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Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance policy offers compensation for claims arising due to bodily property damage or bodily injuries liabilities for which your business is held responsible.

It is the foundation of the liability insurance programs of most of the companies. The commercial general liability insurance policy covers a wide range of liabilities faced by most businesses.

What is Comprehensive General Liability Insurance?

A comprehensive general liability insurance policy is designed to cover all the liabilities on behalf of the policyholder. The insurer shall pay off the damages related to bodily injuries/accidental death or third-party illnesses resulting due to:

  • Accidents taking place on the insured premises or other premises wherever your business operations are conducted
  • Liabilities arising due to manufactured products

Why do you need Comprehensive General Liability Insurance?

It is important to have comprehensive general liability insurance under the following scenarios -

  • If your business involves face to face interaction with the client
  • If you have access to client’s assets and equipment’s
  • If you represent the business of your client in any form
  • If your business involves usage of third party sites

Comprehensive Liability Insurance Coverage

A comprehensive liability insurance plan offers compensation for bodily injuries, personal injuries, property damage and advertising injuries for which an organization is held liable. There is a provision to opt for separate personal injury/ advertising limit in addition to the basic aggregate limit.

Comprehensive general liability insurance covers liabilities arising due to products and premises both with additional extensions that make this one of the most preferred liability insurance policies worldwide. Some of the basic coverages are mentioned below:

  • General Liability Insurance cover: Liabilities arising within the premises and beyond the named premises of the insured.
  • Completed Operations + Product Liability Cover: It covers liabilities arising due to your products including complete operations such as machinery, and any product or article that is handed over to the client.
  • Fire Damage Cover: Any damage or third party loss that has occurred due to fire during the business operation hours
  • Medical Expenses Cover: It offers medical compensation in case of accidental injuries
  • Advertising and Personal Injury Cover: Coverage is provided for reputation damages including Slander and Libel

Benefits of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

With comprehensive general liability insurance, you can enjoy the peace of mind and be sure of seamless business operations. Any disruption would mean a major financial loss. Some of the major advantages of this policy are listed below:

  • You don’t need to fret about personal injuries such as harassment, discrimination, and segregation
  • Compensation is provided for bodily injuries, mental injuries, mental anguish, humiliation, and shock resulting from physical injuries
  • Advertising injury such as trademark breach are also covered

How to Claim Comprehensive General Liability Insurance?

It is a speedy and hassle-free procedure file a claim for general liability insurance policies. It is important that you provide all the required documents that are duly filled and stamped with the claim form. For more details, you can always check with the insurance provider.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Policy Exclusions

The policy shall not accept claims arising due to the following reasons:

  • Intentional Injuries or Deliberate attempts
  • Pollution
  • Property damage
  • Contractual liabilities
  • Product damage
  • Work-related damages
  • Professional liabilities
  • War-related claims

The limitations will vary from one insurance provider to another.

Documents Required for Comprehensive General Liability Insurance claim

You only need to submit the proposal form and depending on the claim the insurer will ask for the documents.

The above-mentioned reasons clearly state that buying a general liability insurance policy is a wise and smart choice. And before you decide to purchase a policy it is recommended that you compare policies, do your research and buy a policy that meets your requirements.


What is covered under a comprehensive general liability insurance policy?


You can claim for property damage and bodily injury only if:

1. Property damage and bodily injuries or property damage that take place in the covered territory

2. Property damage and bodily injury that is reported during the tenure of the policy

For detailed coverage, you can check the policy documents.


What is not covered under the general liability insurance policy?


Your claim will not be accepted if it is filed due to the following reasons-

1. Contractual liabilities

2. Expected Injuries

3. Employer's liability

4. Liquor Liability

5. Mobile equipment liabilities

6. Aircraft, Watercraft or Auto related damages


When can I file a claim for medical liabilities?


Medical liability claims will be accepted under the following circumstances:

1. If the accident takes place within the specified territory

2. If it reported within the stipulated time

3. If the examination and treatment is taken in the places that are specified by the insurer

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