy Life Insurance is designed for the officers and the sailors. These policies come as a boon to mitigate the loss arising due to the extraordinary risks involved in defense services. Covering from death and disability, the policy comes in handy in covering war or war-like situations, terrorism, calamities, I.S duties or other hostile situations.

Paramilitary Life Insurance

There are insurance policies to cater to the needs of the India Paramilitary Forces as well. The Paramilitary life insurance policy covers all war and warlike perils. These plans can be availed as life insurance plans, endowment plans, comprehensive savings plans, wealth creation plans etc. as per one’s needs.

Term Insurance for Defence Personnel

A term insurance policy offers death benefits. These policies are the most basic types of life insurance that come with an affordable premium. In India, several life insurance providers offer Term insurance for Defence Personnel, considering the high-risk service they render. These policies guarantee a definite financial protection and customized benefits for a flexible term as per the norms of term insurance for Defence personnel.

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