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Electric bikes are the future of the two-wheeler automobile sector. Since global warming is getting severe day by day, the automobile industry is enhancing their bikes and started manufacturing e-bikes that will run on batteries. Bikes running on petrol play a huge role In increasing global warming because of the pollution but hence electric bikes will become the next best option in the coming years.

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  • Save up to 85% by comparing plans
    Save up to 85%# by comparing plans
  • 20+ Insurers to choose from
    20+ Insurers to choose from
  • 1.2 Crore+ Bike Insured
    1.2 Crore+ Bike Insured
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What is An Electric Bike Insurance?

E-bikes are becoming a trend in Indian societies as people have started accepting them and also helping nature by purchasing these vehicles. Electric bikes are pollution-free bikes as they run on a battery that is charged using electricity and similarly the way this electric bike saves the environment, an electric bike saves it from unforeseen expenses coming after road accidents that led to the loss and damage to the bike as well as the passengers.

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Benefits of Purchasing Electric Bike Insurance

By purchasing an e-bike you are already doing your bit in saving the environment but by securing it with bike insurance you would be doing your bit in securing society as well. Here are some other benefits of purchasing an bike insurance policy.

  • Financial Security: Securing your e-bike with a bike insurance plan can keep you financially secure. If your e-bike meets an accident then this insurance policy will cover your repairing or replacement expenditure of that part of the bike.
  • Coverage Enhanced: Once you purchase an insurance plan for your e-bike, there is always scope of enhancing it with an add-on as you can avail it even after purchasing the plan. You just have to pay the extra amount of the add-ons in your premium amount.
  • Quick Damage Recovery: There are times when you cannot afford to repair or replace the damaged part of the bike and keep on riding it in damaged condition. Since the body parts of an e-bike are costly and if you do not want to pay for the loss or damage caused to the bike out of pocket, an insurance plan can help you repair or replace the damaged part faster and provide financial cover to the bike.
  • Abiding By The Law: Since it is mandatory for all bike owners to have a bike insurance plan as per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, you would be abiding by the law and will not hefty fine for not getting bike insurance.
  • Mind In Peace: Purchasing a bike insurance plan not only provides you financial coverage but also keeps your mind in peace as you do not have to worry about the expenses that might have to face after an unfortunate accident.

What is Covered Under E-Bike Insurance?

The e-bike insurance comes with a set of coverage that the insurer will pay for on behalf of you. They are as follows:

  • Road Accidents: If you meet a road accident then the e-bike insurance plan will provide you financial aid for the loss or damage caused to the bike.
  • Replacement & Repairing: The insurer will provide cover for the expense that occurred in the replacement or repairing of the damaged part of the e-bike.
  • Theft Of Bike: If your e-bike gets stolen then this insurance plan will provide you cover for it.
  • Fire: If your bike gets damaged due to a fire accident then the insurer will provide cover for it. In case of a total loss, the compensation will be paid as per the norms of the plan.
  • Natural Calamity: Damage caused to the bike during a natural calamity such as earthquakes, typhoons, flood, etc. the insurance company will provide cover for the damage caused.
  • Personal Accident Cover: The insurer will provide cover in case you get hurt during an accident. The insurance company will pay your hospital expenses on your behalf.
  • Third-Party Liability: It is mandatory to get covered with a third-party insurance policy and this plan provides cover for the loss or damage caused to the third party in an accident.

What is Not Covered Under E-Bike Insurance?

As you would know the coverage provided by your e-bike insurance, it is equally important to know the things your insurance plan does not cover. They are as follow:

  • Own Damage To Third-party Insurance Holder: If you only own a third-party liability insurance plan and do not have a comprehensive bike insurance plan then the insurer will not provide cover for your own damages caused.
  • Drink & Drive: If you are driving the e-bike under the influence of alcohol or drugs and meet an accident, then the insurer finds out about it then no coverage will be provided by the insurance company.
  • Driving Without License: If the insurer finds out that the driver was riding the e-bike without a valid driving license then in this situation insurance company will not provide cover.
  • Consequential Damage: Damage or loss caused to the bike that hasn’t directly happened in a road accident or natural calamity, the insurer will not provide cover for it. For instance, your bike gets damaged in an accident and you are not aware of damage caused to the bike’s batteries and if you use it improperly that severely damages the battery or the body then the insurer will not provide cover for it.
  • Intentional Negligence: If your e-bike has been damaged and you intentionally neglect the damage and keep on riding on it that leads to bigger damage or you take your e-bike out during a natural calamity as mentioned in the manufacturer’s driving manual then the insurer will not provide cover for it.
  • Limited Coverage: In case you only have a third party bike insurance then the insurer will provide cover for the third-party liabilities only. Apart from this if you have comprehensive e-bike insurance and do not have a cover for something particular that can only be covered under an add-on that is not included in your existing insurance plan the insurer will not provide cover for that particular damage.
  • Lapse Insurance Plan: In case you do not renew your e-bike insurance plan then the insurance will not provide the cover for loss or damage caused to the bike after the lapse of the policy.

Third-Party Bike Insurance Premium Rates

Engine CC of the E-Bike Third-Party E-Bike Insurance Premium Prices (in ₹) (w.e.f 1st June 2022)
Up to 3 KW ₹ 457
Over 3 KW and up to 7 KW ₹ 607
Over 7 KW and up to 16 KW ₹ 1,161
Over 16 KW ₹ 2,383

How To Raise A Claim Under Electric Bike Insurance?

One of the two purposes of insurance your e-electric bike under an e-bike insurance plan is to get a claim for any unforeseen damage or loss. In order to get a claim for the damage, you have to raise it, and here are the steps that you can follow in case you need to raise a claim.

