Finding you the best insurance since 2008

It’s a fine balancing act when 9 million+ insurance buyers and more than 50+ insurers transact a few lac crores of insurance cover and a few thousand crores of insurance premium on a platform with complete confidence every year.

Our origin

How it all started

Policybazaar was founded in 2008 with one objective: bringing transparency in insurance. The founders wanted to reimagine insurance, so they started by simplifying all the information around plans, ending the rampant mis-selling, and preventing policy lapses.

Our present

13 years of success

Today, we are India’s best & largest online insurance marketplace. Over 9+ million (90 lakh+) individuals have come to us & bought the best insurance plans from the top insurers in the country. We have sold over 19 million policies since inception, and this number is only growing.

Our vision

A look forward

While we are happy with how we are changing insurance for the country, we know there is still a lot of work to be done. Our vision to bring pioneering technologies & innovations to the field continues to grow. We aspire to build a health & financial safety net for more households in India in the coming years.

93.4 % market share*

India’s largest digital insurance marketplace

*Based on # of policies sold in FY20 as per Frost and Sullivan

Over INR 7 Trillion FY’21 Sum Assured*

includes new policies and renewals from life and non-life insurance

Over 19 Million* insurance policies sold since inception

*Until FY’21

Over 126 Million* visits in FY’21