Best Maternity Insurance Plans

Maternity or pregnancy is an important phase of life, and one needs to prepare in advance to embrace parenthood. Though rearing a child is an expensive affair and may require good financial backup to meet the requirements of a growing baby. From hospital stay to delivery costs to medical tests and medicines, a well-constructed maternity insurance plan can help ease off the rising costs so that you can enjoy the happiest moment of your life without any stress.

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    What is Maternity Insurance?

    Maternity insurance offers coverage for all delivery or pregnancy-related expenses up to the specified limit during a policy term. Some insurance companies provide pregnancy cover with pre and post-natal expenses and newborn baby expenses in a maternity insurance policy.

    Some corporates offer their women employees the benefit of maternity insurance along with a best health insurance policy. Also, in a majority of corporate group policies, maternity is a rider (add-on benefit) with a sub-limit of not exceeding Rs. 50,000.

    Some of the benefits of maternity insurance are pre and post-hospitalization wherein pre-hospitalization costs up to 30 days before the date of admission is covered. Expenses such as nursing and room charges, surgeon fees, doctor consultation, and anesthetist consultation are also covered.

    A thorough understanding of inclusions and exclusions in maternity insurance is imperative to make sound financial decisions and ensure optimum utilization of the insurance plan.

    Let’s now have a look at some of the top different types of health insurance plans with maternity coverage:

    Plan Name

    Insurance Companies

    Sum Insured


    Entry Age


    Activ Health Platinum- Enhanced Plan

    Aditya Birla Health Insurance

    2 Lakh- 2 Crore

    91 days and above

    Health Guard Gold Family Floater Health Insurance Policy

    Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

    3-50 Lakh


    3. Smart Super Health Insurance Policy

    Bharti AXA Health Insurance

    5-100 Lakh


    Care Health Joy Health Insurance Plan

    Care Health Insurance (Formerly known as Religare Health Insurance)

    3/5 Lakh

    18-65 yrs.

    Privilege Healthline Insurance Plan

    Cholamandalam Health Insurance

    5-25 Lakh


    Digit Health Insurance with Maternity Cover

    Digit Health Insurance

    2-25 Lakh


    Gold and Platinum Plan

    Edelweiss Health Insurance

    20 Lakh – 1 Crore

    90 days – 65 yrs.

    Future Generali Comprehensive Health Insurance ( Superior & Premier)

    Future Generali Health Insurance

    Superior Plan: Rs 15 lakh, Rs 20 lakh, and RSs 25 lakh

    Premier Plan- Rs 50 Lakh, RS 1 Crore

    18 years & above

    Mahindra Premier Plan

    Kotak Mahindra Health Insurance


    18-65 yrs.

    ProHealth Plus Plan

    ManipalCigna Health Insurance

    4.5- 50 Lakh

    18 yrs. & above

    Heartbeat Family Floater Plan

    Niva Bupa Health Insurance (Formerly known as Max Bupa)

    5 Lakh – 1 Crore

    18-65 yrs.

    Parivar Mediclaim Policy

    National Health Insurance

    1 lakh-10 lakh

    18-65 yrs.

    New India Assurance Mediclaim Policy

    New India Assurance Health Insurance

    Up to 15 Lakh


    Happy Family Floater Diamond Plan

    Oriental Health Insurance

    12- 20 Lakh

    Up to 65 yrs.

    Lifeline Elite Plan

    Royal Sundaram Health Insurance

    25 Lakh- 1.5 Crore

    18 yrs. & above

    Star Comprehensive Health Insurance

    Star Health Insurance

    Rs 5 Lakh- Rs 1 Crore

    18-65 years

    SBI Arogya Premier Plan

    SBI Health Insurance

    10-30 Lakh

    3 months-65 yrs.

    Tata AIG Medicare Premier Plan

    Tata AIG Health Insurance

    5-50 Lakh

    Up to 65 yrs.

    Universal Sompo Complete Healthcare Insurance

    Universal Sompo Health Insurance

    1-10 Lakh

    18-70 yrs.

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    Disclaimer : *Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

    1. Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum- Enhanced Plan

    Once you opt for maternity benefits,  Aditya Birla Activ Health Platinum and Enhanced Plan would compensate for the newborn baby expenses, necessary medical treatments, vaccinations, and lawful medical termination of the pregnancy. The sum assured offered under this plan ranges from Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 2 Crores, and a specific amount is allocated for maternity-related hospitalization and new-born baby expenses.

