Building a safety net for 250 million-plus households in India.

Back in 2008, insurance customers in India were facing a tough time. There was lack of information on products, transparency was missing, mis-selling was rampant, there was a high lapse rate of insurance policies and consumers felt a general apathy towards the insurance industry. Insurance companies made profits from policy surrender charges and the entire industry was mired in murkiness.

That is when a small bunch of people, with no insurance experience, started re-imagining what the insurance space could be. They imagined a place where consumers could find completely transparent insurance information, and an option to research and compare insurance products so they could buy what they really wanted to. A place where all communications would be recorded so that there would be a clear audit trail of who said what in a product as complex as insurance. A place that provided a common service layer for all consumer services and claims.

With this grand ambition as their life goal, this motley crew of people started their journey into what is now is now India’s foremost insurance aggregator and a leading fintech player globally. The objective is the same even today -- Customer First and Sustained Profitability for the entire insurance ecosystem.

It's a fine balancing act when eight million insurance buyers and 40+ insurers transact a few lac crores of insurance cover and a few thousand crores of insurance premium on a platform with complete confidence every year.

Leading insurance distributor

We are a leading distributor of insurance in India outside of banks

Consistently growing at 100%

Since our inception in 2008, we have not only ensured 100% year-on-year growth but have also been profitable on our operations side throughout our journey.

Over 100 million visitors a year

We host over 100 million visitors a year to our platform seeking information on insurance. That is almost 4 times the population of Australia! We get about 2,73,973 visitors in a day and about 11,416 visitors every hour.

400,000 insurance policies sold every month

Every month hundreds of thousands of insurance policies are sold through us. This means nearly 555 people are being protected through us every hour.

1/4th of India's life cover

Every second Term Life policy is bought through our platform. In little over a decade, we now account for 25% of India's life cover.

10 million unique customers

In 2014, our target was to reach 10 million customers by 2020, we accomplished that feat in FY 2019, with a year to spare!

Our Mission

Building a safety net for 250 million plus households in India.

Our Values

Fairness to all our stakeholders

Our Vision

A healthy and well-protected India