  • In from Your Insurance Company: Inform your insurance company about the damage caused to the bike be it in an accident or due to natural calamity so that they can prepare themselves to begin the process.
  • Take Pictures: As soon as you spot the damages caused to the e-bike, you can take pictures of it and keep it as proof. It will also help you raise the claim online, it will help you in an online process.
  • Keep Documents Handy: In order to raise a claim, the insurer requires a set of documents that you can keep in handy as you have to submit them along with the claim form.
  • Inspection: The insurance company will send an inspector to inspect the damage and see for themselves to check if you are not lying and you do not get coverage for anything excluded from the plan’s coverage. Once they are done and satisfied, they will begin the claiming process.
  • Compensate The Damage: Once they are done with the inspection, they will compensate for the expenses that occurred in repairing the damage or replacing the damaged part of the e-bike. They will pay as per the sum insured amount of your insurance plan.

How to Renew Electric Bike Insurance?

The bike insurance plan comes with a tenure of 1 year or 3 years. After this period, the insurance policy lapse and to keep yourself protected under the insurance plan you have to renew it before the expiration of the policy. Here’s how you can renew the insurance plan.

  • Step 1: Visit the insurer’s official website
  • Step 2: Enter details such as Bike registration number, policy number, name, etc.
  • Step 3: Look for the “Renew” option on the page opened on your screen
  • Step 4: Review the details you have entered. Check if they are correct to your knowledge.
  • Step 5: You can add or remove any add-on as per requirement
  • Step 6: Added or removed add-on will reflect on your new premium amount
  • Step 7: Now it will show the updated premium amount of your e-bike insurance plan
  • Step 8: Pay for the premium amount using UPI, credit/debit card, Net banking, etc.
  • Step 9: Once you make the payment, the insurer will renew the insurance plan and send you a confirmation email and message as well.
why buy bike insurance form policybazaar why buy bike insurance form policybazaar

Why Purchase From Policybazaar?

Purchasing the insurance plan online from the policybazaar official website makes your buying experience seamless. The website comes with several features such as a comparison that you can do between different electric bike insurance plans then you can choose the right insurance plan as per your requirements. You can also calculate the premium amount of your desired insurance plan using the online two Wheeler Insurance Premium Calculator. Purchasing the insurance plan online would be cost-effective also because you won’t have to pay the insurance agent’s fee.

FAQs About e-Bike Insurance

  • Q1: Is it necessary to purchase an insurance plan for the electric bike?

    Ans: As per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, it is mandatory to purchase a third-party insurance plan for your e-bike however it would be up to you if you want to purchase comprehensive e-bike insurance or not.

  • Q2: How can I renew the electric bike insurance online?

    Ans: You will have to visit the official website of the insurer or the online insurance aggregator then you can enter the details of your bike such as registration number, your name, etc. and then get into your insurance profile from where you can spot the button “ Renew” to begin the renewing process of the insurance plan then make the payment using online payment options available. You can pay for it using a credit/debit card, UPI transfer, Net banking, etc.

  • Q3: Will the insurance company send an inspector to inspect the damage?

    Ans: Yes, once you inform your insurance company about the damage caused to the e- bike the insurer will send an inspector to inspect the e-bike and check if you have not raised a false claim.

  • Q4: Which documents must be carried while riding the e-bike apart from the electric bike insurance?

    Ans: The e-bike owner must carry a driving license, registration certificate apart from the e-bike insurance.

  • Q5: Is it necessary to carry the Pollution under control certificate while riding the e-bike?

    Ans: No, it is not required to carry pollution under control certificate while riding an e-bike and PUC certificates are required to carry by petrol engine bikes that release harmful smoke in the environment however, an e-bike runs on battery that is charged using electricity and does not release smoke and this is why and e-bike owner is not required to carry a PUC while riding an e-bike.

  • Q6: Will the insurance company provide cover if the accident takes place when I do not have my valid driving license on me.

    Ans: The insurance company will not provide cover for the loss or damage caused to your bike in an accident you are found without a valid driving license.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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Policybazaar has mutiple plans listed on their website. I was looking to buy insurance for my E bike and was really impressed with their pocket friendly plans. I decided to purchase E bike insurance from policybazaar and the process was so smooth. I am quite happy with their services.
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I am extremely satisfied and happy with policybazaar service. Recently bought E bike insurance from them and do not think that I could get such affordable and best coverage insurance from anywhere else.
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Very easy process, affordable premium are some of the factors that made me buy insurance for my E bike from policybazaar. I am really satisfied with their user friendly approach.
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I thoroughly checked all the insurance companies before deciding to buy insurance for my E bike from policybaazar. Their premium rates are quite affordable and customer support is top notch. They literally cleared all my doubts in a few mintues.
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For my newly bought e bike, I got an excellent bike insurance cover from Policybazaar at a reasonable premium and with helpful add on covers. The executive helped in getting all the information about their products, and I am happy with it.
Amritsar, August 09, 2022
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Policybazar is best when it comes to buying bike insurance.I recently bought insurance for my e bike from them and got almost everything covered that too in very less premium amount.Their customer support is also amazing and does not rush to wrap up the call without clearing your doubts.
Bareilly, August 08, 2022
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The Policybazaar executive is very helpful and knowledgeable. He helped me in getting the best deal on an e bike insurance policy.
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Comparing multiple policies is a task. So, I choose Policybazaar, and there I was able to compare bike insurance plans for my e bike. Even I also compared the plans based on different add on covers. Totally satisfied with the services.
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Recently, I transfered my NCB bonus as I bought a new e bike and wanted to clarify conditions related to transfering of NCB. So, I called Policybazaar executive. She helped me in every step. I did this using their app.