    2. Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

    This is a family floater plan that covers maternity and new-born baby expenses in the Health-Guard Gold plan. The sum assured ranges from Rs. 3 lacs to Rs. 50 lakhs in the Gold family floater health plan. The entry age criterion is between 18 years and 65 years for adults and for children, the entry age limit is from 3 months to 30 years.

    3. Bharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance Plan

    There are three variants of this policy- Value, Classic and Uber Plan.   In the Value plan, you have the option to buy a maternity cover of Rs.35000 and a newborn baby cover of Rs.25000. The Newborn baby cover is provided only for 90 days. There is 9-months of waiting period to avail of maternity benefits. You can avail of the benefit if you buy a 3-year plan. In the Classic health plan, there is extended maternity and the newborn baby cover of Rs.50, 000. And if you want to opt for a higher maternity cover you can go for Uber plan. If you purchase the insurance plan with sum insured limit of Rs. 20 and 30 lakhs - then maternity and newborn baby cover will be of Rs.75, 000. For plans ranging above that, it will be equal to Rs. 1 lakh.

    4. Care Health Joy Health Insurance Plan

    Care Health Joy is one of the most suitable health insurance plans for those who are planning to embrace the joy of parenthood in their life soon. After 9 months of the policy purchase, you can claim the maternity expenses – if you buy Joy Today Plan. In Joy Tomorrow Plan, you need to wait for 2 years, so if you are yet to plan a baby, then you can probably consider this one.

    5. Chola MS Family Healthline Insurance Plan

    This is a family floater plan that covers maternity expenses after a waiting period of 5 years. Under the Superior plan variant, the coverage limit for normal delivery is Rs. 15,000  and Rs. 25,000 for Caesarean delivery. And under the advanced plan, the coverage limit for normal delivery is Rs. 25,000  and Rs. 40,000 for Caesarean delivery. Moreover, the plan offers No-claim-bonus benefits of up to 50% of the sum assured.

    6. Digit Health Insurance with Maternity Cover

    You can opt for maternity cover as an add-on with your individual or family health plan. It covers for child delivery expenses, newborn baby cover, infertility expenses, medically necessary termination of pregnancy, increase of 200% of sum assured for second child is also provided. Additionally, the plan also covers all medical expenses including delivery and labor, infertility expenses, pregnancy complications, C- section delivery, hospital, and room rent expenses.

    7. Edelweiss Health Insurance Gold and Platinum Plan

    The Gold and Platinum variants of Edelweiss health insurance offer maternity insurance cover. But the coverage is provided after the completion of a waiting period of 4 years. So, if you are planning to have a child after 4 years this plan is suitable for you. The coverage amount for maternity expenses is up to Rs. 50,000 in the Gold plan, and up to Rs. 2 lakh in the Platinum variant.

    8. Future Generali Health Total Mediclaim Insurance

    It is a comprehensive health plan that also offers maternity cover after the completion of the waiting period of 2-years provided both the parents are insured under the same plan. The coverage is further extended to 15 family members under the Superior and Premier plan. The sum assured options under the Superior plan range from Rs. 15 to 25 lakhs, and Rs. 50 lakhs to 1 Crore under the Premier plan.

    *All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply.

    9. Kotak Mahindra Premier Plan

    This is a comprehensive health insurance plan that covers medical expenses incurred on the child delivery or lawful termination of the pregnancy. The coverage is provided for a maximum of 2 deliveries during the policy term. It also covers both pre and post-natal expenses along with the insured newborn baby expenses. Also, the vaccination charges are covered until the child turns 2-years old.

    10. Niva Bupa (Formerly known as Max Bupa) - Heartbeat Family Floater

    The Niva Bupa Heartbeat Family Floater plan (Formerly known as Max Bupa Heartbeat Family Floater plan) provides coverage for maternity and newborn in all of its three plan types - silver, gold, and platinum. In this plan, you get maternity coverage and newborn baby care including first-year vaccinations. All the three types of sub-plans offer maternity benefit up to two deliveries, provided the policyholder and spouse have been covered under the policy for two continuous years.

    11. ManipalCigna Health Insurance - ProHealth Plus Plan

    The ProHealth Plus Plan offered by ManipalCigna Health Insurance offers maternity, newborn expenses, and vaccination cover. The maximum health cover on this plan is Rs 10 lakh. This plan mainly provides coverage up to Rs 15000 for normal delivery and Rs 25000 for cesarean delivery. The maternity coverage is available only after 48 months of the waiting period. It also covers the first year vaccinations expenses for your newborn.'

    12. National Insurance Parivar Mediclaim Policy

    This is an insurance plan that covers all citizens between the ages of 18 years to 60 years. Maternity expenses covered under this plan insure a newborn baby for 3000 rupees in case of normal delivery and 5000 rupees in case of a cesarean section.  On the other hand, it also provides for the anti-rabies vaccine to children under the age of 5 years for an amount of up to Rs 5000.

    13. New India Assurance Mediclaim Policy

    This is an individual as well as family floater plan that can ensure up to members from a family. If you purchase insurance cover above Rs 5 lakhs then you are eligible to get maternity insurance cover. However, the waiting period to avail of maternity care cover is 36 months. But the plan does not cover post-natal expenses and the case of early delivery.

    14. Oriental Happy Family Floater Insurance

    This plan is available for families residing in India and want to enjoy coverage under a single plan. In addition to your spouse and children, it also covers your parents and parents-in-law. To get maternity cover you can opt for the diamond plan that also offers a higher sum assured ranging from Rs. 12 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs. It also covers the new-born baby expenses under the same plan.

    15. Royal Sundaram Master Product - Total Health Plus

    The Total Health Plus plan offered by Royal Sundaram General Insurance is a complete insurance package that offers benefits up to Rs 30,000-Rs 50,000. This plan covers maternity hospitalization and any complications arising before or after delivery. However, you can avail of the maternity benefit only after a waiting period of 3 years. So you should plan for your pregnancy accordingly in order to cover pregnancy hospitalization cost.

    16. Star Health Wedding Gift Pregnancy Cover

    This maternity plan by Star Health insurance offers coverage for maximum up to two deliveries. This plan provides coverage for normal as well as cesarean delivery including pre and post-natal expenses, and any post-delivery complication cover for the mother post-childbirth. There is a waiting period of 3 years and the policy also provides coverage for newborn expenses. The maximum health insurance cover is Rs 10 lakh.

    17. SBI Arogya Premier Plan

    This is an insurance plan that anyone between the age group of 18 years to 65 years can buy. And the sum assured options ranges from Rs. 10- 30 lakhs. The plan covers maternity expenses after 9 months of the waiting period. In addition to allopathic treatment, the plan also covers expenses incurred on Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani treatment.

    18. Tata AIG Medicare Premier Plan

    This plan is available in both individual and family floater options. And if you are looking for maternity expense cover then you can consider this comprehensive plan with cashless hospitalization in more than 4000 network hospitals. The coverage limit for maternity expenses is up to a maximum of Rs. 50,000 and  Rs.60,000 in case of the birth of a girl child. Moreover, your 7 family members can be covered under this single plan. In case of emergency situations, air ambulance cover is also provided as per the policy terms and conditions.

    19. Universal Sompo Complete Healthcare Insurance

    It is a comprehensive health insurance plan that covers most of your medical expenses. You can also include your dependent children up to the age of 25 years under the same plan. Complete healthcare plan has been designed to offer maternity and childcare benefits. It covers childbirth and pregnancy expenses, normal and complicated deliveries, pre and postnatal expenses, and newborn baby cover up to 90 days.

    20. Future Generali Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan

    Future Generali comprehensive health insurance plan offers maternity insurance cover with new-born baby cover in the Superior and Premier variants.  The sum insured options under the Superior variant are Rs 15 lakh, Rs 20 lakh, and RSs 25 lakh. And if you choose the Premier variant the coverage and sum insured options are wider i.e. Rs 50 Lakh & Rs 1 Crore.

    21. Royal Sundaram Lifeline Elite Plan

    Royal Sundaram Lifeline Elite Plan covers maternity expenses and also new-born baby expenses. It pays for the new born baby’s vaccination expenses up to the age of 1 year. The policy also covers all day care treatments, and provides worldwide emergency hospitalization cover (except for the U.S.A & Canada)

    22. Star Comprehensive Health Insurance

    Star comprehensive health insurance policy pays for maternity expenses (both normal and caesarean delivery) including new born baby cover. Not only this the policy is a complete solution to meet the cost of expensive treatments including bariatric surgeries, modern treatments, Dental/Ophthalmic cover on OPD basis, and other complex procedures.

    Generally, insurance companies let you enroll or purchase the maternity insurance cover only when you conceive. They do not consider your application if you are already pregnant. Also, maternity insurance policies have a waiting period of 3-4 years before benefits come into play. To ensure that the insurer is providing maternity cover it is suggested to check the policy wordings before paying the premium.

    Disclaimer: This was an extensive list of the insurers offering maternity cover. The ranking of the insurance companies in this content is not in any particular order. The list is not complied with as per the IRDA ranking.

    Written By: PolicyBazaar

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